Waze Ads Fundamentals Assessment Answers

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Waze Ads Fundamentals Assessment Answers



On average users spend how long using Waze monthly

10.5 hours

20.5 hours

7.5 hours 9 hours

Pins should always include text to increase their visibility



Waze has_____ of drivers globally

130+ Million

110+ Million

200+ Million

90+ Million

Call to Actions can help you to

Select All Correct Responses

Spontaneously navigate a user to your location Remind a user about a special offer at a later time Reach a driver at the beginning of their journey

All of the above

How many crowdsourced reports on routes and road conditions does Waze receive each month?

25+ Million

35+ Million

50+ Million

10+ Million

______ are strongest when being used as an always-on tactic for location awareness


Zero Speed Takeovers Search


Zero-Speed Takeovers safely prompt action and engagement when a user is stopped by waiting ____

before showing an ad

10 seconds

4 seconds

2 seconds

7 seconds

Waze can help you grow your business by____ (select all that apply)

Select All Correct Responses Posting new hire fun facts Prompting a new location Promoting a special offer

Increasing familiarity with your brand

______ inform and remind customers that your business is on or near their route

Zero Speed Take Over Arrows

Location Personalities

Hyperlocal push notifications can be set by which of the following (check all that apply)


Coupon Expiring Location

Month and day

Pin names have a____ character maximum





Waze Ads can help businesses who are looking to

Select All Correct Responses Build location awareness Increase sales

Promote a product Promote a special offer

Brands can promote where their products can be found using Waze Ads

You must have a physical location to advertise on Waze

You have a BOGO special after 5pm on Ice Cream -- what CTA would be 2 best to add to the Zero Speed Takeover you serve during the morning?

Remind Me Drive There Save Location Save Offer

Creative on the Waze platform works best when repurposes from other Ad Platforms

Waze operates in____ countries around the world





______ are like a digital billboard that is shown to Wazers when their vehicle is safely at a complete stop.

Zero Speed Takeovers

Search Arrows

In 2019 Wazers navigated to how many businesses





A Wazer seeing an Ice Cream Shop ad that results in an unplanned rerouting to that business to get an milkshake would be an example of what Navigation Behavior

Spontaneous Assisted Influenced Planned

The_____ feature(s) helps keep you top of mind when customers are looking for businesses like yours

Pins & Search

Dots & Arrows

Zero Speed Takeover & Dots Location Personalities

Waze drivers can report things like heavy traffic, road-closures, hazards and more in real-time using Active Reporting

By mixing and matching formats and CTAs, you can create a strategy that will drive impact year round

What feature helps add additional information about your business to your ad creative helps you to promote a drive-thru or curbside pickup at your location

Personality Icons

Drive-thru personalities Location Icons

Use_____ and capture a drivers attention at the start of the ride to highlight an offer or new location!

Pins & Search Dots & Arrows Arrows

Waze uses the context of a user's drive to deliver advertising in the most relevant in-car moments.

Business descriptions are most optimal when they’re ___ characters





CTAs allow you to continue to engage with your consumer even after the drive is complete via hyperlocal push notifications.

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Waze Ads Fundamentals Assessment Answers

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