Platforms - 2018 Smart Assessment Answers - Academy of Ads

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Platforms - 2018 Smart Assessment Answers - Academy of Ads

Not all the answers are correct, but the number of correct answers is enough to pass the exam.

The language of the answers are in English.

Some Questions & Answers:

What is a type of data aggregated from a variety of suppliers and then curated into targetable segments?

First-party data

Third-party data

Proprietary data

Google data

DoubleClick Search allows advertisers to buy media on Facebook and Twitter.



This type of Google audience is composed of users who are actively intending to buy certain products or services in the near future or have a high propensity to buy if they find the right product or offer.

Affinity Audiences

Demographic Audiences

Similar Audiences

In-Market Audiences

How does programmatic benefit advertisers?

Media is always cheaper through programmatic than through direct channels.

Media is always fraud-free.

All answers are correct

Media is more targeted, allowing advertisers to select only the impressions they want.

DoubleClick Search allows advertisers to control their organic listings.

What’s Google’s creative HTML authoring tool called?

DoubleClick Studio

DoubleClick Web Designer

Google Web Designer

Google Studio

Which platform should publishers use to define the areas of their website that they can sell as ad space?

DoubleClick Ad Exchange

DoubleClick for Publishers

DoubleClick Campaign Manager

DoubleClick Bid Manager

DoubleClick Search allows advertisers to import data from non-Google search engines.



Which Google audience captures users who have demonstrated a qualified and recent interest in a given topic?




By default, DoubleClick Search will favor Google inventory.

What reason would a customer want to use GDN over DBM?


New-to-display features

Advanced controls

Access to exclusive inventory via deals

DoubleClick Campaign Manager allows advertisers to build rich, interactive ads.

A trading desk is the same as a demand side platform.

What should an advertiser use to track digital campaigns across channels?

Demand side platform

Data management platform

Publisher ad server

Advertiser ad server

Search management platforms only access search engines and don’t offer social or display functionality.

What platform allows advertisers to gather valuable insights into how users interact with their site or application?

DoubleClick Campaign Manager

Google Analytics

DoubleClick Studio

DoubleClick Search

Google Analytics 360 is the free, entry-level analytics platforms.

How would DoubleClick Bid Manager best be classified?

Data management platform

Demand side platform

Search engine management

None of the answers are correct

What is Google's DSP?

DoubleClick Bid Manager

DoubleClick DSP

DoubleClick Ad Exchange

Identify the type of ad format that is typically full screen and covers the whole real estate, typically in mobile app.

In-stream video


Expanding ads

Native video

Personally identifiable information (PII data) such as name, email, phone number and mailing address are examples of third-party data.

Identify the interface where publishers log-in to control their campaigns and report on performance.

Ad server

Supply-side platforms (SSP)

Demand side platform (DSP)

Search engine

What is Google's creative platform for building dynamic creative?

Google Web Designer

Google Studio

Appnexus is an example of a stack player.

Google has an affiliate marketing platform.



Select the platform that allows advertisers to combine data feeds for reporting and visualization.

Google Analytics 360

DoubleClick Campaign Manager

Google Data Studio

Google Tag Manager

What does "DSP" stands for?

Demand sell platform

DoubleClick search platform

DoubleClick sellside platform

What's the term for when publisher ad servers are used to upload the creative from advertisers?

Ad rallying

Ad slotting

Ad trafficking

Ad segmenting

DoubleClick's sell-side solutions benefit from being integrated with the buy-side solutions.

Google Web Designer allows clients to author custom, interactive HTML5 creative.

Using both DFP and AdX allows publishers to use advanced features such as dynamic allocation.

Criteo is an example of a point player.

Attribution 360 can help advertisers see the impact of their TV campaigns.

What is the DoubleCIick advertiser ad server called?

Google Tag Manager

Google Analytics 360

Advertisers can import their campaign data from DCM into GA360.

An advertiser is using Google Analytics 360 can use first-party, Google Audiences, and DoubleClick audience data.

Which of the following does DoubleClick Studio help advertisers do?

Create a dynamic feed to control different creative variations being shown to different audiences

Build custom HTML5 creative assets

Set up programmatic campaigns to target specific audiences

Traffic the campaigns and send to publishers

Which platform type can an advertiser use to track time spent on their site?

Data Management

Analytics Tool

Audience Management

Tag Management

DBM is the only demand side platform with access to YouTube's TrueView format

Some clients use both the AdWords and DS interface.

Which one of these companies offers a competitor to DoubleClick Search?





What's another term for the publisher side of media transactions?





A publisher ad server allows publishers to conduct which of following activities?

Search Engine Management

Keyword Management

Social Media Management

Inventory Management

What’s the name of Google’s search management platform?

Dart Search

Duck Duck Go

Marin Software

DoubleClick Search

A publisher’s most valuable asset is the audience it has access to.

First-party data is defined as data owned by the advertiser and collected from online and offline sources.

In a programmatic auction, the winning bidder is the one with the highest score when the quality score and bid are combined.

DoubleClick Bid Manager is restricted to buying Google Media.

Which type of ad format matches the look and feel of a publisher's site/app?

Native ads

What is Google's enterprise solution for tracking website engagement?

Google Tag Manager 360

Google Surveys 360

What's the best definition for programmatic?

Display advertising

Platform to connect multiple inventory sources

Artificial intelligence

Automated media buying

What is Google's solution for deploying pixels across a website?

Google Tag Manager 360

Google TagMan 360

DoubleClick Tag Manager 360

Which of the following is the online marketplace for the buying and selling of programmatic ads?

Ad exchange

Campaign manager

Identify ALL of the platforms that offer attribution analysis.

Attribution 360

All answers are correct

Using Google Analytics 360, an advertiser can turn measurement into action by creating audience lists for future targeting.

Which conversion types can DoubleClick Search pull in?

AdWords conversion pixel

DoubleClick floodlight

Google Analytics

DoubleClick Search allows advertisers to import conversions from multiple sources such as DoubleClick and Google Analytics.

DoubleClick Search is designed to have a similar look and feel to AdWords.

AppNexus is a competitor to DoubleClick Bid Manager.

Which tool allows marketers to aggregate, action, and analyze their data to inform their audience targeting strategy?

Google Web Designer (GWD)

Supply Side Platform (SSP)

Data Management Platform (DMP)

AdX inventory is exclusive to GDN and DBM.

Which platform should publishers use to sell their inventory in an online marketplace?

DoubleClick for Networks

DoubleClick Bid Manager

Select the best Google tool for website A/B testing.

Google Attribution 360

Google Optimize 360

Google Tag Manager 360

What is Google's advertiser ad server called?

Point players allow advertisers to pass assets seamlessly between platforms.

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