Making videos for social change Answers - Youtube Creator Academy

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Making videos for social change Answers - Youtube Creator Academy

Creators on YouTube are in a unique position to generate positive social impact by creating meaningful dialogue around current topics and issues. Get the tools to help communicate your message on YouTube.

The language of the answers are in English.

Some Questions:

What could be more effective than presenting a counter narrative?

Making a video with false information on a topic.

Making a video that sarcastically agrees with the narrative you’re against.

Making a video that degrades the ideas and supporting narrative that you’re against.

Making a video that presents an alternative narrative on the topic.

Where can you go to research a social impact topic?

Your local library.

Non-profit organizations.

Ask someone who has an opposite point of view as yourself.

All of the above.

When crafting a social impact message for your video, we suggest you define 3 concepts before you begin. Which of the following is not something you need to think about before your shoot?

What’s your point of view?

Why do you care?

What action do you want your audience to take?

How long will the script be?

Any comments or content on YouTube that is insulting, or that you’re offended by, is considered to be hate speech.



Should you be sure you’re using the correct terms when discussing sensitive topics on your channel?

Yes, you don’t want to spread false information.

No, you already sound credible using big words.

Meh, as long as the video is scripted, you’ll be fine.

I only need to use the correct terms at the end when I’m asking my audience to take action.

Challenging stereotypes is one approach to crafting a story on your channel.



There are many strategies for finding inspiration for a social impact video. Which of the following may not work so well?

Use humor to tell the story.

Share stories of people who have been affected by the social issue you’re interested in.

Immerse yourself in a new culture.

Watch the news and use the same narrative.

Typically, there are three steps in a story arc. Which of the following is not part of the story arc?





Is it typically more helpful to highlight similarities or differences between cultures?



What considerations should you have for the people participating in your videos?

Are they in a safe location when filming?

Is it ok for them to show their face and/or use their real name?

Will they receive any backlash or harassment for being in your video?

All of the above.

Jorge is making a video about how warming sea temperatures in the Arctic affect animals who live there. Which visual would be the most accurate thumbnail?

A picture of polar bears and penguins on a tropical island sipping on superimposed tropical drinks.

A picture of polar bears and penguins on a small piece of ice.

A picture of the Arctic with the words splashed across, “You won’t believe what happens to the polar bear!”

A picture of a cruise ship hitting an iceberg in the Arctic.

Who should set the tone of the comments on your channel?

Viewers who agree with you.

Viewers who disagree with you.

Your subscribers.


When making videos on social issues, you should expect there may be people who disagree with you in the comments?



Is this statement accurate? Hate speech is considered, by YouTube, to be any verbiage that is mean or insulting.

Correct - if I’m offended by it, it’s considered hate speech.

Correct - if I feel it’s necessary to remove comments because I don’t want certain words on my channel, it’s considered hate speech.

Incorrect - YouTube’s policy on hate speech includes content that promotes violence against or has the primary purpose of inciting hatred against individuals or groups based on certain attributes.

Incorrect - YouTube considers hate speech to be content that is clickbaity and misleading.

What should you probably avoid filming and posting on YouTube to protect your privacy?

The front of your house.

Your dog.

A skyline of the city you live in.

The college you went to.

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Making videos for social change Answers - Youtube Creator Academy

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