LinkedIn content and creative design certification exam answers

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LinkedIn content and creative design certification exam answers


Which elements does LinkedIn recommend you use to make your imagery stand out AND maintain consistency? Select all that apply.

  • Monochrome
  • Faces
  • Shapes
  • Fonts


Mari wants to get insights on what people are saying about her brand. Which tool should she use?

  • Page Activity
  • Content Suggestions
  • Page Insights
  • Page Analytics


What are two advantages of building a content strategy for your company that balances brand and demand?

  • Generating an immediate and trackable response
  • Achieving greater ability to set prices
  • Driving long-term growth and profit


Creating a LinkedIn Page is the best way to…

  • Build a professional community and connect with it in an authentic and scalable way
  • Build an organic strategy as a substitute for paid media
  • Directly target your organic content to new audiences beyond your followers


Is auditing your existing content one of the first steps you should follow when setting up a full-funnel strategy?

  • Yes
  • No


Sigmund knows that audiences today are on a fluid journey through the marketing funnel and that each person is at a different stage with a different need. What content strategy should he follow?

  • An active, always-on strategy
  • A conversion focused marketing strategy
  • A consistent organic marketing strategy


The timing and context of where the user is in their journey when they see the content is as important as the content itself.

  • True
  • False


Severine doesn’t have the time and resources to create as much content as she would like. Which two recommendations should she follow?

  • Limit her strategy to echo others’ posts that she identifies with
  • Leverage existing content and repurpose it
  • Customize stock photography to align with brand guidelines


What are two ways you can leverage existing content for marketing efficiencies?

  • Research and write an article
  • Deconstruct a research paper into several infographics
  • Reshare a tweet that has good engagement
  • Don’t reuse content as it will become stale


Bruno wants to see who is mentioning his brand on LinkedIn. What should he do?

  • Access the Analytics dashboard of his LinkedIn Page and checks users’ engagement
  • Type his brand name in the LinkedIn top search box
  • Check the Activity tab of his LinkedIn Page and filter by mentions


Select two reasons why LinkedIn recommends it’s important to define your goal when creating your LinkedIn Page.

  • To inform your community about it
  • To select it during the set-up process
  • To build your organic strategy around it


Harisa is thinking about ‘Big Rock’ type of content that she can construct and deconstruct. Which two tactics would be optimal?

  • Make an in-depth interview with her product manager and split it in a series of short videos with quick tips
  • Collect some of her most shared thought leadership articles and turn them into a gated e-book
  • Create a specific set of articles about the latest product features
  • Gather all the FAQs about her new product release and create a video tutorial based on them


What is the direct result of focusing only or mostly on conversion? Select all that apply.

  • The conversion rate increases
  • A large component of the audience journey is missed
  • The number of Page followers decreases
  • The opportunity for a longer-term, and far greater, business impact is missed


Isla pitches the idea of a LinkedIn video campaign to her company’s leadership, with the goal of educating customers on a complex product. The leadership team approves the campaign, but they don’t have the budget to support a high production video. What should Isla do?

  • Scrap the idea since she doesn’t have enough budget to execute her vision
  • Put the entire budget into one video
  • Explore DIY-style videos with expert interviews and demos


On the Page Analytics dashboard you can check the member profile of each specific follower as well as the aggregated followers’ demographics.

  • True
  • False


To drive engagement on a LinkedIn Page, use video because it is more likely to start a conversation than any other type of content.

  • False
  • True


Select three reasons why it’s important to have an active full-funnel presence across LinkedIn’s organic and paid solutions.

  • To ensure your message is seen more often by more members of the buying committee
  • To ensure your brand is present at any given moment on the customer journey
  • To build trust and rapport with your audience
  • To follow marketing trends, competitors, and LinkedIn advice
  • To more easily identify audiences at the bottom level of the funnel


How should organic and paid content work together?

