Performance 2018 Smart Assessment Answers - Academy of Ads

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Performance 2018 Smart Assessment Answers - Academy of Ads

The language of the answers are in English.

Some Questions & Answers:

Match each explanation to its key benefit of using display responsive ads in a remarketing campaign.

Deliver a great experience with native ads - Advertisers can match the look and feel of the content where their ad appears.

Greater creative input for advertisers - Advertisers can upload images, headlines and descriptions that meet your brand guidelines.

Easily reach people on millions of sites and apps - Advertisers can potentially see a 15% increase in reach at similar performance compared to standard text ads.

Match each display targeting solution to its targeted audience.

Custom Affinity Audiences - Surfing fanatics.

In-market Audiences - Intended to book hotels.

Remarketing - Re-engage with existing site or app visitor.

Affinity Audiences - Travel enthusiasts

Which of the following best practices should be followed when applying target CPA to a campaign?

(Select All Correct Responses)

Have enough budget headroom for the campaign to grow

Have enough impression headroom for the campaign to grow

All answers are correct

Set up a Target CPA that is slightly lower than your historical CPA

Which of these statements are TRUE? Select all that apply.

Machine Learning involves finding patterns in old data and utilizing models in new data

Machine Learning builds systems that learn from data

Machine Learning builds systems that synthesize a broad codebase

Machine Learning is all about Learning from examples and observations

What are some broad revenue generators in an app?

Notification-based ads, native ads, and banner ads

Subscriptions, Publishing ads, Hybrid model, In-app purchases, Paid apps

Paid content, paywalls, and paid features

Cross-app affiliate revenue share, cash back offers, and splash ads

It's important to wait at least two weeks after implementation before measuring the results of a Smart Bidding campaign.



Indicate one difference on conversion tracking between iOS apps and Android apps.

Android apps can track app conversions with Google Play without needing to edit an app's code or use a third-party analytics tool

iOS apps can implement conversion tracking using Custom server-to-server tracking

Android apps need an engineering team to work with them to implement tracking

Which settings should be removed to optimize a remarketing campaign performance?

Language settings

All answers are correct

Frequency caps

Location settings

Why is Target CPA the recommended choice for a remarketing bidding solution?

It can save an advertiser time and potentially drive 20% more conversions at the same or lower CPA

Target CPA guarantees lower conversion costs versus other Smart Bidding strategies

The system will take care of the hard work by identifying the users that are more likely to convert at any day or time in order to achieve the CPA goal

With tCPA, advertisers can be totally hands off and never have to optimize with the bidding solution

With UAC, we recommend setting a CPA bid using the average CLV of a customer who completes the 'Success Action'



Match each of the “Big Three” ad rank recommendations to their definition.

Expected CTR - The likelihood that the ad will be clicked.

Ad relevance - How closely the ad matches the intent behind a user’s search.

Landing page experience - How relevant, transparent and easy to navigate the page is for users.

Match each display targeting solution to its targeted audience.

Long-tail automation - The client wants users to find him even on his long-tail products.

Incremental reach - The client wants to make sure his ads appear for all relevant user searches.

Full automation - The client to run a very effective marketing campaign despite having limited resources.

Rapid expansion - The client wants to enter new markets quickly.

If a client wants to add a layer of auction-time optimization to their 3rd-party autobidding system, what autobidding strategy should they use?

Target CPA

Maximize conversions


Maximize clicks

How can you improve Quality Score?

Increase maximum CPC

Address landing page experience

Enter less competitive keyword auctions

Including a logo in a responsive ad...

Is encouraged

Is mandatory

Is not recommended, as it decreases the number of eligible placements

Is not possible

What is dynamic remarketing?

Dynamic remarketing is the ability to capture insights from users' interactions with a website, showing a dynamic ad later on to invite them to come back and complete an action

Dynamic remarketing is the ability to show ads with a generic image to a customer's past visitors as they browse sites and apps on the Display Network

Dynamic remarketing allows clients to re-engage past site visitors as long as they have completed a conversion within the last 90 days

Dynamic remarketing is the ability to engage with new users with personalized, high-performance, dynamic ads

What are the three universal ad extensions that every marketer should be using to enhance their text ad?

