Sales Hub Implementation Answers

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Sales Hub Implementation Answers


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Some questions:

Which of the following is NOT a way in which a Sales Hub implementation project could fail?

Overlap between the supervisory committee and implementation team

Incomplete communication and planning

Lack of effective change management

Inadequate training for tool users


True or false? Technology alone will solve most of your client’s problems. As long as you have a basic implementation strategy, you don’t need to worry about building out a detailed plan.




Which of the following can be part of a CRM implementation process?

CMS Migration

Building integrations between apps

User training

B & C


Which of the following is one of the implementation project manager’s key responsibilities?

Leading the implementation team and reporting back to the supervisory committee

Writing code for backend integrations in partnership with a front-end developer

Helping the client replace their entire sales team with new hires

Canceling the client’s old CRM contract to avoid confusion


Which of the following is NOT a quality assurance benefit of an implementation plan?

Increasing your client’s satisfaction with the process and result

Ensuring all functionality is working properly for the client’s sales team

Getting paid a bonus for your work by the client without having to ask

Accurately evaluating whether available resources are being used efficiently


Which of the following roles is not usually a part of the implementation team?

CFO (Chief Financial Officer)

Project manager

Sales enablement lead

Technology specialist/IT lead

Support engineer/specialist


Which of the following statements is false, based on the information, frameworks, and methodologies shared in this certification?

Each client's situation is unique, and you shouldn’t underestimate the importance of thoroughly understanding your client’s previous CRM’s architecture.

A responsibility matrix divides all stakeholders into twelve categories.

Complex CRM implementations usually demand more than just email updates to key stakeholders each week.

The project definition of success should include relevant metrics, and each definition of success should be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely.


Which of the following is a common way in which the supervisory committee can guide a Sales Hub implementation project?

By making sure the technology specialist does the job of the support engineer, thereby saving the client money.

By making sure decision-makers are involved.

By making sure the client’s CEO attends every meeting and oversees every decision, no matter how small it is.

By controlling what information is shared with decision-makers, because the sales training process is always deeply political.


Which of the following would go against the best practices for Sales Hub implementation?

Coming to the client prepared with a full timeline for CRM migration and data modeling strategy before you’ve met with their key stakeholders or understood their business priorities.

Building a clear communication plan that goes beyond email updates.

Creating an implementation timeline after consulting thoroughly with all stakeholders

Building a scalable plan for user training on the new platform.


Which of the following is true about developing a reporting playbook for your client?

Your firm’s project manager should not be involved here. Only the IT lead or technology specialist should dictate what metrics matter the most.

Only your firm’s sales enablement specialist should call the plays in terms of determining the metrics to focus on, given their depth of technical knowledge.

Your firm’s project manager should collaborate with some or all members of the implementation team and the client’s project leaders to determine what metrics to focus on.

Your firm’s support specialist should be in charge of firing the project manager if they make a wrong decision.


Which of the following describes the role of the IT lead or technology specialist?

Working with the project manager to integrate outside technologies with Sales Hub

Building custom integrations using API

Creating custom objects

Resolving underlying technical architecture issues

All of the above


True or False? The pilot team’s feedback serves as a quality assurance mechanism for the implementation project.




Which of the following statements is true?

Your firm should drive alignment between the supervisory committee and the implementation team

Your firm should log all required tasks to be performed before, during, and after the CRM migration

Your firm should set reasonable expectations about outcomes upfront

All of the above.


True or False? Don’t worry about training the client’s team on how to use Sales Hub in their day-to-day. They can always access free Academy education to learn how to use the tool.




Which of the following is NOT a best practice for the development stage of a Sales Hub implementation plan?

Building a clear communication plan, including meetings and communication beyond weekly emails

Progress tracking

Building a comprehensive implementation timeline

Creating a sales enablement playbook

Finding a way to fire sales managers who are resistant to process change


Which of the following is a part of the evaluation stage of a Sales Hub implementation plan?

Building a reporting playbook

Reviewing your client’s CRM to make sure that all deal stages are identical to lead status stages

Reviewing your client’s survey integration to make sure they’re always collecting NPS data

Replacing all standard objects with custom objects


Which of the following is not one of the best practices for building a Sales Hub implementation plan?

Preparing a user adoption education plan

Building a reporting playbook

Putting a miscommunication plan in place to avoid office politics

Instituting a progress tracking mechanism


Scenario: Your client owns a car dealership. You need a way to represent maintenance visits. Your client needs to see a record of when the visit occurred, what maintenance was done, and the car’s mileage at the time of the visit. Which tool would you use to represent your client’s data?