  • They should have different purposes and your audiences should be able to differentiate when they are seeing an organic post or a paid ad
  • They should complement each other and create an interconnected and seamless experience so that your audiences don’t notice any difference between them


Karin is scheduling her content posts to reach decision makers when they’re most engaged on LinkedIn. When should she post during the week? Select all that apply.

  • Weekends
  • Workday
  • Never
  • Evenings


What is the metric Katharina will primarily use when she wants to understand which professional audiences are following her page?

  • Demographic breakdown of her visitors
  • Trends of Unique visitors over time
  • Demographic breakdown of her followers
  • Engagement metrics


Helena is rebranding a picture to add an important message, but the space on the image is limited and it doesn’t fit. What is the best decision she can make?

  • Reduce the message to be more concise, using a font size of at least 16 pixels
  • Place copy over other elements in the image
  • Reduce the font size down to 12 pixels, so the message fits in completely


Diego uses Page Analytics to understand four insights from the following list. Select which ones are correct.

  • What his followers are posting about
  • Which of his posts are the most engaging
  • Who mentioned, shared, or liked his Page
  • Which content is most relevant to his audience
  • Similarities and differences between his Page followers and his website visitors


Including faces in your visuals will help your creative stand out.

  • False
  • True


Which of the following is NOT a LinkedIn Page role?

  • Curator
  • Content admin
  • Analyst
  • Product owner


Yousef just created his startup’s LinkedIn Page, but he cannot decide what type of content and how often he should post. What would be a good first step?

  • Copy what others are doing
  • Wait until the Page has 500 followers and then ask them what they would like to see
  • Define his goals


Silke’s marketing goals are centered around reach and building rapport with her audiences. Which type of content should she consider using? Select all that apply.

  • Video
  • Static images
  • Sales inquiry forms


It devalues your brand if you reuse existing or top-performing content to repurpose it as organic content on your LinkedIn Page.

  • False
  • True


Jordan wants to create more content that ‘hums.’ Which tactics should he explore?

  • Annual reports, research papers, industry insights
  • News, industry POVs, company culture, blog posts
  • Infographics, whitepapers, videos, playbooks


Aria manages her company’s LinkedIn organic strategy separately from the paid media team because that leads to higher conversions and lower costs per conversion.

  • True
  • False


Select three things that could happen when you pair organic and paid content.

  • You can diversify your efforts on different marketing goals
  • Your audiences are +61% more likely to convert
  • You increase your overall reach
  • Your cost per conversion is reduced by 12%


Louisa is designing her ads for LinkedIn. What are the three main components that she should consider?

  • Copy
  • Engagement
  • Imagery
  • Format


Javier designed a new Carousel Ad to support his company’s new product launch. Which two actions should he take before he launches the campaign?

  • Build the campaign so that he can test one variable at a time
  • Ask a colleague to review the creative
  • Set up the campaign, changing the image, headline, and copy for each ad


How can you tackle your goal of driving leads through your LinkedIn Page?

  • By promoting your products
  • By uncovering and solving your community’s needs
  • By including a Lead Gen form in the About section


Alberto knows that when building his content strategy on LinkedIn, the competition for his audience’s attention is fierce. Which tips should he follow to ensure his creative gets noticed?

  • Create longer text posts
  • Add multiple calls-to-action at the end
  • Use visual content, such as pictures or videos


Select three tools that you could use in your organic strategy.

  • Sponsored Messages
  • Video Ads
  • Product Pages
  • Articles for Pages
  • My Company tab


Ronaldo is creating headline copy for his ad. He has several options to communicate his value proposition. Select the best sentence for his ad.

  • ‘Increase customer retention over your competitors’
  • ‘Easier and faster customer retention’
  • ‘Multiply customer retention’
  • ‘Get a 30% increase in customer retention’


Rodrigo doesn’t have access to many unique photos. What should he consider when building out his creative? Select all that apply.

  • Customizing stock photography to align more closely with his brand
  • Limiting the number of times he posts content
  • Repeatedly posting the same content
  • Using space on stock photography to add text or keywords


Joe is building his creative strategy. His objective is to capture the viewer’s attention and tell a story. Which two factors should he consider when thinking about the visuals and copy?