Callouts, call extensions and location extensions

Sitelinks, structured snippets and location extensions

Sitelinks, callouts and structured snippets

Sitelinks, callouts and call extensions

When should a max conversions bidding strategy be pitched?

When advertisers have constrained budgets and want to reach a specific CPA

When advertisers have "always-on" campaigns

When advertisers want to acquire as much traffic within a given budget

When advertisers don't know what their CPA target should be

Sort the following ways to target a client's website with DSA, from the largest coverage to the most narrow.

1. All webpages

2. Recommended categories

3. URL contains

4. Page feed

Match each autobidding strategy to the right campaign goal.

Conversions - Target CPA.

Traffic - Maximize clicks.

Visibility - Target Outranking Share.

Revenue - Target ROAS.

Match the client goal to the correct ad extension.

Price Extension - The client is interested in showcasing their services and range of products with the respective prices.

Structured Snippets - The client wants to describe the features of a specific product their business offers before customers click on the ad.

Promotion Extension - The clients want to quickly and prominently display information about offers without having to update every single ad.

Callout Extension - The client wants their ads to highlight valuable attributes about their business to potential customers.

How should you pitch your clients on ad formats if they are using image or HTML5 ads today?

Use responsive ads together with image ads

Use Enhanced Text Ads with image/HTML5 ads

Use responsive ads instead of image ads

Expand the Image/HTML5 ad sizes

Which part of the search ad is not automatically generated by DSA?

Destination URL


Description line

All of these are automatically generated

Match each of the following statements to its corresponding DSA benefit.

Reach and performance - On average, 86% of DSA traffic is incremental.

Coverage security - DSA makes sure you don’t miss any relevant queries.

Efficiency and time saving - No need to pause or create ads based on available inventory on the website, seasonality or demand.

Transparency and control - The Search Query report shows which queries were matched with a DSA ad.

Match the appropriate solution to the client's issue when investgating internal factors in the client's AdWords account.

Check the volume of impressions and impression share - Impressions are fluctuating.

Check the average click-through rate (CTR) - Ads are less visible.

Check the Change History report - Advertiser has made changes that can affect their Ad Rank.

Since DSA is an automation solution, there's no need to add audience lists to the campaign.

Which list size metric should be examined to see if a list can be actively used in RLSA?

Size: Video

Size: Search or Size: Display, whichever is smaller

Size: Display

Size: Search

Why do search ad extensions matter to clients?

They guarantee a higher engagement for advertisers

They increase engagement and influence ad quality

They increase the ad quality and drive lower conversion costs

The CPC on ad extensions is lower than on a search ad headline

How many extension types can show up in any given ad auction?

6 extensions

4 extensions

10 extensions

3 extensions

What are the three key benefits of RLSA?

Automatically show the most relevant ad, Convert on new keywords, Cover more queries

Automatically show the most relevant ad, Screen real estate, Cover more queries

Bid based on audience, Import audiences from third party, Convert on new keywords

Bid based on audience, Convert on new keywords, Tailor your message

Gmail targeting includes signals from which of the following?

Select All Correct Responses

Locations visited from Maps



Browsing history

Which policies apply when recommending RLSA? Select all that apply.

Minimum traffic policy for bid landscapes

User list size privacy threshold

No lists based on sensitive categories

Ads cannot collect personally-identifiable information

If an advertiser wants to cover generic keywords or seasonal keywords that they normally couldn't afford with RLSA, what is the best recommendation?

They should increase all their keyword bids

They should use the list as an exclusion

They should use bid-only to reach all users who search for the keywords

They should use target and bid to only reach those searchers who are in their audience list

Google users can visit the Ads Preferences Manager to manage ad personalization.

Which of the following statements is true?

Responsive ads capture user interactions and provide detailed reporting in AdWords

18% of GDN inventory is text only

33% of GDN ad placements can serve text ads only

Responsive ads are shown on YouTube and Gmail

Match examples of app activities to the corresponding vertical.

