Manage Ecommerce With Doubleclick Search Assessment Answers


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Manage Ecommerce With Doubleclick Search Assessment Answers

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Some Questions & Answers:

Your client is a hotel chain that wants to easily generate search ads based on their available inventory of hotel rooms at their more than 500 locations.

What type of campaign is best suited to their needs?

Inventory campaign

Adaptive Shopping campaign

AdWords campaign

Native Shopping campaign

Your client is preparing to create a new inventory campaign.

What is the first thing he has to do?

Create an inventory plan

Apply formulas to the templates

Choose a name for his template

Create a template

Amanda is running an inventory campaign for her client, a large car dealership. Due to unexpected demand, they’ve run out of a popular car model, and Amanda needs to pause the ads for this particular model.

How does she accomplish this?

Pause the entire ad campaign, as an ad cannot be individually paused

Include logic that pauses ads when the number of cars drops below a certain threshold

Locate the ad and pause it manually

Delete the car model from the product feed

You’re building an adaptive Shopping campaign for your client, a retailer of designer shoes. What attribute is required for a product data feed?

Size type to identify what sizing system you are using

Shortened product title that better fits an ad headline

More than one product image to give potential customers a better view of the product

Product ID that uniquely identifies the item

You’re setting up a campaign to offer free shipping for all products over $25.

How can you make sure the text “Free Shipping” is automatically generated for ads for all products over $25?

You would apply specific settings to your template to establish how your data is converted into entities.

You would create a multiplier that would be applied to your campaign template.

You would use a formula to create a dynamic filter at the ad and ad group level to only display products over $25 with “Free Shipping” appended.

You would add the text to each campaign after it’s generated.

Michelle is working with a client that needs to submit her feed through the DoubleClick Search support team.

Why does she need to submit a sample feed two weeks before she wants it to go live?

She wants the support team to have time to provide her with an implementation timeline.

A sample feed needs to be submitted two weeks early so the support team can approve the field attributes.

The support team needs to add the feed to their FTP server.

The support team needs time to make changes to her feed prior to implementation.

You’re a marketing specialist at a large retailer, and you’re looking to create an adaptive Shopping campaign based on your inventory of available shoes.

What is the first thing you have to do to get the process started?

Set up a feed in Merchant Center

Contact the DoubleClick Search support team

Create a feed of product data

Create a text ad

Using DoubleClick Search to create a campaign with a product feed means you’ll need to input what kind of information?

The precise ad groups you require to optimize your campaign

Specific ad copy for each of your ads

Relevant keywords for search queries you want your ads to appear in

Up-to-date product data

Denise is running an inventory campaign and wants to make sure her top products are eligible to show.

How does she set up her report to get this information?

She will add an “Inventory management enabled” column.

She will sort the data by highest clicks or conversions and view the product status columns.

She will set up her report to track product sales based on style.

She will add an “Inventory template” column to her report.

You want to create an adaptive Shopping campaign advertising your new line of swimsuits. What do you need to do?

Create a feed that filters for product code

Set up your ads so DoubleClick Search will automatically subdivide your product groups by product type

Create a single campaign for swimsuits

Set up your ads so DoubleClick Search will automatically subdivide your product groups by keyword

You just launched a campaign to advertise a new line of purses. You really want to know the revenue generated by these specific products in the inventory feed.

What do you need to do to generate this report?

Set up your feed so it filters out all other products

Create a separate feed for the line of purses and then generate a report on that specific feed

Make sure Floodlight transaction tags are set up

Change your account settings in DoubleClick Search

Mark is creating an adaptive Shopping campaign for his client who owns a cycle shop. He wants to use feeds to create advertisements for the numerous products his client sells.

How can he make sure he gains more bid control and coverage?

By adding his client's key products to the "Everything else" group

By setting up his feed to group all new products into one category

By choosing to let his product group automatically subdivide

By clustering similarly performing products together into relational groups

Providing correctly spelled product titles and brand names help DoubleClick Search produce what for your campaign?

Item titles that fit ad headlines

Landing pages that match information in your product feed

Optimal landing pages for your target countries and languages

Relevant keywords

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