  • It should favor photographs over illustrations
  • Copy should be over 150 characters
  • Creatives should be consistent and recognizable
  • Visuals and copy should have a cohesive feel


Camila wants to increase her conversion rate. The best advice for her would be…

  • Focus on demand marketing through paid media
  • Mix brand and demand marketing through organic and paid media
  • Focus on demand marketing through organic media


Select three tactics that LinkedIn recommends you do to achieve better results in your marketing strategy.

  • Identify what content you already have that fulfills the needs of your audience
  • Align internal teams
  • Make your goals SMART
  • Hyper-target your audience as much as you can


Which two actions can you perform on your Product Page?

  • Invite users to write recommendations about your product
  • Add a ‘Purchase now’ button
  • Feature your customers


Louisa would like to do an analysis of her followers on her LinkedIn Page. Which tool should she use?

  • Page Activity
  • Page Meter
  • Page Insights
  • Page Analytics


Astrid has just created her company’s LinkedIn Page. Which of the following best practices would you recommend that she follows as she ramps up her organic posting? Select all that apply.

  • Include several call-to-action buttons on each post
  • Include videos and pictures
  • Include hashtags


Debora is setting up her full-funnel content strategy. Should she spend time analyzing her LinkedIn Page followers’ demographics first?

  • Yes, it is a way to identify content that is more relevant for her potential customers
  • No, her followers do not necessarily fit with her ideal customer profile, so this information can be misleading


Farah is creating new Sponsored Content Ads and she plans to use hashtags on the paid ads. Is this a LinkedIn best practice?

  • Yes, LinkedIn always recommends hashtags on paid ads because they increase engagement on an ad
  • No, LinkedIn does not typically recommend hashtags on paid ads because it can direct users away from the desired action


Julia was hired to create a company’s LinkedIn content strategy. What are five steps that she should take to get started?

  • Leverage competitors’ strategies as a starting basis
  • Analyze the company’s followers
  • Align internal teams
  • Set measurable goals
  • Get clear on the company’s social media goals and mission statement
  • Audit the company’s existing content


How are your creative design and creative strategy related?

  • They are two separate strategies
  • The results of testing your creative design dictate your creative strategy
  • Creative strategy is an overarching plan which influences your creative design


When talking about an always-on content marketing approach, what does ‘hum’ mean?

  • Content intended to pique your audience interest
  • Easy to consume content that requires low investment
  • Content that requires high investment and is aligned to lead generation


Ivan knows that he needs to collaborate with different teams on messaging for his LinkedIn content strategy to be successful.

  • True
  • False


Alfred is thinking about including video in his content strategy. What are three ways that you would you recommend he use it for?

  • Product demos
  • Brand stories
  • One-size-fits-all approach videos
  • Pre, during, and post events coverage
  • Sales pitch videos


Fréderic has completed all the information on his company’s LinkedIn Page. What measurable benefit does he see?

  • It gives him +30% weekly views on his Page
  • It helps him drive 2x more leads
  • It increases his employee advocacy by 25%


On your LinkedIn Page, you can target organic posts to specific audiences.

  • True
  • False


Aditya is responsible for driving talent acquisition leveraging his company’s new LinkedIn Page. The followers consist of 70% employees and 30% potential new hires. What is the recommended content strategy?

  • Develop content focused solely on potential new hires and promote Lead Gen Forms
  • Create content focused solely on employees to organically spread the word
  • Start with engaging both audiences directly, promoting your employee culture


Giovanni manages all his company’s social media channels. Which two actions does LinkedIn recommend to maximize the use of his content throughout the different channels?

  • Duplicate the same message on all different social networks to maximize reach
  • Share the statistics of your LinkedIn audience on other networks
  • Use top-performing tweets as Sponsored Content on LinkedIn
  • Repurpose top-performing email campaigns as LinkedIn Message Ads


Sara was recently hired to manage a company’s LinkedIn Page. Select which tactics she should explore when developing content for the Page.

