Measure mobile effectively Assessment Answers - Academy for Ads

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Measure mobile effectively Assessment Answers - Academy for Ads

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Some Questions & Answers:

If you wanted to see how a consumer journey moves across devices, what method would be best?

Rose sees in her data that many of the people that converted were exposed to a display campaign she ran. So she concludes the display campaign was a success. What did she forget to take into account?

What experiment would be best to answer this question: How effective is mobile video at driving website visits?

Which of the following couldn't be answered with a controlled marketing experiment?

Which estimator would work best at linking cross-channel conversions from mobile to offline store?

What measurement strategy would be best for an independent local cake shop that is trying to link a mobile promotion to increased offline sales?

Which of the following isn't a tool to help you better assess mobile's performance?

Your company sells eyeglasses and sold 10 percent more than its target for desktop sales. Mobile's paid search and display ads drove lots of mobile site traffic, yet that traffic doesn't seem to convert well. Which is the best recommendation to find out whether mobile played a role in driving desktop success?

Your research tells you that customers start searching for your products with their smartphone, yet you don't see mobile doing well in your data. What is a good way to fix that problem?

Which would be the best key performance indicator (KPI) for this micro-moment: "I-want-to-try-schnitzel"?

Which would be the best behavior to confirm that you're relevant in this micromoment: "I-want-to-visit-Berlin"?

Which key performance indicator (KPI) would not be relevant to a schnitzel restaurant?

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Measure mobile effectively Assessment Answers - Academy for Ads

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