Salesforce Integration Certification Answers

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Salesforce Integration Certification Answers

Learn how to plan, implement, troubleshoot, and maintain the Salesforce integration for clients.

  • There are 60 questions.
  • The exam takes about 1 hour to complete.
  • You must answer 45 questions correctly to pass.
  • You must wait 12 hours between attempts.
  • You have 3 hours to complete the exam.

Some questions:

What property does use to deduplicate records?

Street address

Company name

Phone number

Email address

Integration user, Shonda Rimes, discovers several contacts that have two separate records in Salesforce. In order to deduplicate these records and continue syncing data through the integration, which record should she choose as the master record?

The synced record

The original Salesforce record

Both records

Either one; it doesn't matter

Select all that apply. As a general rule, contacts will not sync to Salesforce if they:

Do not have an email address.

Do not associate with another record in the system.

Do not meet the criteria for your Salesforce inclusion list.

Do not meet any validation rules that you have set up in Salesforce.

Which of the following actions triggers an API call?

Importing a new list of leads into

Sending an email through

Updating a syncing property or field

All of the above

True or false? It’s possible to connect one account to multiple Salesforce instances using the integration.



Fill in the blank. To make it easier to troubleshoot the change log, the integration user should be___.

the system admin's account.

any employee's account.

a separate account with its own permissions.

the CEO's account.

In which direction does selective sync limit data flow?

From to Salesforce

From Salesforce to

To and from and Salesforce

None of the above

Select all that apply. Which of the following are capabilities of flexible associations?

They can sync to Salesforce.

They can associate more than one company record with a contact.

They can assign multiple companies on deals and tickets.

They can be used in filters, automation, and reporting.

Your client’s sales team is constantly updating records in Salesforce with new information. The marketing team doesn’t need to make as many changes. Which sync rule should they use?

Prefer Salesforce unless blank


Always use Salesforce

Don't sync

True or false? Syncs triggered after a client hits the API limit will pause and queue until after the limit resets.



Why is it important to sync only necessary data to ?

Too many records will break the sync.

Too many syncs will dilute the data.

Too many records will confuse the team.

Too many syncs will exceed the API limit.

Your client owns two sister companies, and the marketing team is responsible for managing one of their campaigns in . Based on this information, which is the best tool to limit sync between Salesforce and ?

Inclusion lists

Sync rules

Selective sync

Custom automation

True or false? A client’s API call limit is shared by all of the applications integrated with Salesforce.



Your client is a B2C organization that wants to collect more information about its customers. Which Salesforce object is the best fit for this information?



Person Accounts


Which of the following statements about campaigns are true? Select all that apply.

They track assets and content, allowing you to measure marketing impact.

They enable users to design, launch, and track marketing efforts.

They can contain all assets without contacts.

They don't deliver the marketing campaign; they track who experienced it.

The Salesforce accounts object maps to which object in ?





In which direction do inclusion lists limit data flow?

To and from and Salesforce

From Salesforce to

From to Salesforce

All of the above

Which of the following steps are a part of the Salesforce integration process? Select all that apply.

Clean and plan the data mappings.

Install the integration.

Import the Salesforce data.

Compare the Salesforce integration to other tools.

True or false? If you install the Salesforce integration, it’s important to not sync every piece of data.



Which of the following questions do clients need to answer as they fill out the planning spreadsheet? Select all that apply.

What are our existing properties/Salesforce fields?

Who will be responsible for maintaining the integration?

What job will this data perform?

In which direction will the data sync?

True or false? It’s not possible to bulk create custom properties.



Your client mentions that they want to use the Salesforce integration to increase communication because their marketing and sales teams are misaligned. This information best represents which pillar of the discovery call framework?

Challenges, goals, and plans

Timeline, consequences, and implications

Budget and authority

None of the above

Your client’s CTO mentions that they want to invest in the Salesforce integration next quarter. They’ve appointed the Salesforce administrator to make decisions. This information best represents which pillar of the discovery call framework?

Challenges, goals, and plans

Timeline, consequences, and implications

Budget and authority

None of the above

Which of the following options is a safe place to test the Salesforce integration?

Your own portal

Your client's portal

A fake portal

Your demo portal

Which of the following Salesforce objects will not be deduplicated by ?





True or false? If your client has issues with selective sync, they should reach out to Salesforce support.



Fill in the blank. deduplicates Salesforce contacts and leads by matching _____.

email addresses


ID numbers


Select all that apply. deduplicates Salesforce companies by matching:

account IDs

associated contacts

email addresses


The Salesforce integration’s sync health settings dashboard allows you to take which of the following actions? Select all that apply.