Dating/Communication - Profile completion, Specific session start or session duration, Community engagement, Add payment, and Subscription/Purchase

Retail/Classifieds - Item search, Became active after inactivity, Registration/Sign-In, Wishlist, Create listing, Contacted/Called, Add to cart, Coupon redemption, Add payment, Referral, Checkout initiated, and Subscription/Purchase

Gaming - Tutorial/Demo completion, Became active after inactivity, Invites users/Shared app, Level up/Game score, Community engagement, Level completion, Add payment, and Spend virtual currency/Purchase

Entertainment - Specific session start or session duration, Became active after inactivity, Video/Audio played, Invites users/Shared app, Engagement with special content, Add payment, and Subscription/Purchase

Put the following steps in order to show how static display remarketing works.

1. Visitor comes to your site

2. Visitor is added to your lis

3. Visitor leaves your site

4. Your ad shows across the GDN

What are the three main factors that determine ad quality?

Expected clickthrough rate, ad formats, and ad relevance

Expected clickthrough rate, max CPC bid, and landing page experience

Expected clickthrough rate, landing page experience, and ad relevance

Max CPC bid, landing page experience, and ad relevance

Match the client goal to the correct ad extension.

Message Extension - The client wants to easily connect with potential customers that prefer to text.

Location Extension - The client operates many retail stores and wants potential customers to see the distance from their location to the stores.

Sitelink Extension - The client is interested in directing people to specific pages on their website.

Call Extension - The client is focused on driving phone calls to their business.

Which attributes describe a good landing page experience? Select all that apply.

Easy to navigate

Transparent about the client's business

Relevant and original content

High amount of user traffic

Which of the following signal is currently NOT used by our algorithm to set up bids automatically?


Operating system

They are all used

Household revenue

Which of the following is not considered a "Smart Bidding" strategy?

These are all Smart Bidding strategies

Match the recommended option to tag your advertisers GDN remarketing campaigns to the Google product.

Google Analytics - For clients who are already running Google Analytics.

Google AdWords - For clients who are already running remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA) or want to enable remarketing only.

One Google Tag - For new advertisers that want to use AdWords, DoubleClick, and/or Google Analytics.

Google Tag Manager - For clients who are placing an entirely new tag on their site.

Why should an advertiser consider automated bidding? Select all that apply.

The search auction is dynamic and finding the right bid is challenging

Many signals influence user behavior and intent

For a set context, user likelihood to convert is fairly similar

Keyword bids directly impact performance

Which of the following is a core benefit of AdWords autobidding?

Auction-time bidding

User ID-based bidding

Impression share-based bidding

Daily budget pacing

What is automatically included in AdWords optimized lists?

AdWords optimized lists automatically include all new source data added to an AdWords account

Nothing is automatically included in AdWords optimized lists. It uses a manual process to set up across all tag types

AdWords optimized lists will update on a weekly basis based on your audience performance

AdWords optimized lists automatically include all users across the tag types, including AdWords remarketing tool, GA tag, and app tracking that's sent to Google

Identify which remarketing solution you would use for each scenario.

Dynamic Remarketing - Advertiser has a wide selection of products, categories or services and wants to share tailored/personalized ads.

Dynamic Remarketing - Advertiser has a wide selection of products, categories or services.

Static Remarketing - There's a promotion, or advertiser wants to focus on the brand.

Static Remarketing - Advertiser only sells a few products or services.

Match the following autobidding strategy to the right client objective.

Maximize conversions - The client wants more conversions within their budget.

Target ROAS - The client is focused on revenue, and profit is their key metric.

Target CPA - The client knows how much they are willing to pay for each conversion.

eCPC - The client wants to get more conversions at a stable CPA without exceeding their max CPC.

DSA is fully compatible with target CPA, and it's a best practice to combine this smart bidding option with DSA.

Match the client's objective to the DSA solution.

How should an advertiser exercise control over DSA campaigns?

