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Unlock your gaming channel Answers - Youtube creator Academy


Set your gaming channel up for success with these tools and techniques.

Disclaimer: Different game publishers have different rules around how their games can be used and/or potentially monetized on YouTube. Make sure you understand the terms and conditions for any game footage that you plan on uploading.

The language of the answers are in English.

Some Questions:

Being authentic is not a helpful characteristic to have when making YouTube videos.



What’s one way to connect even closer to your audience on YouTube as a gamer?

Check your YouTube Analytics.

Play multiple games instead of just one.

Go beyond shooting just the games and show your audience your face!

Experiment with different lighting techniques.

Showing your personality can help you...

Decrease the number of dislikes on your videos.

Get more interview requests.

Get more engagement on your channel.

Get set up for live streaming.

What are the three easy steps to going live?

Record, edit, and re-upload.

Enable live streaming, feature your live stream on your channel and schedule a hangout on air.

Verify your channel, enable live streaming, choose to stream now or schedule an event.

Check your YouTube Analytics, create a calendar invite, push play.

When you set up an event in the live stream, your audience can:

Look at your YouTube Analytics.

Create a highlight reel.

Get a sneak preview and watch the stream before you’ve started it.

Set reminders for it.

Which of the following do both Stream Now and Events have in common?

Both let you have private streams.

Both let you specify who you want to invite to watch the live stream.

Both let you set up a personalized dashboard to view your streams.

Both let you schedule ahead of time.

What happens to your live stream after you end a broadcast using both Events and Stream Now?

You can trim and make a highlight reel.

You will never be able to watch the video again.

You can archive your live stream, either as a highlight reel or with the URL provided when you were streaming.

The URL will automatically be sent to all of your subscribers for them to watch.

Which type of data can you only have access to during a live stream?

Where geographically your viewers live.

The number of people watching now.

What types of devices viewers are watching from.

How much of your stream people tuned in for.

How many videos should you upload each week?

One a day.

One an hour.

It varies, based on your vacation schedule and your call-to-action.

It varies, based on how many you feel comfortable producing and what your audience enjoys.

Specifically for the gaming world, search traffic usually increases when:

A bloopers reel comes out.

There is a release of new games.

You turn 21.

A new music video is released.

For gamers, all of these are great reasons to create a content calendar except:

A calendar can help you budget your production costs.

A calendar can help set audience expectations.

A calendar can help plan when to take your next vacation.

A calendar can help you level up your gaming skills.

If you produce more than one video at a time, what tool can you use to stagger their releases?

YouTube Analytics.

Scheduled publishing tool.

Uploading timer.

Stream Now dashboard.

How can you make your audience feel like “insiders”?

Use different terms to refer to your audience in each video.

Offer exclusive content and live streams to your subscribers.

Record new videos where you disclose how much money you make.

Select a few choice phrases specific to your channel and repeat them often in your videos.

You should consider all of the following when coming up with a catch phrase for your channel except:

Whether or not your catch phrase will violate YouTube Community guidelines.

If your audience can easily identify and adopt it.

How your catch phrase might look printed on merchandise.

If the catch phrase is a real word and grammatically correct.

When you speak directly to your audience in a video, this is called:

Being real.

Being conversational.

Being confrontational.

Being online.

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