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Twitter Performance Fundamentals Badge Answers - Twitter Flight School

Earn the Performance Fundamentals Badge by scoring 80% or higher on the Performance Fundamentals assessment. Check out the full catalog of Performance Advertising courses and then test your knowledge to earn your badge!

Performance Fundamentals Badge Assessment

Some questions:

Once you’ve set up a website tag, reporting for website conversion tracking is available in the _____________ within Twitter Ads Manager.

  • Website tracker tab

  • Tweet composer

  • Campaigns tab

  • Media library

True or False. With Website Clicks campaigns, you have access to all Twitter social and demographic targeting.

  • False

  • True

When __________ bidding is selected, your campaign will auto-optimize your bids to achieve a daily average cost per link click that meets or beats your target.

  • Optimal bid

  • Target cost

  • Automatic bid

  • Maximum bid

There are two main ways performance advertisers measure on Twitter: (select two)

  • Mobile IEM

  • Twitter website tag

  • Twitter Website Tag

  • Server-to-server integration with DCM

Where would you see an option to break out conversions by conversion event name?

  • When creating a downloadable .csv report in Ads Manager

  • In the Campaigns tab in Ads Manager

  • At the bottom of the Ads Manager dashboard

  • In the Campaign Details section of the Campaign Creator

_______________ is a single code snippet placed across your entire website to track multiple site actions or conversions.

  • Multiple site actions tag

  • A multiple site actions tag

  • A single snippet website tag

  • A universal website tag

The Twitter Ads system completes conversion attribution on your conversions based on:

  • How long it takes for you to get your first download

  • A standard attribution window timeframe

  • How much you spend per app click

  • The attribution window you set

Twitter's App Re-engagement ads focus on:

  • sending promotional messages via DMs

  • driving awareness through video-based content

  • reaching your existing users to help drive loyalty and engagement

  • new user acquisitions

What does AMM stand for?

  • Advanced Mobile Measurement

  • Advanced Maintenance Metrics

  • App Measurement Management

  • App Media Manager

_________ is critical to performance-focused advertisers because they need to prove their advertising drives results.

  • Platform Adjacency

  • Measurement

  • In-App Purchases

  • Cost Per App Click

When verifying a website tag in Twitter Ads Manager, what are the three possible statuses you might encounter? (select all that apply)

  • Unverified

  • Tracking

  • Verified

  • Dormant

_________ are clickable images or videos that drive users directly to your website.

  • App Install Ads

  • Twitter Image Ads

  • Website Click Ads

  • Twitter Video Ads

App Re-engagement campaigns help you: (select all that apply)

  • Sell in-app purchases

  • Get ahead of the app deletion phenomenon

  • Increase usage

  • Drive loyalty

Which ad formats can be used in Twitter's performance ad campaigns? (select all that apply)

  • Image Ads

  • Text Ads

  • Carousel Ads

  • Video Ads

What are Twitter's current performance advertising solutions? (select all that apply)

  • Awareness Campaigns

  • App Install Campaigns

  • App Re-engagement Campaigns

  • Website Click Campaigns

True or False. Although a Twitter tag is a Twitter solution, it utilizes partner-provided cookie tracking.

  • False

  • True

When launching a new campaign, what is the period of time during which our systems try to find the best users for your ads? It typically lasts 3-5 days.

  • The Learning Period

  • Attribution Window

  • There is no name for this period

  • User Acquisition Window

Conversion tracking for websites allows you to track:

  • detailed information about someone's location

  • how long someone spent looking at your ad before taking action

  • the amount of time someone spent searching for something on your website

  • the actions someone takes after viewing or engaging with your ads on Twitter

___________ allow you to further define your App Activity Custom Audience based on the frequency and recency of user actions.

  • Twitter Custom Audiences

  • Twitter Measurement Reports

  • Promoted Video Ads

  • App Activity Combinations

When an advertiser has different measurement sources, each with slightly different definitions for attributing actions to advertising, the result can be:

  • Lower reach

  • Measurement adjacencies

  • Higher reach

  • Measurement discrepancies

_______________ refers to when someone on Twitter sees your Promoted Tweet and does not engage with it, but later visits your website and converts.

  • Post-engagement attribution

  • Post-view attribution

  • Website click attribution

  • Download attribution

What are the website actions you can track using conversion tracking?

