The quickstart guide to YouTube Answers - Youtube Creator Academy

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The quickstart guide to YouTube Answers - Youtube Creator Academy

The language of the answers are in English.

Some Questions:

How can people discover your content on YouTube? on their computer.

YouTube app on their phone.

YouTube app on their smart TV.

All of the above.

What’s a good question to ask yourself when defining your channel’s mission?

How can I have an impact?

How can I make a ton of money?

How can I reach 100,000 subscribers?

How can I produce a viral video?

Why should you pay attention to your channel name?

It needs to be different from your real name.

It helps to include trending keywords.

It will always appear in your video credits.

It can live on your channel for years.

Before you publish a new video, what’s an important step?

Add details to describe what your video is about.

Pre-populate comments for early viewers to see.

Embed the video URL across your social media.

Write down your number of subscribers.

What’s the basic definition of “watch time”?

The number of people watching your channel right now.

The time of day that most viewers visit your channel.

The average time that someone spends on YouTube.

The amount of time that viewers watch your videos.

Which action helps you build your community?

Interact with fan comments.

‘Like’ every video that you watch.

Change your channel name.

Publish a new video every day.

Your channel branding should be:


Relevant to your channel.


All of the above.

Why should you use consistent branding?

Because you want your channel to be discovered in search results.

Because you paid someone to market your brand.

Because you want viewers to instantly recognize your brand.

Because you want to provide a fun experience.

What branding element consists of a welcome video to potential fans?

Channel trailer.

Channel banner.

Channel card.

Channel description.

Cindy finds a video on YouTube that seems inappropriate. What would you recommend her to do?

Email the creator to express her outrage.

Unsubscribe from the channel.

Flag the video for review.

Add the video to her playlist.

You’ve received a Content ID claim. What does this mean?

A copyright owner has identified content in your video that belongs to them.

Another creator claims that you stole their idea for your video.

You may have accidentally uploaded the same video twice.

Your video infringes intellectual property and you’re probably in big trouble.

What’s a potential consequence of multiple copyright strikes?

Your channel may be terminated.

Your Subscribe button will be disabled.

Your channel banner will get a “strike” badge.

Your videos may be age-restricted.

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The quickstart guide to YouTube Answers - Youtube Creator Academy

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