YouTube for Music Partners Answers - Youtube Creator Academy

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YouTube for Music Partners Answers - Youtube Creator Academy

YouTube is the best place for fans around the world to discover and share music. We want to help labels, publishers, and other music partners make the most of YouTube’s large and diverse audience—to reach more fans and add revenue.

We’ve designed this course in the Creator Academy for music content owners who have access to Content ID. You’ll learn about scalable tools and expert strategies to deliver your music content and manage your digital rights on YouTube.

The language of the answers are in English.

Some Questions:

What is required for you to get paid for your content on YouTube?

Enable third-party traffic attribution.

Opt into YouTube Red program.

Link an AdSense account.

Add RIAA ratings to assets.

What asset type can labels use for audio recordings?


Sound Recording.

Standard Recording.


What tool can help you check for successful delivery of your music content?

Metadata Validator.

DDEX Profiler.

Template Reviewer.

Content ID Troubleshooter.

Which code does YouTube reference for official Music Videos?


Video ISRC.

ISO 3166.


True or False: A Composition Share is embedded within a Sound Recording asset.



Why is it suggested to review disputed claims?

To prevent any copyright strikes.

To enable content for YouTube Red.

To put an active claim on hold.

To confirm claims are valid.

A video is claimed by two assets, one with a Track policy and another with a Monetize policy. Which policy gets applied?





What feature allows you to protect another channel from automated claims from your references?

Bulk update.


Restricted Mode.

Privacy Control.

Which type of policy is associated by Content ID with a claimed user-uploaded video on another channel?





What YouTube report is best suited for answering this question: Which of our assets have a Block policy?

Asset report.

Asset conflict report.

Reference files report.

Claim report.

More info about the certification:

More info of other products in:

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YouTube for Music Partners Answers - Youtube Creator Academy

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