Marketing Hub Implementation Answers

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Marketing Hub Implementation Answers

For waiving onboarding* Sell, project manage, and enable long-term growth for your clients by implementing Marketing Hub.



  • There are 40 questions.
  • The exam takes about 40 minutes to complete.
  • You must answer 30 questions correctly to pass.
  • You must wait 12 hours between attempts.
  • You have 3 hours to complete the exam.


In order to determine which integrations need to be built between existing apps of a client's tech stack, and what data will be impacted, what information should solutions partners track in the planning section of the platform audit worksheet? Select all that apply.

The technologies being integrated

The specific objects being synced

Users, teams, and permissions in

The data sync type (one-way? bidirectional?)

Alternative software solutions

True or false? Partners should assign three responsible individuals to each deadline-based task, to ensure that the project runs smoothly.



Which of the following is NOT a reason that marketing or MarTech implementations often fail?

Ineffective or absent marketing automation strategies

Limited resources to deploy the new software

A breakdown in sales-marketing alignment

Overemphasis on reporting and measurement


Scenario: Your champion at a client's firm is pushing back against changing their marketing automation strategy, even though your research and discovery clearly show their approach isn't effective. Instead of being receptive to your ideas, the idea of changing too many processes makes them uncomfortable, especially since they personally built many of the old processes. What should you do?

Suggest that you part ways amicably. A client who doesn’t listen to your suggestions or allow you to do your job won’t be happy, no matter how much you try to help. If they don’t acknowledge that they have a problem, you can’t do anything to help them.

Be patient and tie your recommendations back to your client’s goals for the implementation. Change is difficult to handle, and pushback is a natural part of the process. Understand why the client is reluctant to change a particular process, and explain why you believe change would improve their experience.

Drop the suggestion and move on. You’re better off focusing on ideas the client is already excited about. Even if you find a significant opportunity for improvement, remember that your goal is to focus on nurturing your business relationship with the client. By keeping them comfortable, you’re guaranteeing that they’ll enjoy working with you.

Be patient and drop any idea that makes the champion uncomfortable. Undoing any of the previous work would make your champion look bad in front of their managers, and your priority is to build the business relationship. Focus on easier fixes that don’t fundamentally alter any of the systems your champion worked hard to create, even if they’re ineffective.


Which of the following is a project management benefit of building a Marketing Hub implementation plan?

Mitigating risks and planning for roadblocks ahead of time

Getting all project stakeholders aligned right from the beginning

Keeping all project stakeholders up-to-date, involved, and in communication with one another

Keeping the project on schedule and steering clear of common pitfalls that drive up costs, including integrations with their other systems

All of the above


True or false? Your team should insist on having all major stakeholders join planning meetings and consider having the CMO, IT, Sales managers, and other internal departments involved in the first few calls. Securing this buy-in up front will set the whole organization up for success.




Which of the following best describe the experience of working with Enterprise client (as opposed to what you would experience with Professional clients)?

Enterprise clients typically have larger teams

Enterprise clients are not as technically savvy

Enterprise clients usually have larger, more complex tech stacks

Enterprise clients are sometimes slower to get up and running with the tools

All of the above


Which of the following tasks should you go through in preparation for your first call with a client? Choose all that apply.

Review their “General Setup Tasks” project to see if they had made any progress.

Confirm that there are only 2-3 “Goal” projects listed.

Review their social media profiles.

Review their current website.

Confirm their renewal terms with .


If a client is asking you who they should invite to the first implementation consulting call, what is the best option below?

Front line users

Marketing leadership

The decision maker(s)

IT resources

All of the above


How often should you be having onboarding calls with your clients to check on their progress?

As often as specified by your service agreement with them

As often as deemed necessary, as specified by them

Once a week

Once a month


When migrating off of another system, what are some key pieces of information you should be aware of when having the migration discussion with the client?

Their budget for working with a third party

The data points they are looking to import into How tech-savvy and independent the client may be

The completion status of their implementation project plan

B and C are both correct


True or False? Support can answer any questions around any software that integrates with.

True. Support reps are experts in the entire App Ecosystem.

True. Support will also connect apps on behalf of Solutions Partners.

False. Support specializes specifically in the CRM platform.

False. Support is only available to channel customers—not Solutions Partners.


Which of the following questions should you ask if a client has a pre-existing CRM and wants to connect their system with ?

