HubSpot Marketing Hub Software Answers

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HubSpot Marketing Hub Software Answers


  • There are 60 questions.
  • The exam takes about 1 hour to complete.
  • You must answer 45 questions correctly to pass.
  • You must wait 12 hours between attempts.
  • You have 3 hours to complete the exam.


  • What is the definition of contact management?
  • _______________ is the software that exists with the goal of automating your marketing actions.
  • True or false? The Marketing Hub uses shared contact information with the Sales Hub and Service Hub via the CRM contacts database.
  • True or false? The more completely you use the Marketing Hub, the better the individual tools can help you.
  • ________ software is the foundation for storing all the information you have on the humans you’re connecting and building trust with.
  • Keeping your database healthy and up to date should always be a priority so that you can create powerful and ___________.
  • True or false? Buyer personas are non-fictional case study examples of your most successful customer.
  • True or false? When creating buyer personas, consider creating a different persona based on job function. Grouping buyer personas together by the goal or challenge they’re trying to overcome won’t be detailed enough to know who you’re talking to.
  • Which is NOT an example of demographic information that can help bring value to your buyer persona research?
  • Most organizations target how many buyer personas?
  • When determining buyer personas, which type of information is most important to capture?
  • All of the following are components of a topic cluster EXCEPT:
  • Fill in the blank: Strive to choose a core topic with a monthly search volume that’s at least __________.
  • True or false? The higher your DA (Domain Authority), the easier it should be for your topic clusters to rank.
  • All of the following are examples of SMART goals EXCEPT:
  • All of the following are tools you can connect to a HubSpot campaign EXCEPT:
  • True or false? All assets should be built before creating a campaign.
  • Which of the following are campaign metrics that can be tracked in HubSpot?
  • All of the following are examples of how you can export campaign data EXCEPT:
  • True or false? Every time you publish a blog post, you’re creating a new, unique page for your website.
  • What are/is the area(s) you need to consider when building a call-to-action?
  • Why should your call-to-action contain action-oriented language?
  • You should base the design of your CTA on the following:
  • True or false? You can use your HubSpot CTAs in externally hosted content.
  • True or false? You should always disable cookie tracking on forms, unless you have a specific use case in mind.
  • What is a form submission notification?
  • Your form submission rate tracks:
  • What is the advantage of using a form?
  • What is a pop-up form?
  • True or false? Pop-up forms are outbound.
  • You can filter your HubSpot social inbox in a variety of ways. Which one is NOT one of them?
  • True or false? All scheduled social posts can be attached to an existing HubSpot campaign, or you can create a new campaign with your post.
  • True or false? Marketing automation is ONLY used to automate your marketing actions.
  • There are three types of workflows you can create in HubSpot. What are they?
  • _________ workflows will operate once a contact meets the enrollment triggers of that workflow.
  • True or false? You can set a workflow goal on the main workflows dashboard.
  • What is the definition of segmentation?
  • What are the three types of segments you can create in HubSpot?
  • Quickly viewing a segment of your database right from the contacts, companies, deals, or tickets dashboard is an example of which type of segment?
  • A(n) _______ list can help you gain an understanding of contacts who met a certain criteria on a particular date. Then you can look back at that list later and see contacts who may no longer meet the criteria.
  • True or false? Common uses for active lists include sending unique marketing emails based on each contact’s behavior and properties.
  • True or false? A list and a report in HubSpot accomplish the same actions and goals.
  • True or false? Your email channel works with your other conversational channels to help create conversations and experiences with the people you’re connecting with.
  • When should you report on your marketing campaign performance?
  • What is key to the success of your reporting?
  • How does HubSpot calculate the source of a visitor to your site?
  • What is the reporting library?
  • What is a X (formerly Twitter) stream?
  • True or false? SMS is a paid-add on available within Marketing Hub.
  • You can create campaigns that increase brand awareness on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google using which Marketing Hub tool?
  • Select all that apply. Which HubSpot features help you directly attract new visitors using valuable content?
  • What is the primary purpose of the traffic reporting collection?
  • What is a workflow?
  • Which tool helps you see all scheduled social posts within the HubSpot social tool?
  • Branching logic in workflows is also commonly referred to as what?
  • True or false? Delays can be added to your workflow to ensure certain actions don’t fire immediately.
  • What is not an option for the blog/RSS email frequency in HubSpot?
  • Select all that apply. Which HubSpot features help nurture leads into customers?
  • Who created the pre-built reports found in the reporting library?
  • Which of the following is NOT a method you can use to create a workflow?
  • What is a call-to-action button?
  • True or false? You can import contacts into HubSpot that are opted-out of communication.
  • True or false? When importing contacts, HubSpot automatically searches for matches with your spreadsheet columns and pairs your existing properties, such as first name and last name.
  • Which parts of your organization can benefit from buyer personas?
  • Fill in the blank: To get started with adding a buyer persona in HubSpot, look for the __________ on your dashboard.
  • Fill in the blank: When linking your topic cluster together, it’s critical that you __________.
  • True or false? You have up to one week to edit the name of a campaign.
  • All of the following are ways you can report on a campaign EXCEPT:
  • Why should you limit the number of form fields you use on your form?
  • Where is information collected by your form submissions stored in HubSpot?
  • Select all that apply. Which HubSpot features help you retain and delight existing leads and customers?
  • What does the term ‘dashboard’ refer to in HubSpot?
  • What steps do you take to view the top clicked links in your email?
  • What tool allows you to add contacts’ first names to your marketing email?
  • Which of the following is NOT a report included in the traffic reporting collection?
  • What is the purpose of contact create attribution reports?
  • What are three examples of segments that every business should ideally have?
  • What is a requirement before sending an automated email in HubSpot?
  • Marketing Hub users will frequently use which of the following menus in HubSpot?
  • A call-to-action button is also known as a:
  • True or false? Forms are dead.
  • What are the two most important things to keep in mind when developing a HubSpot social media strategy? Choose two:
  • You can create a call-to-action to align with which stage of the buyer’s journey?

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HubSpot Marketing Hub Software Answers

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