  • App installs, video views, downloads, and search results

  • Website clicks, purchases, bounce rate, and custom actions

  • Site visits, purchases, downloads, sign ups, and custom actions

  • Bounce rate, site visits, and sign ups

What percentage of people on Twitter have made a mobile purchase within the last month?

  • 50%

  • 64%

  • 30%

  • 25%

What are the two options for verifying your website tag? (select two)

  • Twitter verification assistant

  • Twitter verification tracker

  • Browser verification

  • Pixel helper extension

Since 2012, the amount of time spent browsing the internet on a mobile device has increased by over

  • 200%

  • 5000%

  • 50%

  • It has declined, not increased

Performance advertisers care about:

  • Building awareness for a new product or service.

  • Driving performance at scale and being able to measure the results.

  • Increasing their following on Twitter.

  • Driving increased video views and click-through rates.

_________ lets you run your ads across Managed Publisher MoPub inventory for premium apps.

  • Twitter App Platform

  • Twitter iOS Gallery

  • Twitter Audience Platform

  • Twitter Managed App Inventory

What is a post-engagement attribution window?

  • A time window for crediting Twitter with conversions that happen after someone views your ads

  • A time window for crediting Twitter with conversions that happen after someone engages with your ads

  • A time window for crediting Twitter with conversions that happen after a certain time of day

  • A time window for determining whether or not the user is likely to uninstall your app

What is Marketing Mix Modeling?

  • A statistical analysis on sales and advertising spend data

  • An overview of time dedicated to advertisement

  • A cross-platform ad creative tool

  • A way to track how many ad formats you're using regularly on Twitter

When you log into Twitter Ads Manager, what is the default view?

  • The latest Tweets dashboard

  • The campaign creator

  • Your Twitter timeline

  • The performance dashboard

What should you do if your conversion events aren't showing as tracking?

  • Make sure you've correctly set up your mobile conversion tracking events in your MACT partner dashboard

  • Wait 3-5 days for the conversion events to finish syncing

  • Nothing. Conversion events should not show as tracking

  • Contact Twitter customer service

What is an App Install Ad?

  • an ad that displays across the iOS and Google Play stores

  • a new kind of video ad from Twitter

  • an ad that runs on third-party services to help drive installs of your mobile app

  • a Promoted Twitter Ad that allows you to reach audiences who are most likely to download your app

What allows you to measure site visits without using cookies?

  • Conversion optimization

  • Twitter Click ID

  • Website tags

  • Twitter Tracking Pixel

App measurement is typically done via:

  • ClickID

  • A viewability measurement service

  • A tracking software development kit (SDK)

  • A pixel within the app itself

What bidding strategy do Website Clicks campaigns use?

  • LTV – Lifetime Value

  • CPAC – Cost Per App Click

  • CPC – Cost Per Click

  • ROAS – Return on Ad Spend

Using a ___________ enables you to track user conversions and tie them back to ad campaigns on Twitter.

  • Cookie-enabled website

  • Google Analytics Code Snippet

  • Conversion Tag

  • Twitter Tracking Pixel

When setting up your Website Clicks campaign in Ads Manager, which Ad Group goal is recommended?

  • Link clicks

  • App installs

  • Video views

  • Website conversions

What percentage of people access Twitter via mobile?

  • 88%

  • 25%

  • 50%

  • 33%

What are the two types of Twitter Website Tags? (select two)

  • Single Website (Event) Tag

  • Universal Website Tag

  • Optimized Website Tags

  • Mobile App Promotion Tags

True or False. With App Install Ads, you have access to all Twitter social targeting and demographic targeting to find the right audience for your campaign.

  • False

  • True

To set up a Mobile App Promotion campaign, you will need to:

  • Have at least 500 active users on your app

  • Have a five-star rating on the iOS App Store

  • Enable the Twitter Pixel within your app

  • Add your application to your Twitter Ads account

Performance advertising on Twitter refers to digital ads that ask someone to:

  • Start a live concert or musical performance

  • Vote for a specific candidate or support a political cause

  • Complete a specific call to action, like Buy Now or Install

  • Change an attitude, like Cheer up

What are the two ways you can buy an App Installs campaign on Twitter? (select two)

  • Optimized Action Bidding (OAB)

  • Cost per App Click (CPAC)

  • Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)

  • Cost per Download (CPD)

Where can people see your performance ad campaigns on Twitter? (select all that apply)

  • at the top of relevant search pages

  • on partner apps via TAP

  • at the top of their DMs

  • on their home timeline

The allowable period between when someone viewed or clicked your ad and took action is called the:

  • User Action Window

  • Attribution Window

  • Download Period

  • View-Click-View-Buy Window

Twitter has a direct integration with which partner-provided measurement tool?

