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HubSpot content hub for marketers Answers

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When deciding on naming conventions for your Content Hub assets, what do you need to make sure of?
What happens when you clone a landing page in HubSpot?
True or false? You can upload files in bulk into the HubSpot file manager.
True or false? The HubSpot Content Hub includes a standard SSL certificate for your website.
True or False? A website’s design is solely about looks.
Choose all that apply. Which methods can you use to research your user’s goals on your website?
How can you take advantage of the mere-exposure effect on your website?
On the website shown in this image, what could this business do to improve the user experience of their website?
True or False? In the Content Hub, website pages and landing pages are the same thing.
In the HubSpot Content Hub, where do you go to change a page’s meta description?
What is the primary purpose of a topic cluster content strategy?
What can you add to a blog post to determine what content will show up on the short form version of that post on your blog’s homepage?
True or False? You can add a featured image to your blog post which will appear in social media posts.
Which tool in HubSpot helps you establish thought leadership in search engines using a topic cluster content strategy?
How do you build relevance and authority for your website?
Where in HubSpot can you go to improve the on-page SEO of a blog post?
True or false? The recommended settings for canonical URLs are enabled by default in the HubSpot Content Hub and cannot be edited.
What is the SEO purpose of adding links throughout your content?
What is the purpose of a sitemap?
Choose all that apply. Technical optimizations you can make to your website in the HubSpot Content Hub include:
What is the first question you should ask before you start gathering and analyzing data about your website?
True or False? You can only use one type of smart rule per module.
What tool can you use to segment your contacts database?
Choose all that apply. Which of these tools are included for free with Content Hub?
True or False? Every page published in the Content Hub is created using a template.
How do developers use themes?
Where in the HubSpot Content Hub can you edit your website’s header and footer?
Choose all that apply. What are the different types of templates in the Content Hub?
Fill in the blank: Theme modules are _______.
Where can you view all of your downloaded templates and modules?
True or False? Every page must be created using its own unique template.
True or False? Your theme is your source of truth for your website’s design.
True or False? You need to know CSS to make any style changes to your pages.
The purpose of the Contents tab in the page editor is to:
True or False? Once you remove a section, row, column, or module from your page you cannot undo it.
What is the final step you should take before publishing a page?
True or False? You should use a different theme for every page on your website.
What is a topic cluster?
Where can you view data about an individual blog post’s performance in HubSpot?
Which of these data points is not tracked on the Performance tab of a blog post?
Choose all that apply. Which of the following should you add to your blog post to generate leads?
The purpose of a robots.txt file is to:
Fill in the blank. Backlinks are links ________.
What is the most important thing you can do to ensure your content ranks highly in search engines?
Fill in the blank. HubSpot analysis found that the ideal length for blog posts is ____ words.
Which of these is not a recommended best practice for writing blog post titles?
Why is it important to avoid unnatural repetition of words in your blog post title, meta description, and URL?
True or False? Using your traffic analytics report, you can see the source of traffic to your website.
Choose all that apply. At a high level, which metrics should you be tracking about your website performance?
True or False? If you’re using assets from the marketplace, both the folder structure and names will be determined by the provider.
Choose all that apply. Where in HubSpot can you use folders to organize your Content Hub assets?
Which of these is not a content status in HubSpot?
Choose all that apply. Which of these pieces of content should be archived and unpublished?
Which of these characteristics is not available to use in smart content?
What is a buyer persona?
True or False? Adding someone’s name to a page is effective personalization.
Which of these segments is a good place to start with your personalization efforts?
How is a visitor’s country determined for smart content?
Jill is a marketer at The Green Thumb, a plant nursery that delivers plants to your doorstep. Her main buyer persona is young women who want to add greenery to their apartments but don’t know how to properly take care of plants. On The Green Thumb’s website they have the page “Which Plant Is Right For You?” that shows all the plants they offer and what environments they are suited for. How can Jill personalize this page to better target her buyer persona?
What are the five key characteristics of a good website user experience?
In the page editor in the HubSpot Content Hub, pages are organized by:
Where can you find your website and traffic analytics reports in HubSpot?
True or False? You can have unlimited smart rules per module.

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HubSpot content hub for marketers Answers - English

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