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Twitter Launch and Connect Badge AnswersTwitter Launch and Connect Badge Answers - Twitter Flight School

Earn the Launch and Connect Strategist Badge by scoring 80% or higher on the Launch and Connect assessment. Check out the full catalog of Launch and Connect courses and then test your knowledge to earn your badge!


Exam 30 questions


Launch and Connect Badge Final Assessment

Some questions:


Why are captions so important for your videos on Twitter?

  • Captions help identify the music you're using in your videos.

  • Including captions can lead to longer view rates.

  • Captions aren't that important on Twitter.

  • If your video has captions, Twitter will show your ad to more people.


What is the minimum number of ad formats you should use to maximize your success?

  • 3-5

  • 5-10

  • 1-2

  • 2-3


What are the #ThreeSimpleRules for getting creative on Twitter? (select three)

  • Keep it short & simple

  • Create visual cues with clear logo placement and captions

  • Use jump cuts and fast-changing visuals

  • Include people & products in your videos


Social video content should be designed for…

  • The fastest download speed

  • Viewing on a large-screen TV

  • Use across all social platforms

  • A sound-off environment


People on Twitter are often the first to try, buy, and…

  • Send a DM asking for more information

  • Share new experiences with others

  • Download a new game

  • Forget about your ad


What did Bain identify as a significant differentiator for brands that had successful launch campaigns?

  • Their overall budget

  • Their use of Twitter as part of their launch strategy

  • The industry the brand operates within

  • Their use of cutting-edge creative


If you’re launching a new brand on Twitter, which metrics should you measure to judge your success? (select three)

  • Consideration

  • Intent

  • Recall

  • Awareness


When you want to align with the topic, you can choose:

  • Trend Takeover

  • Video Ads

  • Trend Takeover+

  • Timeline Takeover


Your goal for the reveal phase of your launch should be to…

  • Achieve all of your KPIs in a single day

  • Start conversations

  • Increase your reach

  • Drive mass awareness of your launch


People on Twitter are… (select three)

  • Mostly on iOS devices

  • Receptive

  • Results-driven

  • Influential


Where should you place your logo throughout your video creative?

  • Top right corner

    • You should not include your logo in video creative

  • Top left corner

  • Lower third


What are the five types of launches we identify on Twitter?

  • New cars, new logos, new movies, new TV shows, and new sales

    • New companies, new management, new features, new offers, and new messaging

  • New products, new brands, new messaging, new promotions, and new features

  • New projects, new branding, new copyrights, new features, and new hires


Which of the following actions could lead your connect campaigns to 2X more engagement, 35% higher view-through, and 3X more cost efficiency.

  • Expand your campaign window

  • Use customized creatives

  • Expand your target audience

  • Use multiple campaigns


Launch Leaders invest heavily leading up to their launch, spending on average up to ___ % of their total budget between the Tease + Reveal stages.

  • 25%

    • 5%

    • 10%

  • 40%


Brands that hit their launch KPIs are ____ more likely to launch on Twitter.

  • 1.1X

  • 2.3X

  • 2X

  • not


A successful connect strategy contains (select three):

  • Connect strategy

  • Engaging strategy

  • Messaging strategy

  • Flighting strategy


What percentage of marketers report missing their launch KPIs?

  • 15%

  • 85%

  • 20%

  • 50%


On launch day you should…

  • Tweet at least 2-3 times

    • Create an email newsletter campaign

    • Send DMs to your community

  • Go big on the reveal to maximize awareness


______________ maximizes your success by serving content before, during, and after your launch day.

  • A content strategy

    • Creative developed by an award-winning team

  • A data-driven flighting schedule

  • An activation plan


What's the advantage of running a connect campaign on Twitter rather than on other platforms?

  • People on Twitter are more interested in ads.

  • People come to Twitter to connect with what’s happening, which makes them more leaned in and receptive to your ads.

  • Twitter ads are less intrusive.

  • People on Twitter spend more time scrolling, so your ads are more likely to be seen.


What do we mean when we say “launch” on Twitter?

  • Building awareness and interest in something new

  • Creating a new campaign to be released on a specific date

  • Driving sales for a specific type of product

  • Announcing the event of a sale with a promoted Tweet


________ is a premium, single-day, “mass awareness” ad package of Twitter’s most valuable video impressions.

  • Timeline Takeover

  • Trend Takeover+

  • Trend Takeover

  • Amplify Pre-roll Ads


Why is it essential for your brand to be culturally relevant? (select two)

  • Cultural relevance is every brand’s #1 objective.

  • Cultural relevance correlates better with brand metrics.

  • Cultural relevance is straightforward to obtain.

  • Cultural relevance is a critical driver of the consumer’s purchase decision.