CRM extensions

Timeline Events

Custom properties

Custom object


Scenario: Your client runs a manufacturing company, shipping products directly to their customers. The client wants to track shipments in. They want to be able to associate the shipments to the contacts receiving them, and a single contact could have multiple shipments at the same time. Which tool would you use to represent this data?

CRM extensions

Timeline Events

Custom Properties



True or false? Custom objects are always preferable to standard objects for your client’s data modeling needs because they are quicker and easier to set up.




True or false? Defining a custom object schema refers to building a process for updating custom objects, along with building a business case for using a custom object.




Which tools do custom objects work with?



The mobile app

All of the above


True or false? You should never use custom objects in combination with any alternate solutions such as CRM Extensions or the Timeline API.




True or False? Immutable data can be stored inside in the form of timeline events without needing to build a custom object.




True or False? Regardless of how two objects—or even an object and its properties—are related, you should always build a custom object for your client.




True or False? “You should educate your prospects only after you’ve given them a demo of CMS’s capabilities. Before the demo, your education might not resonate with a prospect who doesn’t even grasp the key value proposition.”




True or False? In a custom object API call, you don’t need to define associatedObjects as long as you define the primaryDisplayProperty, secondaryDisplayProperty, and requiredProperties.




Scenario: Your prospect doesn’t trust your assertion that Sales Hub is built for both sales managers and salespeople. Which of the following is the best way to win their trust?

Tell they you’re offended that they wouldn’t believe you, after all the time you’ve spent demoing the tool for them

Ask them about their concerns, take careful notes of their needs and pain points, and give them support number so they can get their doubts resolved themselves

Take careful notes of their needs and pain points, offer to do a demo in which they can test out everything they need to test out, and keep educating and consulting them on the benefits of Sales Hub without adding friction to their evaluation process.

Always set up a call with your CAM or Channel Consultant and the prospect. You shouldn’t be answering any product questions alone, since only really understand how Sales Hub works.


Which of the following elements should your firm evaluate as a part of the CRM migration process?

Checking to see if all objects (as far as possible) have been migrated

Checking to see if all properties related to objects have been migrated

Checking to see if all associations between objects and properties have been migrated

All of the above


True or false? If your delta migration covers everything the client did in the older CRM between 12/01/2019 to 12/30/2019, the client should avoid inputting any new data into the old CRM after 12/30/2019.




True or false? You can avoid having to document the client’s old sales process if they’re eager to change it. Rather than dwelling on the past, focus on building out the new sales process.




True or false? CPQ software enables sales teams to generate price quotes for orders quickly and accurately.




Scenario: Your client is planning on tripling the size of their sales team this year. They’re worried that they won’t have time to schedule training sessions every time a new group of salespeople is hired, and are worried about the cost of having your firm train every new recruit manually. Which of the following could be a good solution for this client?

Offer to train every single salesperson for free, no matter how many hours it takes, and even if your firm’s sales enablement lead has to work on weekends

Discuss the possibility of investing in an LMS for your client, through which you can provide on-demand trainings

Tell the client that all additional salespeople hired after the project completion date are not your responsibility

None of the above


True or false? In addition to getting input from sales management, you’ll need to make sure the pilot group tests out Sales Hub’s functionality to ensure that it matches their sales process, pipeline, and daily workflow expectations.




Why should you construct an outreach process diagram for your client?

Representing outreach steps visually can help identify roadblocks or duplicated effort

It can help you differentiate between easy and difficult outreach problems to fix

It can avoid situations in which there is a single point of failure in the client’s outreach process

All of the above


True or false? You should always look for ways to solve an outreach problem most efficiently, even if that involves using one or more tools, such as a combination of sequences and workflows.




Which of the following is NOT an outreach metric you should focus on for your client?

Number of email opens

Number of form submissions linked to particular emails or sequences

Average number of sales activities per account, by industry, or by another key variable

Number of seconds it takes a salesperson to log into mobile app


True or false? In order to drive alignment between marketing, sales, and service teams at the client’s firm, you’ll need to help them develop SLAs that all teams can agree upon.




True or False? “You shouldn’t worry about differentiating Sales Hub from the competition. Most Sales and CRM products in the market are ultimately quite similar, even if Sales Hub is a little easier to use. Focus more on winning your prospect’s trust in your firm, because their relationship with you matters more than any product.”