  • Explore if there are any whitepapers that can be broken down into bite-sized content
  • Collect existing content pieces that share the same theme and assemble them to form an infographic
  • Create and test new content to see which posts drive the most engagement
  • Build a plan to post one video per day


What is one of the benefits of using Product Pages?

  • The possibility to gather product recommendations from happy customers
  • The possibility to sell your product directly from your Product Page
  • The possibility to showcase stories from your employees


Joanna is struggling to find content to share on LinkedIn for her company. What are three tactics she should explore?

  • Consider hiring a LinkedIn Content Partner
  • Ask her employees to share her content
  • Leverage existing content
  • Create new content


Ellen is setting up her team’s admin access for their LinkedIn Page so they can create, manage, and boost organic posts. Which two admin options could she select?

  • Content admin
  • Global admin
  • Analyst
  • Curator
  • Super admin


LinkedIn recommends you do NOT leverage the same content across your paid and organic strategies.

  • False
  • True


What is the reason behind using organic content as a complement of paid media?

  • It is a tool to gain the trust of potential customers exposed to paid media
  • It increases reach among new audiences that paid media cannot reach
  • It is a way to substitute part of the paid media efforts with free advertising


Carl wants to find out how his employees are reacting to his LinkedIn Page’s content. What should he do?

  • Access the Employee Notification’s dashboard
  • Access the Activity tab of his LinkedIn Page and filter by employee
  • Check the statistics within his My Company tab


Select three goals that a LinkedIn Page can help you achieve.

  • Finding trending posts from competitors
  • Building community
  • Driving leads
  • Generating brand awareness


What are three things that people can find in the Page Posts tab?

  • Your paid ads
  • Your organic posts
  • Your live events
  • Your products
  • Your boosted posts


How does LinkedIn define a Showcase Page?

  • An individual page with fewer features than a LinkedIn Page
  • A place to highlight regional offices
  • An extension of your LinkedIn Page


When posting Articles for Pages, what are two best practices that LinkedIn recommends?

  • Keep the post shorter than 500 words
  • Add bulleted lists or short sections to make content easier to consume
  • Create visual interest with rich media
  • End with a poll


Maria would like to work for a tech company, so she starts following a range of companies in that industry. Where would she go to find the company’s mission, vision, and values?

  • The Posts tab
  • The About tab
  • The Products tab
  • The People tab


When thinking about copy, which two strategies are recommended to stand out in the feed while providing value to users?

  • Use clickbait copy in the first 150 characters
  • Start with a clearly actionable statement
  • Keep each creative to a single message
  • Create lengthy thought leadership pieces that go into depth on a particular topic


Joseph recently launched his startup, and he’s considering creating multiple Showcase Pages to promote his individual products. Would LinkedIn recommend this?

  • Yes, Showcase Pages are great to highlight different business lines, brands, and initiatives
  • No, this approach would likely lead to over-fragmenting


Alicia sees that engagement with her LinkedIn ads is lower than expected. Which two strategies can she use to make the visuals on her ads different and scroll-stopping?

  • Use monochrome images
  • Add shapes to her images
  • Use photos of real people


Which of the following expressions make your copy relatable and can compel a user to click? Select all that apply.

  • ‘How to…’
  • ‘We are experts…’
  • ‘Discover a new opportunity…’
  • ‘We hope you like our solution…’


Purna needs help figuring out trending industry topics in her region by seniority. Which filters does she need to apply?

  • Seniority
  • Job Title
  • Location
  • Industry
  • Job Function


Roberto’s goal is to engage new audiences. What is the best strategy to follow?

  • He checks his Page insights to understand what content gets more engagement with his target audience and uses paid media to acquire new followers with similar interests
  • He checks what his competitors are doing and establishes a similar, improved strategy to attract new audiences that already follow those competitors
  • He establishes an organic content strategy on his LinkedIn Page focused on publishing content more frequently


Julia is designing an organic post for her client’s LinkedIn Page. What should she keep in mind?