Set a daily budget that's 20% lower than the maximum desired investment

Select subcategories and add negative keywords

Add at least five broad-match keywords to each campaign

Disable automated bidding

Which of the following user trends is NOT a rationale for advertisers to use DSA?

Relevant ad headlines draw more clicks

15% of daily queries are new

Voice search impacts the way that users search

Users consult an average of six websites before converting

If an advertiser wants to maximize performance and also has branding guidelines, what would be a good recommendation?

Image ads and responsive ads (with color and format controls)

Image ads and text ads

Responsive ads and text ads

Image ads

Which of the following targeting options is NOT available in Gmail?

Life Events

Custom Intent Audiences

Consumer Patterns


What does GDN's inventory include?



Google's owned and operated digital properties, like YouTube and Gmail

The world’s largest ad exchange and app network

Match each recommended display auto-bidding strategy to its corresponding lead client.

eCPC - Client has not determined a cost per conversion goal or is using a 3P bidder

tCPA - Client has a cost per action goal

tROAS - Client passes conversion values to Google

Identify how UAC uses Machine Learning.

It boosts lifetime value by understanding when users make in-app purchases

It targets ads precisely and controls ad exposure frequency

It reduces app churn by steering users away from apps rated less than 3.8

It automatically optimizes your bids and ads for users based on data signals

What is the difference between a "Success Action" and a "Proxy Action"?

The Success Action is the most valuable in-app action for your business and the Proxy Action is highly likely going to lead to your Success Action

The Success Action is the primary goal for your business and the Proxy Action is the secondary that helps advance a user toward the third goals

The Proxy Action is the primary goal for your business and the Success Action is the secondary that helps advance a user toward the primary goals

The Proxy Action is the most valuable in-app action for your business and the Success Action is highly likely going to lead to your Proxy Action

When calculating customer value, other valuable actions, such as friend referral should not be included.

Which option allows advertisers to use their list in an existing campaign by applying a bid adjustment to modify their remarketing list members?

Bid Optimizer

Bid Only (Observations in the new AdWords experience)

Bid Manager

Target and bid (Targeting in the new AdWords experience)

RLSA lists should start with all site visitors. Further segments can follow the advertiser's website structure, which usually groups visitors at various stages in the conversion cycle.

Explain what "observations" are in the new AdWords experience.

Observations allow the option to adjust bids and can get reports on additional items without narrowing the reach of an ad group

Observations are actually called "bid-only" in the new AdWords experience, and allows only the adjustment of bids

Observations narrow the reach of an ad group to specific audiences, and get reports, with the option to adjust bids

Observations allow you to see bid adjustment changes without having to access the change history

What can be customized with audience signals to make the acquisition of website visitors more efficient and ensure that users who are searching are re-acquired before they visit any competitor sites?


All answers are correct



What is the minimum list size for search required to run RLSA?





Identify when it is appropriate to use target and bid for targeting in the new AdWords experience.

A client wants to continue to reach all users searching for their keywords

A client wants to test new keywords or direct returning users to a new landing page

A client wants to target new audiences

A client wants to use bid only

Put the following steps in order to describe how RLSA works.

1. Client places an AdWords tag on their site

2. Client defines audience list

3. Client applies audience list to AdWords search campaign

Which of these customers likely has the highest potential value to bid on when searching for flowers?

Customer that abandoned a shopping cart yesterday

New visitor to your client's site

Customer that visited a product page last week

A visitor that has added products to their wish list

Which of the following allows advertisers to test out new keywords or ad copy that will serve only to specific audience members?

Bid Modifiers (Bid Management in the new AdWords experience)

What is the recommended range of lists to apply to ensure that management and reporting is not overly difficult?




No Limit

What are prohibited categories you should avoid pitching RLSA to?

Auto Insurance



Order the four steps used to maximize an advertisers investment in RLSA.

1. Start with an 'All Visitors' list and segment it to create relevant sub-segments

2. Apply the lists to all campaigns and ad groups

3. Adjust bids to maximize ROI

4. Evaluate results and upsell 

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