Measure Your Customer-Centric Marketing Assessment Answers - Academy for Ads

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Measure Your Customer-Centric Marketing Assessment Answers - Academy for Ads

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Some Questions:

Each month, Tracy received separate reports from her display, mobile, search, and video teams. Analyzing the data was super tough. What solution would you recommend?

Just read the one with the best results

Better manage cross-channel measurment

Try last-click attribution

Integrate databases into one platform

Jenni sells custom-printed t-shirts and knows that customers begin their journey online with research on their mobile devices and end up making most purchases using their desktop. Her measurement report shows that mobile had no impact. What would you recommend to solve this measurement problem?

Try a time-decay attribution model alongside a last-click one

Rethink all strategy and start over including devising your own model

Make sure attribution models account for cross-device conversion

Stop investing in mobile messages and encourage other forms of creative

What experiment would be best to answer this question: How effective is video advertising at driving sales in offline stores?

Run a questionnaire using a random sample to see if they think the ads were really the factor that enticed them to visit their website. Compare this with time-on-site analytics for further insight.

Try a geo-targeted method. Only show the ad to specific people in specific regions and compare the results to those who didn’t see the ad.

Just apply the user-based method that is part of Google’s cross-device tracking tools and a data management platform to see what channels are really working and not working.

Try a randomized brand-lift experiment to see whether website visits increased in areas where the mobile video campaign was running. Verify with analytics’ data.

In an effort to test something new, Peter’s team ran a new display campaign alongside their video and search ads. After the test phase, the marketing director complained about an increase in their digital marketing spend due to adding a new type of campaign. What did they forget to take into account?

Proving incremental impact

Establishing a baseline

Creating a focused question

Measuring view-through conversions

If you wanted to see how a consumer journey moves across devices, what method would be best?

Geo-targeting or panel

Cross-device tracking

Geo-targeting or user-based

Just user-base

If you wanted to understand if the impressions you purchased were actually seen by customers, what measurement concept would you ask to know more about?

Brand efficacy



Brand love

When using surveys to measure brand health in the digital ecosystem, what is the preferred methodology?

Content analysis

Staged roll-out


Appreciative inquiry

Which marketing currency is commonly associated with the “Care” stage?




Money and fans

What would be the best key performance indicator for a coffee company that just opened and is trying to attract a new clientele in the “Think” stage?

Number of customers who asked for a loyalty card

Number of up-sells of pastries and baked goods

Number of coffees purchased

Video views of a new video talking about their unique selling point around how they roast coffee

Which would be the best behavior to confirm that you’re relevant in this micromoment: “I-want-to-visit-Berlin”?

A customer read your article on “Best restaurants in Berlin”

A customer clicked on a display ad for cheap European train passes

A customer researched about how to make Berlin brewery-style beer

A customer watched a movie called “I Love Europe” on YouTube

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Measure Your Customer-Centric Marketing Assessment Answers - Academy for Ads

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