Limit what syncs between systems

Decide how each system should respond to updates in the other

View all of your data in one place

Control record updates at a granular level using property mappings

True or false? If you have multiple page layouts, you must add the Visualforce window to each page layout you want to display the window on.



What are your support options if you encounter a problem with Salesforce selective sync? Select all that apply.

Reach out to support

Reach out to Salesforce support

Contact Pro Services

Read knowledge base documentation

Why would you need to conduct a custom setup of the Salesforce integration during the installation process?

Your client is unsure of how to map their fields.

Your client already uses a lot of custom mappings.

Your client’s business model is unique.

Every client’s installation should be a custom setup.

Will the integration continue to function if a field mapping has a warning error?

No, the integration will stop syncing.

No, you should delete the mapping.

Yes, but it’s important to take action quickly.

Yes, and it’s fine to ignore it.

True or false? If you create a custom property type in , it will sync once a sync is triggered.



Fill in the blank. ______ can be inclusion lists since they dynamically update as records meet or don’t meet the criteria.

Active lists

Static lists

Email marketing lists

Sequence list

Fill in the blank. If you need immediate access to a custom object after you turn on a sync, you can ______.

wait 15 minutes

make an inclusion list

duplicate the records

conduct an import of the custom object

True or false? The Salesforce integration deduplicates deals.



True or false? It's possible to import custom objects.



Where in the Salesforce integration can you find information about sync errors?

The sync health dashboard

The sync settings tab

The sync direction header

The to Salesforce subheader

True or false? The Salesforce integration can delete data from Salesforce.



Which of the following does not trigger a property mapping error?

The property and field types are not compatible.

There are duplicate records.

The property or field has been deleted.

A Salesforce reference field mapping needs to be created.

True or false? Creating an inclusion list will automatically sync the list to Salesforce.



Your client wants to identify which Salesforce lead is syncing with a contact. Which property do you need to check?

Lead ID

Contact record owner

Contact name

Contact ID

What condition must be true for a company to automatically sync to Salesforce?

The company is associated with a contact syncing with a Salesforce lead.

The company is associated with a contact syncing with a Salesforce contact.

The company has no associated contacts in Salesforce.

The company has different associated contacts in than in Salesforce.

True or false? If you save a copy of the Salesforce package’s data when you uninstall the integration, you can restore it if necessary.



Your client reports that they have a lot of duplicate company records appearing in their system. What action item should you complete to diagnose the problem?

Check the company’s related contacts and associations for 1:1 matches in both systems.

Make sure the timeline sync settings checkbox is checked.

Check the Salesforce lead ID or contact ID property history.

Reassign the company to a new owner.

True or false? Events will only sync to Salesforce if sync was enabled when the events were logged.



When merging duplicate Salesforce contacts, which action is a best practice?

Delete the Salesforce records.

Push the records to Salesforce.

Select the oldest Salesforce record as the primary record.

Select the Salesforce contact record currently syncing with as the primary record.

Which of the following issues does not cause a property mapping error?

Incorrectly mapped properties

Deleted properties or fields

Invalid email addresses

Non-existent Salesforce reference field mappings

True or false? It’s possible to merge duplicate companies with the Salesforce integration installed.



If your client reports an error, what is the first step you should take?

Resync the records.

Check the knowledge base documentation.

Look for patterns in the records.

Collect more information from the client.

True or false? It’s possible to send Salesforce integration error email updates to more than one person.



How many integration goals should the client target after the maintenance call?





Which tools become more powerful when they have access to more data? Select all that apply.


User permissions



True or false? If you market your products to people in the EU, you have to be GDPR compliant.



Which of the following is not a monthly Salesforce integration maintenance task?

Making sure all new properties and fields are syncing

Conducting an integration maintenance call

Checking updated fields and properties to make sure they match

Ensuring inclusion lists are up to date

What are the elements of a strong action plan? Select all that apply.

A 3-4 sentence summary with specific tasks

A task owner

A deadline


True or false? Installing the Salesforce integration requires regular checkups and maintenance.



Your client is unable to sync new companies. Which of the following questions will yield the most actionable information about the problem?

Is the object enabled to sync?

Did the client hit the sync button?

Who changed the record last?

Where does the record live?

Your client opened a new channel of lead intake and flooded their inclusion lists with a host of new syncing contacts. How can they solve this problem to limit who syncs with Salesforce and stay within their API limit?

Delete the contacts.