True or False? “You cannot build a successful Sales Hub sales pitch without defining certain terms, such as “collaboration,” “customer-facing teams,`` and ''friction`` exactly the way Academy defines these terms in this certification. These terms are defined in a precisely scientific way to psychologically influence your prospects.”




True or False? Sales Hub can sometimes help alleviate friction internally and for prospects and customers. It plays a minor role in some stages of the flywheel model.




True or False? By educating your prospects early in the sales process, you’re making sure all stakeholders have the same understanding of Sales Hub, you’re setting the stage for your firm’s Sales Hub demo, and you’re differentiating Sales Hub and your consulting service from the competition.




Which of the following statements is true?

Legacy CRMs can be difficult for salespeople to use

Legacy CRMs are always easier to customize than Sales Hub

Sales Hub stitches together expensive point solutions that are difficult to use and maintain

Sales Hub aims to satisfy everyone on your team, except Sales Ops analysts


Which of the following is a potential business challenge encountered by Sales leaders?

Gathering together forecasts from different, unintegrated systems

Pestering sales operations people about entering data or new fields into the system

Having to continuously badger salespeople to manually enter data

Having to scramble for the right data for meetings with their senior executives

All of the above


True or false? Marketing, sales, and service are all internally-facing back office teams.




Which of the following statements about ABM is NOT true?

It is a growth strategy in which marketing and sales work together to create personalized buying experiences

If prospects are focused on selling high value B2B products or services to a finite number of good-fit buyers, they should consider an ABM strategy

If prospects are focused on selling B2C products with single-person buying committees, they should consider an ABM strategy

In recent years, more and more B2B companies have moved towards adopting ABM


Which of the following best describes the Sales Hub’s relationship to the flywheel?

Sales Hub can help alleviate friction internally and for prospects and customers. It plays a vital role in all stages of the flywheel model (identify, explore, connect, and advise).

Sales Hub is a kind of flywheel. The flywheel is a metaphor used to talk about the Sales Hub.

The CRM is simply a flywheel that’s incredibly energy-efficient. When you add force to it and remove friction, it spins faster and faster.

None of the above.


Which of the following statements is false?

Sales Hub includes built-in ABM features, while traditional CRM systems include ABM features as an added-on charge.

Most ABM solutions thwart easy coordination between marketing and sales, but Sales Hub’s ABM functionality enables teams to deliver cohesive and personalized buying experiences.

Sales Hub brings all sales teams’ needs together in one, easy-to-use, central system of record.

Sales Hub focuses only on architecting the manager’s user experience


Which of the following is a NOT a benefit of Sales Hub?

Easily automatable lead rotation and deal management

Easily automatable tasks and internal notifications

AI-driven analytics to support an outreach strategy

Limited mobile user experience


True or false? Sales Hub has a few important features, and you likely won’t get lost if you try to champion all of them in your demo for the prospect.




Which of the following statements is true?

Custom object names should be specific and not vague, consistent, avoid special characters, and always have a clear description

Once an object has been created, it can be reported on in the same way as a standard object

If you have a process in place for maintaining standard objects, you won’t need to create a new one for custom objects

At the moment, it’s very easy to do cross-object reporting in Sales Hub using custom object data


Which one of the following tasks should be completed in your pre-migration work?

Perform a delta migration

Double-check objects, records, associations, and properties with client

Rebuild key reports

Ask client thorough discovery questions

All of the above


True or False? Referencing an ERD could add unnecessary additional complexity to your migration plan, so it’s best to leave it out of the discussion.




Which of the following is NOT an appropriate discovery question to ask clients when trying to plan automation strategy?

How do reps surface pertinent information about leads?

How does management know when new deals close?

How do you create and share the important sales reports?

Which reps should be fired for failing to consult sales reports?


True or False?: Pay close attention to the pilot team’s feedback. Without their approval, you risk creating a setup that won’t actually help your client’s sales reps maximize their potential.




Which of the following is NOT a good way of asking sales teams about their outreach strategy?

Be patient and earn trust before extracting data

Ask them where they get their leads from

Ask them what additional features or tools they would like to do their job better

Remind them that dishonest answers will result in them being immediately fired

Ask them what the most frustrating part of their day-to-day work is


True or false? Once you have constructed an outreach process diagram for your client, you will be able to visualize the gaps in their process, and can start determining which gaps to tackle first.




Which of the following steps should you implement in order to build an outreach playbook for your client?