  • Sizmek

  • Adobe Analytics

  • DoubleClick Campaign Manager (DCM)

  • Google Analytics

________ collect, organize, and standardize app data to deliver a uniform assessment of campaign performance metrics.

  • Most Accurate Proivders (MAP)

  • The Metrics Institute (TMI)

  • Mindshare Analysts (MA)

  • Mobile Measurement Providers (MMP)

A _______________ is created when the Twitter website tag has collected over 100 IDs of visitors from Twitter users.

  • Twitter Click ID

  • Twitter Website Tag

  • Custom Tailored Audience

  • Website Activity Audience

Where can you locate the DCM server to server solution?

  • In the Campaign Editor, under DCM Options

  • In the Campaign Form, at the Ad Group level

  • Within Analytics, under Tweet Activity

  • Within Tools, under Ads editor

For Website clicks campaigns, better performance is seen when the __________ is used for targeting.

  • Custom Tailored Audience

  • Mobile Audience Manager

  • Website Activity Custom Audience

  • Audience Creator Tool

Most advertisers give click-through attribution credit; only some of them give:

  • View-through attribution credit

  • Cost Per App Click analysis

  • Time-of-day attribution credit

  • Adjacency reporting

What are the two types of attribution windows you can set for your campaign? (select two)

  • Post-engagment

  • Post-login

  • Post-view

  • Post-acquisition

Why is measurement such a critical component of performance advertising?

  • Performance advertisers need to be able to prove their campaign drives results

  • Measurement is not a critical component of performance advertising

  • Performance advertisers rely on measurement to determine their KPIs

  • Performance advertisers tend to be more interested in data

For App Re-engagement campaigns, we recommend targeting:

  • Only users with an Android device

  • Only users with an iOS device

  • As broadly as possible at first

  • Only a select group of users

Match the following attribution types to their correct definition.

  •  First Touch Attribution - The first platform that impacts the user gets 100% of the credit

  •  Last Touch Attribution - The last platform that impacts the user before they convert gets 100% of the credit

  •  Multi-Touch Attribution - All platforms that impacted the user get a portion of the credit

For apps to collate, organize, and standardize their data and deliver uniform metrics, you must integrate with a ________________.

  • iOS Tracking Pixel

  • MACT Partner

  • Performance advertisers need to be able to prove their campaign drives results

  • Google Analytics Account

On average, how many people abandon an app after just one session?

  • 1 in 10

  • 1 in 50

  • 1 in 5

  • 1 in 20

_________ are created automatically when you link your app events with Twitter through your mobile measurement provider.

  • App Install ads

  • Custom metrics in Ads Manager

  • Mobile tailored audiences

  • Twitter website tags

What are the three bidding options available when creating a Website Clicks campaign in Ads Manager? (select three)

  • Maximum bid

  • Target Cost

  • Optimized action bidding

  • Automatic bid

Setting up mobile app conversion tracking with one of our partners allows you to: (select all that apply)

  • See deeper insights and trends around lifetime value and performance metrics.

  • Identify each step of your funnel and drive re-engagement through targeted re-marketing campaigns.

  • Measure and compare the impact of your spending across all your marketing channels.

  • Collect location data and other identifying information from your audience.

In Twitter Ads Manager's performance dashboard, what are the values listed in the results columns tied to?

  • How much money you've spent on your campaign

  • Your campaign flight duration

  • Your campaign objective

  • Conversion tracking for websites allows you to track

Creating several conversion events of the same conversion type can lead to:

  • decreased overall spend

  • exhausting your daily budget maximum

  • increased engagement with your Promoted Ads

  • duplicated data in your Twitter Ads dashboard

App Re-engagement campaigns target your ________ to drive even more conversions and loyalty.

  • Potential users

  • Existing users

  • Newsletter subscribers

  • Previous users

What are the two things you must do before creating an App Installs campaign? (select two)

  • Your app must have at least a 4.0 rating on the app store

  • You need to set up your iOS Tracking Pixel

  • You need to set up your SKAd Network connection

  • You need to set up your MACT Partner

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Twitter Performance Fundamentals Badge Answers - Twitter Flight School

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