Updating the inclusion list sync criteria.

Allocate more API calls to .

Do nothing; this problem cannot be resolved.

A few years ago, your client hired a Salesforce engineer to customize their org. As a result, they rely on complex automation to format their data. Which sync rule should they use if they want to use the Salesforce integration?

Prefer Salesforce unless blank


Don't sync

Always use Salesforce

Select all that apply. Which of the following data types do not sync using the Salesforce integration?


Email attachments

Lookup fields


How frequently does the API check for new information that needs to sync?


Every minute


Every 15 minutes

Fill in the blank: GDPR stands for ______.

General Data Program Regulation

General Data Policy Regulation

General Data Protection Regulation

General Data People’s Regulation

Your client is experiencing some issues with deals syncing to Salesforce opportunities. When you examine the sample records, you notice that the opportunities are not assigned to a sales process. What action step should you take?

Delete the opportunity.

Create a new opportunity.

Reassign the opportunity to a sales process.

Check the Salesforce lead ID.

Which of the following actions resolve API limit issues? Select all that apply.

Uninstalling the integration

Adjusting the number of calls allotted to

Creating and syncing inclusion lists

Configuring and syncing selective sync

What are some potential causes of an import error? Select all that apply.

Invalid domains

Invalid emails

Too many records

Too many data types

Which of the following is an example of a custom code solution? Select all that apply.



Sync rules

Validation rules

If you uninstall the integration and have contacts, companies, or deals in assigned to Salesforce-only users, what is the best practice to proceed?

Delete them

Import them

Reassign them

Sync them

True or false? If you want to uninstall the Salesforce integration, you can just delete it.



Fill in the blank. If you map a custom property that already contains a lot of data, you need to ___ in order to sync that information without hitting the API limit.

sync immediately

sync gradually

do nothing

input the data

True or false? You can connect only one Salesforce instance per account.



Which order of operations is the best practice for installing the Salesforce integration?

Install the integration, import data from Salesforce to , clean the data, set boundaries to limit data flow

Set boundaries to limit data flow, install the integration, import data from Salesforce to , clean the data

Import data from Salesforce to , install the integration, clean the data, set boundaries to limit data flow

Clean the data, install the integration, import data from Salesforce to , set boundaries to limit data flow

On your discovery call, your client mentions that they need to integrate with Salesforce before their Salesforce contract expires in six months. This information best represents which pillar of the discovery call framework?

Challenges, goals, and plans

Timeline, consequences, and implications

Budget and authority

None of the above

What client use cases can lengthen the installation timeline? Select all that apply.

Building a new process or business unit

Syncing standard objects

Syncing custom Salesforce fields

Cleaning dirty data

Fill in the blank. The _____ is the Salesforce user whose credentials are used to log into Salesforce.

integration user

Salesforce user

default user

primary user

True or false? A person can be an account, lead, or contact in Salesforce, whereas a person can only be a contact in .



What edition is required to create and sync custom objects?





Your client makes journals for teens. In their database, they want to send separate emails to parents. Which feature will allow them to specify this relationship between records?



Custom properties

Flexible associations

How does differentiate between a contact and a lead within ?

Lifecycle stage property

Buyer's journey property

Deal stage property

Contact owner property

Which of the following are complex tasks a client may prefer to keep in Salesforce? Select all that apply.

Complex custom automation

Custom objects



Salesforce campaigns most closely resemble which tool?





Select all that apply. Which of the following issues may require correction in Salesforce?

Data that is not formatted.

Data that is missing elements.

Data that is old.

Data that is incorrect.

True or false? Deduplication happens automatically in Salesforce.



The deals object maps to which object in Salesforce?





Your client is experiencing a sync error, and they send you an explanation of what’s happening and what they expect to happen. What additional information do you need to request? Select all that apply.

Links to impacted records

A screenshot of the sync health dashboard

The name of the person experiencing the error

Links to the integration settings page

It's a best practice to assign the Salesforce integration maintenance worksheet to:

the client's IT lead.

the client's Ops lead.

the client's Salesforce administrator.

the client's marketing team.

Which of the following integration maintenance tasks should occur on a weekly basis? Select all that apply.

Check the integration dashboard.

Monitor API calls and usage.

Read error alert emails.

Check updated properties and fields to make sure they match.

Which of the following is not a component of a Salesforce integration user?





Which of the following tasks is not your responsibility during a discovery call?

Explaining how the integration works

Talking the client through the mapping process

Implementing the integration immediately

Highlighting the role of the integration user

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