Create a checklist of all outreach steps

Build an outreach process diagram

Get buy-in from all stakeholders on any outreach process changes

Help the team decide which metrics to focus on

All of the above


Scenario: Your client sells highly sophisticated and customized products and services in the financial technology industry. Your client champion does not believe that their sales team’s approach can be automated in any way. They seem to think that the Sales Hub tools won’t be helpful because of how personalized and consultative their sales process is. How do you respond to this objection?

Ask them what they are afraid of losing by adopting some automation. Work with them to figure out which parts of the sales process are repetitive and manual. Assure them that nothing will be automated without their consent.

Ask them why they’re paranoid about AI and automation. Scold them for having an outdated attitude about automation, and show them case studies of how teams fail miserably without automation. Scare them into doing the right thing.

Accept their answer and move on. You can’t help them unless they want to change their process.

Go behind the champion’s back and start implementing the automation tools with the help of a few disgruntled members of his sales team. You don’t need the champion’s approval or agreement to move forward.


Which of the following steps should you complete for building Sales-Service alignment, as opposed to Sales-Marketing alignment?

Determining how support and service team members should work with sales on potential upsells/upgrades, NPS feedback from clients, etc.

Defining lead status properties

Developing their buyer personas

Defining their lifecycle stages


Why does the evaluation period matter in a Sales Hub implementation?

Because the client should be given time to evaluate whether the finished product meets their expectations

Because you cannot complete a CRM implementation without a thorough CMS implementation process

Because the project manager’s variable compensation is determined by how many correct deductions they made throughout the timeline of the implementation.

Because project management tools reduce friction and remove barriers in your team’s operational support structure.


When is it okay to ignore deadlines in your running log of implementation tasks?

When you have reason to believe that the client doesn’t care about the deadlines

When you know that you can earn a larger commission by going over the deadlines

When the log is completely outdated, seems to be from a different project, and does not reflect any of the tasks you have discussed with the project manager and supervisory committee

When you are bored with the client’s sales process and dislike their sales leaders

You should never ignore deadlines. If you think something is incorrect, clarify it with the project manager and supervisory committee before deciding to ignore it.


True or False? In your migration plan, you can skip analyzing or recreating key reports from the client’s previous CRM if they have an imperfect sales process and you feel like the reports serve no purpose. You don’t need to ask for the client’s permission to do this.




Scenario : Your prospect has specific questions about key functionalities in Sales Hub, based on their poor experience with their previous CRM. Which of the following is the best way to win their trust?

Always discuss the flywheel rather than answering their product questions directly. The flywheel is the best answer to any and all product questions.

Offer to discuss their questions in detail, but avoid spending too much time on features, because you should be focused on closing the deal efficiently.

Offer to discuss their questions in detail, and make sure their doubts are honestly addressed. If they still have questions, offer to set up another conversation to answer them, and offer case studies to back up your claims.

Show them an impressive list of companies using Sales Hub. You don’t need to discuss details about features. Examples speak louder than consulting or long conversations.


Scenario: A client is really interested in shifting all of their sales reporting from their old proprietary CRM to Sales Hub. However, one of their key reports is not yet re-creatable within . You’re afraid that bringing this up will dampen the client’s enthusiasm and slow down the process of fully migrating to Sales Hub. What should you do?

Be honest and transparent about what your client can and cannot report on in . If they cannot access critical data without any warning, they’re much more likely to churn and be unhappy with the tool. In the meantime, work with them to transfer the easily recreatable reports into

Convince them that they don’t need this report, since their sales process is outdated

Promise them that developers will specially build out this report for their portal in the future

None of the above


Which of the following statements is false?

Legacy CRMs often require clients to sacrifice customization for ease of use

Sales Hub offers easy integrations with tools commonly used by sales teams, via App Marketplace

Legacy CRMs often have a poor (or nonexistent) mobile user experience

Sales Hub does NOT include easily automatable email outreach tools


Which of the following questions about outreach process should you ask your client’s sales leadership?

What do your top performers do in their outreach process?

Could you walk through an example of a recently closed customer?

What outreach behavior would you like your teams to change?

Is your team satisfied with the current outreach process?

All of the above and more


Which of the following statements is false?

Front office teams are internally facing, such as finance, HR, and IT.

Back office teams and front office teams are both the same in the modern economy in terms of their day-to-day work.

The term “customer-facing teams” paints a clearer picture of what front office and back office teams have in common–customers–and why it makes sense to support them with CMS.

Both A & B

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