Measurement - 2018 Smart Assessment Answers - Academy for Ads

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Measurement - 2018 Smart Assessment Answers - Academy for Ads

Not all the answers are correct, but the number of correct answers is enough to pass the exam.

The language of the answers are in English.

Some Questions & Answers:

Rules-based attribution takes only converting paths into account.



Identify ALL of the platforms that offer attribution analysis.

All answers are correct

Attribution 360

Google Analytics 360

DoubleClick Campaign Manager

Viewability guarantees that a client's ad will be seen.



What are the three different stages of customer interactions defined within a funnel in Google Analytics?

Online to offline, click to call, and click to download

Churn, Retention, Life-time value

Acquisition, Behavior, Conversion

Search, Click, Browse

What is a key value proposition of Unique Reach?

It helps in planning what % of a client's target audience in people (not cookies) could be reached with the campaign

It helps in planning how many total people (not cookies) a campaign could reach

It shows you what % of a client's ads were viewable by people

It shows how many people (not cookies) a campaign reached

A "Conversion" is specifically defined as a purchase influenced by an ad.

What are the three key steps to enable accurate measurement of the user journey?

Track conversions, focus on the last interaction, include all relevant data sources

Choose an attribution model, connect Google Analytics and AdWords, enable remarketing

Enable conversion tracking, measure everything, include all Google data sources

Enable conversion tracking, measure the interactions that matter, include all relevant data sources

Using Google Analytics 360, an advertiser can turn measurement into action by creating audience lists for future targeting.

What solution is best suited for large companies looking to invest in enterprise analytics solutions that give them guaranteed reporting uptimes and more recent, unlimited raw data?

Doubleclick Analytics

Google Analytics

Analytics 360


What is the DoubleCIick advertiser ad server called?

Google Analytics 360

Google Tag Manager

DoubleClick Bid Manager

Match each of the following terms to the corresponding goal

Act - Use data to drive bidding, budget and targeting decisions.

Attribute - Shift to evaluating and assigning conversion credit across multiple touchpoints.

Measure - Correctly count all conversions.

Understand - Gather audience insights and drive growth using a value-led approach to measurement.

Advertisers can import their campaign data from DCM into GA360.

What's the most effective way for an advertiser to get the most out of Google Analytics and AdWords?

Upgrade Google Analytics to Analytics 360 to gain access to cutting-edge attribution models and automation; enable data-sharing between CRM systems and Analytics 360

Link Google Analytics to AdWords to enable data flow between both products. Then, enable remarketing reports, demo and interest reports, and benchmarking

Create a a shared manager (MCC) account to open up the full suite of advanced reporting functionality including offline, phone, and app conversions

Use the Google Analytics SDK to enable stable server-to-server connections and rapid data refresh rates between AdWords and Analytics

YouTube is the second most viewable video destination globally.

What can be done to make sure Active View metrics are available for a YouTube campaign?

Active View is part of the partnership with MOAT, so advertisers will need to work with them to get access to these reports

There is a simple tag-generation process that, once implemented, enables a client to get free Active View reports in AdWords

Active View tags need to be added into DBM if a client is buying programmatically

Active View is integrated into both AdWords and DBM, so no tagging or trafficking is required

What is the industry-leading 3P solution that can be compared to Unique Reach?


Millward Brown

Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings

Nielsen Total Ad Ratings

In a data-driven attribution model, how can an advertiser understand the impact of any given keyword in a conversion path?

Take two paths that look exactly the same apart from one keyword; compare conversion rates to determine the uplift from that one keyword

Take an AdWords campaign with at least 30 conversions in two weeks; remove the keyword in question and re-run the campaign for two weeks

Take all the keywords in an AdWords account and rank them by click volume; use static rules to assign credits to touchpoints

Take one individual click path; look at the conversion rate of the last clicked keyword to determine how it performs for any given auction

Attribution 360 can help advertisers see the impact of their TV campaigns.

Differentiate between measurement and attribution

It's the difference between cookie-based tracking and ID-based tracking

It's the difference between counting and valuing

It's the difference between clicks and impressions data and conversions data

It's the difference between transaction reporting and revenue reporting

Three of the following feature statements are true about Google Tag Manager. Identify the feature that is false.

Empowers agencies – Multi-account support and user permissions mean agencies can easily use GTM to help manage clients’ tags

Works with mobile – GTM can be embedded in mobile apps to enable changing app configurations on the fly

Made for Google – GTM supports only Google measurement and marketing tags; thirdparty tags are incompatible

Easy testing – GTM makes it easy to verify that new tags are working properly, before changes are published

Why is it not advisable for an advertiser to have a tag set to conditional firing in AdWords Conversion Tracking?

Conditional Firing can break API calls that are necessary for app tracking to work effectively with both iOS and Android

Conditional Firing breaks the ability to surface cross-device conversions, view-through conversions and GDN conversion lift

Conditionally Firing a tag breaks the ability of AdWords to connect data to Google Analytics

Conditional Firing breaks the ability to assign value to a conversion, particularly as it relates to life-time value

Match the Google Analytics and AdWords measurement terminology to the description.

Google Analytics Transactions - A measure almost always used for e-commerce purposes.

AdWords Conversions - A way to know what happens after a user clicks on an ad – whether there was a purchase, a sign up, a phone call, or an app download.

Google Analytics Events - A way of sending additional info beyond what is tracked by default (e.g., button clicks).

Google Analytics Goals - A measure of a successful user interaction or a completed activity.

Select the Google products that collect data and measure actions in websites or apps. Select all that apply.

(Select All Correct Responses)

Google Play

Google Attribution/Attribution 360

Google Analytics 360 is the free, entry-level analytics platforms.

Which platform type can an advertiser use to track time spent on their site?

Audience Management

Analytics Tool

Data Management

Tag Management

Select the platform that allows advertisers to combine data feeds for reporting and visualization.

Google Data Studio

Select the best Google tool for website A/B testing.

Google Attribution 360

Google Optimize 360

Google Tag Manager 360

Place in order the steps involved in building a data-driven attribution model for Search ads.

1. Calculate the conversion rate for a set of paths (sequences)

2. Take two paths that are similar except one keyword and compare conversion rates to determine uplift from that keyword

3. Apply the uplift to the original weighting

4. Run the calculation for all keywords in the sequence and determine wWhat percentage each keyword contributes to overall conversions

Identify the definition of attribution.

Practice of determining the role that each marketing touchpoint plays in driving towards a given outcome and assigning a value to it

Practice of making important decisions about where to invest budgets or focus optimizations

Practice of unifying user interaction data and creating a holistic view of customer relationships

Practice of developing estimates that tie online investment back to revenue goals

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Measurement - 2018 Smart Assessment Answers - Academy for Ads

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