How large is their CRM database?

Is it a native CRM that integrates with or is it a custom CRM that will require a custom built integration?

How many developers do they have to work on this?

Why aren't they making the switch to CRM?

All of the above


Before reviewing migration options with a client, what questions should you ask if they have a pre-existing CRM system?

Does their current system support the equivalent of companies/ contacts/ deals/ engagements?

Are they actively using all records types or objects?

Do they plan to do a full database migration or just a subset of data?

Do they keep track of contacts in a spreadsheet, despite having a CRM?

All of the above


What are some helpful things to understand about your client before recommending how they should import their data into ?

How many records they have in their current CRM

What types of objects they use in their current CRM

How many team members they have

Their timeline and resources available for the migration

All of the above


When mapping data from a custom object from Salesforce to , which of the following are considered viable options for a data migration? Check all that apply.

You cannot map custom object data to at all

Define a custom property group on a standard object, and store the custom object data there

Let your manager know that the account is fraudulent and should be churned immediately

Use one of s standard objects to store the data, if it's a similar use case (ex. Deals and a custom "Orders" object)


True or false? After the initial project planning conversations have given you a chance to conduct a full discovery and understand all project objectives, you should prepare and submit a formal project plan to your stakeholders.




True or false? The definition of success for a project should include relevant metrics, and each definition of success should be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely.




True or false? Each Marketing Hub implementation project should have ambitious goals. At the beginning of the process, work with the client's team to set high thresholds for campaign KPIs, email deliverability benchmarks, landing page conversion rates, and so on.




Which of the following should you set up with your client after their Marketing Hub migration is complete?

Additional assessment conversations with your supervisory committee

Regular cadence of meetings to check on progress

A tight feedback loop with the client's end users

A ticketing system for ongoing client support

All of the above


True or false? Its recommended partners assign 3 responsible individuals to each task with a deadline, to ensure that the project runs smoothly.




Which of the following questions does NOT fit in your final conversations with the client?

Did you meet your client's standard for success, based upon the goals set at the outset and refined throughout?

How comfortable is the client with where your firm is in the implementation timeline?

What would your client's team like more information or training on?

Who will be the client's champion?


Which of the following roles typically fall into the "responsible stakeholder" matrix category? Choose all that apply.

IT leaders

Account managers


Support engineers


What is the purpose of designating informed stakeholders in the responsibility matrix? Select all that apply.

Make sure that end users of your system don't ignore important legal standards, such as GDPR, particularly when the system is storing lead/prospect/customer data

Weigh in on points of disagreement

Informing your clients' legal counsel about key aspects of the project will allow you to steer clear of roadblocks

They have no role in the responsibility matrix


Which of the following roles should be included on your firm's Marketing Hub implementation team? Choose all that apply.

Front-line users at your client's organization

Project manager

Operations lead

IT or technology specialist

Product marketing manager


Which of the following action items should be included in a Marketing Hub implementation's planning stage?


Running log of tasks

Time estimates

Priority ranking

All of the above


Scenario: You and the client are reviewing their goals together in their portal on the first call. They are interested in changing the goals that were originally set during the sales process. Should you allow them to switch out the "Goal" projects?

Yes, they add in as many goals as they would like.

Yes, work to identify 3-5 concrete goals they wish to tackle, depending on the type of service you're providing

No, these goals are set in stone, and any changes indicate that your client has commitment issues.

Yes, goals should not be set during the sales process to begin with.


Which of the following action items should be included in a Marketing Hub implementation's development stage? Choose all that apply.

Communication plan

Cancellation plan

Downgrade timeline

Implementation timeline


True or false? The project manager should work in partnership with marketing managers, salespeople, and other stakeholders to determine which metrics to regularly evaluate.




True or false? You should set up different lists for different types of emails for your client, so customers and prospects can sign up for only the emails that are relevant to them.




Which of the following is NOT an example of a lead magnet?



Topic cluster



Which of the following are ways you could help your client segment their email lists?

Geographical location

Lifecycle stage



All of the above


Which of the following is NOT an example of advertising automation?

Social ad retargeting

Behavioral retargeting


Property value duplication workflows


When working with B2B clients who may be interested in pursuing ABM, you'll have to adjust your approach to focus on the following:

Account or company-level metrics

Scoring for companies and deals, not just leads

Making sure sales reps have access to all information about an account's marketing activities

All of the above


Which of the following steps would help sales and marketing leaders deepen communication between their organizations? Check all that apply.

