Mobile in Display & Video 360 Basics Assessment Answers

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Mobile in Display & Video 360 Basics Assessment Answers

The old name of this certificaiton is Mobile In Doubleclick Bid Manager Basics Assessment

The language of the answers are in English.

Some Questions:

Which type of mobile ad is similar to the types of ads seen on desktop browsers?

Mobile web

Mobile in-app

In-app interstitial

Mobile proximity

You want to run animated mobile creatives that don’t require special plug-ins. What format do you recommend to your designers?





Which DoubleClick tool can you use to research site inventory?

Display Planner

Google Web Designer

Planning widget

Inventory Availability report

Tracking conversions in mobile apps uses what unique identifier?

Resettable device IDs

International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI)



Which report should you use to compare ad performance in mobile environments?

A cross-channel performance report, grouped by creative

A General report, grouped by environment

An audience performance report, filtered by device, grouped by environment

An Inventory Availability report, grouped by environment

Your client has tasked you with reaching one million impressions for their new mobile campaign. How do you forecast potential reach before building the new campaign?

Generate an audience performance report, filtered by device, grouped by environment

Run a cross-channel performance report, grouped by creative

Run a General report, filtered by environment, and grouped by URL/App

Generate an Inventory Availability report, filtered by mobile environments, and grouped by “device type”

After running a cross-device report, you discover that total cross-environment conversion is 10 percent higher than single-device conversions. Why are these conversion numbers different?

The single-device conversions should be larger than the total cross-environment conversions, since they include everything

These extra conversions are detected across environments and devices, and were not attributed in the single-device conversions

Cross-environment conversions should never exceed the single-device conversion, submit a ticket to support

The video metrics sometimes aggregate stops, pauses, and starts, making the cross-environment totals higher

Your company has an agreement with a mobile carrier to deliver special offers to their customers. How do you show these customers (and only these customers) an offer code on your mobile ads?



Operating system

App collections

Where do mobile web ads run?

They run on mobile apps and require specific code adjustments to support ad serving and tracking

They run in a custom-built mobile app that your developer created

They run on a browser installed on a mobile device

They run inside premium mobile apps that are aligned with your brand

Which customers can you potentially reach with proximity targeting?

Customers that are near cellular network towers

Customers that are on the latest Android operating system

Customers that are nearby targeted locations

Customers that are running your mobile app

Which mobile strategy might you employ to drive mobile app downloads?

Serve mobile ads to a single device ID

Focus on premium ads to reach a broad audience

Serve retail coupons as mobile interstitials

Promote the mobile app on brand relevant mobile apps

What is a key benefit of generating a cross-device conversion report?

The cross-device conversion ensures the user interacted with the ad, by either a click or video play

Cross-device conversions include interaction values for measuring time to purchase

Cross-device has unique targeting parameters based on geography

The cross-device conversion report shows activity for a single user across both app and web environments as well as across devices

Your client, Ted’s Travel, is getting a lot of mobile traffic to their site, but not enough bookings to meet their targets. How do you remarket to these users who are visiting, but not making purchases?

Use tracking pixels to obtain customer contact information and then send an email blast

Build audience lists based on users who have visited mobile webpages that are pixeled

Focus on premium ads and reaching an even broader audience

Exclusively target users on Android devices

What is a difference between an optimized mobile site and a desktop site?

The mobile site’s purchase pathway must match the pathway on desktops

A mobile website requires a device ID

The mobile site always includes bandwidth intensive creatives

An optimized mobile site is ideal for screens of various sizes

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Mobile in Display & Video 360 Basics Assessment Answers

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