Support your music career with YouTube Answers - Youtube Creator Academy

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Support your music career with YouTube Answers - Youtube Creator Academy

Build your presence and fanbase on YouTube, understand how monetization and copyright work, and ultimately, grow your music and career.

The language of the answers are in English.

Some Questions:

What’s a good strategy to create hype around your music?

Include creative special effects in your videos.

Monitor the buzz with Creator Studio.

Create announcement videos that tease albums and events.

Cultivate an aura of mystery by only uploading videos around key events.

What’s one strategy to start a conversation with your community?

Create a trailer video.

Add branding bumpers.

Enable ContentID.

Ask your audience to leave you a comment.

Why is it a good idea to upload on a consistent basis?

  Uploading frequently keeps your channel fresh.

  Uploading frequently can bring viewers back for more.

  Uploading frequently can keep your viewers interested in your channel.

  All of the above.

Besides your videos, what else can you promote with cards?

Any website, even if you haven’t associated it to your account.


Your channel banner.


When you’re on the go, how can you easily communicate with your YouTube fans?

Check your YouTube Analytics.

Send a message from the Creator Studio app.

Set up a merch card.

Download the Comments report.

What two actions should you prioritize when promoting a new releases?

Update YouTube Analytics and Insights.

Update poll cards and merch cards.

Update your channel trailer and channel name.

Update your channel banner art and channel trailer.

What could you include in your channel art to promote a new release or tour?

The date of the album release or tour.

The name of the album release or tour.

The artwork from the album release or tour.

All of the above.

YouTube Live can be a great option for:

Producing short, lightweight videos that you don’t have to edit.

Producing longer form videos that require a lot of editing.

Creating an animated video.

Producing your ‘Official’ music video.

Why should you consider making videos beyond ‘Official’ music videos and audio tracks?

Consistent uploading can keep your fans more engaged with your channel.

Uploading videos often can bring fans back to your channel for more.

Your fans are always looking for new and exciting videos from you.

All of the above.

Roman wants to make a video that features his music. What lightweight video format could easily feature one of his songs without a lot of production time and effort?

A vlog.

An unboxing video.

An acoustic live stream.

A gaming video.

Why should you keep your metadata up to date?

Up to date metadata can help people searching for your music find it.

Up to date metadata can help your comment moderator review and flag comments.

Up to date metadata can help you find a collaboration partner.

Up to date metadata can flag cover songs for you.

Can you ask fans to be a comment moderator?

No, you don’t want to mix your community with channel tasks.

No, but it’s a good idea to ask community members to be a channel manager.

No, fans should not be allowed to monitor your comments.

Yes, diehard fans can be a great option for a comment moderator.

Who sees when you’ve clicked the ‘heart’ button next to a post?

Everyone on your channel who have opted in to receive notifications from your channel.

The person who made the comment.

All of your subscribers.

The person who made the comment and their subscribers.

How often will you get paid through the YouTube Partner Program (as long as you’ve passed the minimum threshold of earnings)?





How can artists interact with fans via the Community tab?

Post videos or photos from the road.

Launch a poll to get input from fans.

Heart favorite comments from viewers.

All of the above.

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Support your music career with YouTube Answers - Youtube Creator Academy

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