Auditing existing buyer personas to make sure that both organizations agree on definitions and attributes

Documenting content gaps along the buyer's journey for individual leads or accounts, and how marketing could better support sales efforts and qualification

Creating a "Closed Lost, Unsure" nurturing strategy to help reinvigorate uncertain deals in partnership with targeted marketing efforts

Setting a downgrade quota to prevent target accounts from growing too quickly


True or false? It is difficult to know what type of prospects or accounts make up a client's email list until they've tested the variables via A/B testing.




Which of the following is a typical email marketing KPI? Check all that apply.

Deliverability rate

Open rate

Close rate

Clickthrough rate


Which of the following is NOT one of the marketing attribution models available within ?

Middle-out attribution model

First-touch attribution model

U-shaped attribution model

W-shaped attribution model


True or false? Educating your prospects on the differences between systems will help boost the value of both your service and of Marketing Hub.




Choose all that apply. There are inherent flaws in using the funnel as a methodology, including the:

Points of friction between stages of the buyer's journey

A buyer's cyclical journey

Customers' representation as the output

Order of touch points a customer experiences from marketing, to sales, to service


Which of the following is a potential business challenge encountered by marketing leaders?

They need to transition to using Excel exclusively, as no other tool can help them report effectively

They need to stay organized by clearly partitioning each team's assets to reduce confusion, boost security, and easily manage permissions

They need to slow down marketing collateral development, and use that time to hire more salespeople

None of the above


Scenario: A client lets you know that they are in multiple markets and need to have variations of their landing pages in different languages. Their goal is to find a solution that is best for SEO as they want to rank highly across these markets. What do you recommend?

Create smart content for all your landing pages based off country. This will be an easy way to rank highly, while as a bonus, you can create rules for when your clients interact with those pages. Smart content is more important than following SEO best practices.

Create language-specific subdirectories and translated version of your pages. Share the advantages and drawbacks of this approach with the client.

Turn on multiple languages in will magically translate your pages while promoting SEO

None of the above


Which of the following is NOT a quality assurance benefit of building a Marketing Hub implementation plan?

Once every month, audit project progress to ensure both quality and alignment with goals isn’t compromised

Once per quarter, evaluate whether available resources are being used efficiently

Ensure all functionality (including integrations with CRMs, billing, or other client systems) have undergone basic setup, but leave the heavy lifting for your client

Increasing your client’s monetary investment in the implementation

None of the options above are quality assurance benefits of building a Marketing Hub implementation plan


Scenario: One of your clients was initially excited about the prospect of migrating to from their previous MarTech stack, but is having second thoughts. You were planning on chatting with them about setting goals for their overall marketing strategy, but you notice they seem to be preoccupied with technical concerns centering around the migration. What should you do?

Insist that you discuss reporting, and put their technical concerns to the side. You have to guide them in the right direction, even if they’re more concerned about something else

Listen to their concerns and take notes. Create a plan for addressing their technical concerns for the migration, since reporting won’t matter unless the migration is a success

Drop the client, as they’re clearly not thinking from a long term perspective

None of the above


True or false? estimates the implementation process could take anywhere from 90 days to a whole year, depending on the size of the Marketing Hub implementation and number of affected users.




What inputs should you consider when determining the objectives the client needs to complete during onboarding?

Company Size, Industry, Tech Stack, Products

Industry, Tech Stack, Goals, Products

Company Size, Products, Tech Stack, Goals

Goals, Products, Tech Stack, Industry


True or False? A Marketing Enterprise client can create as many subdomains or top-level domains as they'd like as long as those subdomains and top-level domains are tied to 1 brand domain.




True or false? The marketing operation lead's job is to make sure all the stakeholders are working as a team and driving the project forward. They call the plays that are executed by the technology specialist, marketing operations lead, and other roles.




True or false? guide to GDPR or CAN-SPAM shouldn't be mistaken for legal advice. Always consult a legal advisor or authoritative sites such as FTC's website to make sure you're operating within the law.




True or false? It's recommended Solutions Partners use third-party SEO tools like Moz Pro and Ahrefs to evaluate search volume for subtopic prioritization.




What are the main components of a topic cluster?

A pillar page


Internal hyperlinks

All of the above

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