True or False: When choosing the best formats for your KPI, Video Ads with Conversation Buttons work best to build campaign awareness, message association, and intent.

  • False

  • True


Which ad format allows you to connect your content with over 200 brand-safe publishers?

  • Amplify Pre-roll

  • Amplify Sponsorship

  • Timeline Takeover

  • Trend Takeover


What percentage of a consumer's purchase decision is driven by their perception of a brand's cultural relevance?

  • 5%

    • 7%

    • 10%

  • 25%


What do we mean when we say “connect” on Twitter?

  • Launching a new product that’s connected to a current trend

    • Communicating with key stakeholders and influencers

    • Executing campaigns around global moments

  • Building relevance by being a part of the conversation


If you pre-produce assets based on what you know will happen and publish them when the moment unfolds so they "feel" real-time, you are creating:

  • Anticipated content

    • Immersed content

  • Planned content

  • Realtime content


Holiday seasons, International Women's Day, and Valentine's Day are all examples of what type of connect opportunity?

  • Trends

    • None of these are connect opportunities

  • Occasions

  • Events


Award shows, music festivals, and sporting events are all examples of which type of connect opportunity?

  • None of these are connect opportunities

    • Occasions

    • Trends

  • Events


Why do people come to Twitter?

  • Because they want to buy something.

    • To engage with companies via DMs.

    • To create friendships with the brands they follow.

  • To stay up-to-date on the topics they care about and talk to others who share their interests.


To build cultural relevance for your brand, your messaging should be based on a combination of (select three):

  • Customized creative

  • Target audience

  • Brand story

  • Topic of connection


True or False. Brands that invest early in building shareable content for their audiences tend to hit their Launch KPIs more often than those that don’t.

  • True

  • False


Which launch phase involves fine-tuning details at the campaign level, including identifying target audiences, creating copy, and determining the campaign's duration?

  • Creative

  • Activation

  • Flighting

  • None of the launch phases involve these things


Which of the following statements is correct about flighting strategy?

  • It does not take part in the peak of the conversation.

  • It leads brands to build a phased approach to maximize impact pre / during / post-event.

  • It reinforces your connect campaign by extending the window after the peak.

  • You don't need to understand the pulse of a conversation before joining it.


How many ad formats should you use to increase the probability of having a successful connect campaign?

  • As many as you can

  • More than 3

  • 2-3

  • Only 1


In general, how long should your Video Ads be on Twitter?

  • 25-45 seconds

    • 60-90 seconds

    • 30-60 seconds

  • 10-15 seconds


What percentage of sales can be directly attributed to creative?

  • 33%

    • 10%

    • 20%

  • 47%


What are the three phases of the connect flighting strategy? (select three)

  • React

  • Announce

  • Participate

  • Hype


When you want to be at the front and center of the topic, you can use:

  • Poll

  • Timeline Takeover

  • Video ads with Conversation Buttons

  • Video ads for Website Clicks


What are the five types of launch categories on Twitter?

  • Sales, services, announcements, products, promotions

    • Paid media, video views, announcements, apps, websites

    • Videos, images, websites, apps, sales

  • Product, brand, features, message, promotion


If you’re interested in significantly moving brand metrics, the length of your campaign should be…

  • Flight time does not impact brand metrics

    • Shorter

  • Longer

  • Dependent on your budget


To drive awareness for your launch campaign, your flighting should be at least ___________ long.

  • 2-3 weeks

    • 1-2 weeks

  • 3-6 weeks

  • 5-10 weeks


How do Twitter’s takeover products help you achieve a successful launch?

  • Takeover products allow you to direct message your audience at scale.

  • Takeover products help you achieve mass awareness on Launch day.

  • Takeover products are Twitter’s most cost-effective ad solutions.

  • Takeover products allow you to upload longer videos to Twitter.


What are the key themes of conversation?" is a question that helps define which of the following elements of a unique message's construction?

  • Target audience

    • Customized creative

    • Brand story

  • Topic of Connection


Which of the following Twitter ad formats help you “go big on the reveal”? (select three)

  • Timeline Takeover

  • Trend Takeover

  • Awareness campaigns

  • Trend Takeover+


Launch Leaders use a phased approach to their flighting strategy, which includes…

  • Hype, Anticipate, and React

    • Launch Leaders do not use a phased approach.

    • Preview, Release, and Tech Support

  • Tease, Reveal, and Reinforce


The ways to connect on Twitter include (Select three):

  • Topics

  • Trends

  • Occasions

  • Events


Working from home, mindfulness, and activism are examples of which type of connect opportunity?

  • Events

  • Occasions

  • Trends

  • None of these are connect opportunities

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