Ways to make money beyond ads Answers - Youtube Creator Academy

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Ways to make money beyond ads Answers - Youtube Creator Academy


For years, creators have been earning money in more ways than just ads. YouTube now offers tools like Super Chat and channel memberships, as well as a merch shelf integration with Teespring, to diversify your monetization options. This can make it easier for you to grow your YouTube business or drive engagement on your channel. Get tips for utilizing monetization options beyond ads and encouraging participation from your audience.

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Some Questions:

You have to be a famous YouTube creator to try out other monetization options on your channel.



What considerations should you think about when deciding what you will offer to your audience in exchange for their crowdfunding payment?

Offerings should be flashy and scalable.

Offerings should be scalable and affordable for creators to set up.

Offerings should be exotic and affordable.

Offerings should be expensive and not available anywhere else.

What questions should you ask yourself before you kick off a new monetization option?

How much time do I have to work on this?

Am I willing to promote it?

How many people might spend money on it?

All of the above.

What can happen if you submit a perk for review that doesn’t comply with YouTube’s Community Guidelines?

Your Community tab could be removed.

Nothing - you haven’t done anything wrong (yet).

You may get a strike.

You may go to prison.

What’s the recommended way to promote memberships on your channel?

Explain channel memberships in an announcement video and then give your viewers regular reminders.

Wait and see how your viewers react to the “join” button.

Explain channel memberships in an announcement video and then never mention it again.

Announce that all your videos will be members-only from now on.

Another creator asked you about channel memberships. How would you explain this feature?

Members can make a one-time contribution to finance a video project.

Members can design badges and emoji that appear in your Community tab.

Members can make monthly payments to your channel in return for membership benefits.

Members can earn referral fees for promoting your channel on social media.

Cindy plans to do an exclusive live stream Q&A for her channel members. What should she know?

This is a great way to build extra engagement with her channel members.

It’s probably better for her to create a bunch of new videos for members.

This is not allowed, because live streams are always open to everyone.

She will need a desktop computer and special streaming software first.

Super Chat is only available for gaming channels.



What’s a reason that fans engage with Super Chat?

They appreciate getting recognition.

They want to highlight their message.

They want to interact with creators in a different way with Super Chat than standard live chat.

All of the above.

What’s generally the best method for promoting your merch?

Wear it (or use it).

Put it on a billboard.

Get a celebrity endorsement.

Give it away for free.

What’s an important factor to consider for your merch strategy?




All of the above.

A football channel is planning to launch merch. What item is likely to be a great fit?

Branded jerseys.


Gold watches.

Pet food.

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Ways to make money beyond ads Answers - Youtube Creator Academy

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