TrueView in Display & Video 360 Basics Assessment Answers - Academy for Ads

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TrueView in Display & Video 360 Basics Assessment Answers - Academy for Ads

The old name of this certification is TrueView in DoubleClick Bid Manager Basics Assessment

TrueView in DoubleClick Bid Manager Basics

The language of the answers are in English.

TrueView in Bid Manager Assessment

Some Questions:

Your client is a DoubleClick Campaign Manager advertiser. What do you do with the code provided to you when you activate conversion tracking in their pixel’s basic settings?

Nothing, as it is handled automatically

Copy and paste the code into an email and send to your client’s web developer

Copy and paste the code into the TrueView line item in Bid Manager

Copy and paste the code into the default tags field of the Floodlight tag in Campaign Manager

Your client is a shoe retailer that wants their TrueView campaign to reach users who have shown an interest in running. What kind of audience targeting is this?

Affinity segments




Your campaign has a single budget that can be allocated across multiple targeting strategies and formats. How do you set up your TrueView ad groups?

Run mobile on a separate line item

Run multiple ad groups per line item

Run one ad group per insertion order

Run each ad on a separate line item and ad group

TrueView is a cost-per-view (CPV) ad format. What does this mean?

Advertisers do not pay unless the user engages with the ad, views the entire ad, or views 30 seconds of the ad

Advertisers do not pay unless the user views the ad for at least two seconds, clicks the ad, and makes a purchase

Advertisers pay for each impression, regardless of whether or not the user views or interacts with the ad

Advertisers pay for each impression, regardless of whether or not the user views or interacts with the ad

What are two audiences that can be added to audience lists for remarketing in DoubleClick Bid Manager?

Viewers who engage with the ad; viewers who organically view or engage with the brand’s channel

Subscribers to YouTube Red; viewers on Android

Viewers who match your advertiser’s demographic; viewers who use the YouTube mobile app

Viewers who are existing customers; viewers who have subscribed to the brand’s channel

Your advertiser wants their video promoted alongside relevant YouTube search results. What kind of TrueView ad format is best for them?

Search display


A brand’s channel


Your advertiser is a global company with very high levels of brand awareness. How do you create a TrueView campaign that keeps your advertiser’s message fresh?

Create highly targeted audience campaigns to ensure you reach a niche audience

Run a single creative, then alternate the creative each month based on promotions

Run multiple ads at once and optimize for creative performance

Serve a single ad to the same user multiple times to ensure the message is delivered

How can you organize your TrueView ads to optimize by length?

Run only longer ads to maximize view time

Run shorter ads alongside longer ads

Set the limit to a standard 30-second video

Run only shorter ads to maximize view completions

Your client is running a TrueView campaign to drive installs of their mobile app. What is an appropriate call-to-action for their in-stream creative?

“You love apps!”

“Download now!”

“Remember our brand name!”

“Everyone is on mobile!”

You’re interested in the impact of the campaign on your advertiser’s brand and YouTube channels. Which metrics do you look at?

Earned likes, subscribers, and Brand Lift studies

Uncounted (partial) views, and video and banner impressions

Views that pass TrueView’s standards

Cost per view

In order to qualify for the greatest amount of available inventory, what do your pixels need to comply with?

Hypertext transfer protocol (http)

SSL and DoubleClick’s ad guidelines

DoubleClick AdExchange’s guidelines

Android approval standards

What is positively correlated with an increase in brand awareness and consideration?

The ad’s music volume

How closely the campaign adheres to the 30-second duration standard

The seriousness of the ad’s message

How long an ad is viewable

How should you approach the development of video discovery creatives?

Write a headline and description that are as long as necessary to accomplish your goals

Write highly sophisticated copy and treat the headline and description the same

Fit copy within the character limits and ensure the headline stands alone

Place your most vital information in the description

Your TrueView campaign for Bean Coffee performs significantly better on smartphones and tablets than on desktop. How do you optimize your campaign, given this information?

Remove any desktop impressions

Increase your bids on mobile inventory by adding a mobile and tablet bid adjustment

Break out new insertion orders for mobile and bid up on these line items

Increase your bids across all environments

Your client has agreed to begin work on their TrueView campaign. How do you activate TrueView for this advertiser in DoubleClick Bid Manager?

Link a YouTube channel and import video creatives to Bid Manager

Create an AdWords account and link it to Bid Manager

Accept the terms and conditions, and accept partner costs

Create an insertion order with ASAP pacing and create an ad group

To ensure the highest possible view-through rate (VTR), what is the most important part of your in-stream video creative?

The middle of the creative

The last ten seconds

The first two minutes

The first five seconds

What is the required pacing for TrueView insertion orders?

Flight Even

Flight ASAP

Daily Even

Flight Ahead

Which of these options is a property of an in-stream creative?

Ad plays on the brand’s channel page, which enables better user engagement

Ad plays before or during the video content (pre or mid-roll ad unit)

Ad serves on the YouTube homepage in a user query

Image includes a click-to-view video ad with a thumbnail

Your client wants their TrueView campaign to drive increased sales on their site. How do you design effective video discovery creative to accomplish this?

Encourage viewers to learn more through their video

Encourage viewers to visit your advertiser’s URL instead of watching the video

Create a mysterious thumbnail and call-to-action using sophisticated language to entice the user

Heavily pitch your client’s product

What benefit will you gain by linking your brand’s channel to your DoubleClick Bid Manager advertiser?

A single source for serving ads through YouTube

Access to earned metrics and audience targeting with YouTube

Ability to track conversions automatically with a linked channel

Tools to search for your video creatives by URL or text 

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