Woorank Certification Exam Answers PDF

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Woorank Certification Exam Answers PDF

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Woorank Certification Exam Answers PDF


The study guide contains all Woorank certification exam questions and answers.

To get your Woorank certificate you have to start a free Woorank trial account and pass the certification exam. The certification test contains 44 questions and you have only 15 minutes for answers. Also, you have to wait 7 days if you fail the exam or time runs out. 

Some questions:

What Type Of Tool Would Be Best For Tracking How Users Are Engaging With Your Web Pages?

Page crawling tool

Heatmap tool

HTML parsing tool

Screencast tool

Which of the following error codes is used when the requested resource has been permanently removed?





An XML Sitemap can be tested & submitted to Google using Google Search Console.



Why Should The Alt Attribute Be Included When Adding Images?

To provide search engines with details of images

To allow details of images to be picked up by screenreaders

To prevent other websites from using images without concent

To show alternative images in a series of similar images

Google Analytics is capable of tracking user activity on any digitally connected device.



A deep link is:

A link with formatted anchor text (bold, italic)

A link to a webpage that is not the homepage

A homepage link to an external high authority source

A link to a third party site

Which of the following is required based on Google’s recommendations for a mobile-friendly website?

Google Voice intergration

Mobile Viewport

Mobile App

Contact number

Pages created automatically from searches carried out on your website provide a good method for building user generated content to target new keywords.



In PPC the advertiser pays for:

Clicks on their ads

Impression on their ads

Brand visibility

The link juice acquired from the link

1% CTR means that for every 100 impressions there are 10 clicks



Google Analytics tracking code should be inserted:

Just before the closing 'head' tag

Just after the opening 'head' tag

Just before the closing 'body' tag

Just after the opening 'body' tag

What is NOT a benefit of local SEO?

Your listing appearing in Google Shopping results

Your listing appearing higher in the results for related searches from users searching in your target location

Your listing appearing in Google Maps

Your listing appearing in the local pack results

In Google Analytics, the value (not set) appears for the selected dimension when no source filters have been applied to the Property View.



Which of the following is the most important for on-page SEO?

Alt attribute

H1 tag

Keywords tag

Title tag

Which of the following tools is not used for backlink analysis?

Google Analytics

Google Search Console



Which of the following redirects should be used when perminantly redirecting the location of one URL to another?





Which of the following is against Google's Guidelines?

Paying for links that include the nofollow tag

Adding links from directories

Paying for links to benefit from link juice

Addind links to other sites that pass link juice

Evergreen content has a short shelf life, like a news article.



In Digital Marketing, what does UX stand for?

Universal Experience

User Extension

Unidentified Extract

User Experience

The alt attribute is:

A Meta tag that highlights an alternate page

A Meta tag used to specify the anchor text

An image attribute that describes the image

The alternate name for the meta title

Google Search Console’s ‘Search Analytics’ allows users to track and filter Clicks, Impressions, CTR & Positions, using data from the last 16 months.



Which of the following tools can be used to identify mobile optimization issues?

Google Mobile-Friendly Test

Google Play

Google Mobile Console

Google's Dynamic Serving Tool

Which of the following characters should be used to separate words in URLs?





Which of the following redirects has the 'See Other' response?





Anchor text is the name given to the snippet of content used to promote pages in the search results.



The meta description can help to:

Add comments to the HTML

Increase Click-Through-Rate

Improve rankings

Describe an image

An XML Sitemap is:

A text file used to instruct robots which pages they can crawl and index

A webpage that provides the hierarchy of all pages with links help users navigate a website

A file used to associate the Search console account with a domain

A file that lists all of your web pages along with details of how often they are updated

Which of the following animals is associated with Google's algorithm used to target sites with large amounts of thin content?





In email marketing, the abbreviation UCE stands for:

Unwanted commercial email

Unsolicited commercial email

Unsolicited communication via email

Uncommon communication email

CTR is calculated by the below formula:





The sample size in Google Analytics can be adjusted by:

Adjusting a control in the reporting interface

All of these actions will adjust the sample size

Adding an instruction to the robots.txt file

Using the ‘Filters’ settings

How can a user track activity from their own internal search on their websites?

Using a Heat Map tool

Setting up 'Site Search' in Google Analytics

Setting up 'Site Search' in Google Search Console

This is not possible

If no title tag and/or meta description is specified for webpage, Google will generate one automatically using the content on the page.



When the URL of a page is changed, it's usually best practice to:

Add a 301 redirect to the new location and update inbound links

Do nothing Google will find the new page and remove the old page from its index

Add a 302 redirect to the new location and update inbound links

Remove the old URL from the CMS then fetch the new page as Google

How do you check Google's cache of a page?

Navigating to the page from Google Search

Using the cache: search operator

Checking the HTML of a page

Using Google Analytics reports

According to SEO best practice, what is the maximum number of H1 tags a page should have?

There is no limit - H1 tags are used for formatting purposes




How might Google make webmasters aware of a manual penalty applied to their website?

Via their Google Search Console account

Google never confirms manual penalties

Via their Google AdWords account

Via their Google Analytics account

Flash content is known for being easily indexed by search engines.



Which of the following can be used to handle duplicate content?


Canonical tags

Header tags


Which one of the below statements is false?

Broken links are bad for usability but don't affect SEO

Broken links send users to nonexisting web pages

Broken links are bad for usability and reputation

Broken links have a bad effect on SEO

How can a company create a forum for dialogue on LinkedIn?

Post updates to the company status

Change the company profile regularly

Use of Groups

Post comments on competitors' pages

utm_medium and utm_term are URL parameters that are both required for campaign tracking.



To be considered mobile-friendly, a website should have:

A mobile CSS AND a mobile Redirection

A mobile CSS OR a mobile Redirection

A mobile redirection

A mobile CSS

It is a best practice to block javascript and CSS in the robots.txt file.



Which of the following tools can be used to extract estimated keyword volumes associated with search terms in Google?

Google Tag Manager

Google Trends

Google Alerts

Google Keyword Planner

Which of the following is used to highlight a preferred page, when other versions of the page may also exist?

Canonical tag

Follow tag

Nofollow tag

Noindex tag

The meta keywords tag is used by Google as a ranking signal.



Which of these is NOT a Google recognized search operator?





Which of these is NOT considered as duplicate content:

Content from another page that is hidden behind an image

Content published in a printed magazine as well as on a webpage

Printer-only versions of web pages

Content within or across domains that completely match, deliberately created to manipulate search engines

Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors to a site who leave after only viewing a single page.



The hreflang tag is used to:

Allow the search engines to detect which language is being used

Allow Google to offer the auto-translate option to visitors in order to reach new visitors based on the selected languages

Specify the location on a page to target users in a specific country

Provide search engines with other versions of a URL to allow them to serve the correct page to their users based on language

The Google Pigeon update mainly affects:

Video Search

Local Search

Image Search

International Search

Backlinks from Social media channels offer a good source of link juice.



Evergreen content has a short shelf life (such as news articles).



The ALT attrubute is:

The alternate name for the meta title

A Meta tag that highlights an alternate page

A Meta tag used to specify the anchor text

Used to describe an image

Google's 'Search Analytics' allows users to track and filter Clicks, Impressions, Clickthroughrate & Positions, using data from the last 3 months.



Affiliate marketing is:

A revenue model where traffic is generated through social media

A form of CPC that is commonly used by enterprises only

A revenue model where website owners earn money by sending visitors to a third party website

A form of PPC commonly used by small businesses

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