  • The content should be text-heavy
  • The content should echo other brands’ sentiments
  • The content should rely solely on stock photography to capture the audience’s attention
  • The content should be designed for the small, mobile, touch screen experience


Fabio’s goal on LinkedIn is to nurture his current clients. What should he do?

  • Check how many of them follow his brand on LinkedIn. Then, invite the rest of his database to follow his LinkedIn Page and use organic content to engage with them
  • Use a poll to identify which of his Page followers are current clients. Then, use a strategy of organic content to nurture them with tailored content
  • Check how many of them follow his brand on LinkedIn and are involved in the buying process. Then, use a combination of organic and paid media to move them through the funnel


Aaron’s brand doesn’t have a standard font yet. Which font does LinkedIn NOT recommend he explore for his ads?

  • Helvetica
  • Open Sans
  • Sans Serif
  • Comic Sans


What strategies for your creative are recommended to make your brand recognizable in the LinkedIn feed?

  • Place your logo in the most prominent area of the image
  • Use different creatives with the same color, icon, and style in a consistent way
  • Use the same picture in different creatives across time, so users remember it and associate it with your brand


Why is it a good idea to use the My Company tab to connect with your employees?

  • In fact, it is not a good idea because employees can spread messages on your followers’ community that may be misaligned with your strategy
  • Because employees are a powerful advocacy tool when it comes to sharing your organic posts and expanding your brand reach
  • Because they can invite their professional network to be part of the My Company tab


Lionel was hired to design visuals for a startup company’s launch on LinkedIn. What are two LinkedIn best practices he should follow?

  • Create a consistent color, icon, and style across each image to make it easier for the audience to recognize the brand
  • Explore bold colors, illustrations, and photos of real people
  • Use the same image in every ad to achieve visual consistency and drive awareness
  • Test a range of variables at once to see which one performs best


Javier is looking for quick engagement from his professional community on his company’s LinkedIn Page. Which tactic should he use?

  • A poll
  • A Lead Gen form
  • A thought leadership piece


After creating your Product Page, it is published immediately.

  • True
  • False


What differentiates Product Pages from Showcase Pages?

  • The goal of Showcase Pages is to spotlight business initiatives while Product Pages are intended to build brand awareness around a specific product
  • Showcase Pages are best for educating prospects on company solutions while Product Pages are best for building a trusted community of advocates around a specific product


Alexandra is creating her company’s LinkedIn Page. What should Alexandra do prior to creating a LinkedIn Page?

  • Start posting immediately
  • Define her goals to inform her content strategy
  • Let her Page build a follower base of customers before she makes her first post
  • Start a two-way conversation based on the hashtag feed


Ivan wants to create several LinkedIn ads to promote a new report. He should mix up the format of the content, including using Single Image Ads, Carousel Ads, and Video.

  • False
  • True


Valerie is a copywriter for a large brand. She needs to draft a few ads for an upcoming campaign. What length does LinkedIn recommend for her Sponsored Content Ad?

  • Less than 250 characters
  • Less than 50 characters
  • Less than 100 characters
  • Less than 150 characters
  • Less than 200 characters


Tomas just created his company’s LinkedIn Page. What should he do to start building a community? Select four.

  • React and comment on hashtag feeds to establish a rapport with his community
  • Reshare his employees’ best @mentions and LinkedIn content
  • Recognize employees with a personalized shoutout
  • Create a set of posts to highlight his product features
  • Discover content trending with his audience


When thinking about your ‘shout’ content campaign, you may want to use… Select all that apply.

  • Annual reports
  • News
  • Industry Insights


Marcela doesn’t know how to fit her marketing goals with her organic and paid strategies. What should she do?

  • She should rely on paid ads for brand and demand, and leave the nurturing mid-funnel tactics to organic
  • She should balance organic and paid content in all stages of the marketing funnel
  • She should rely on paid ads for demand, and leave organic content for brand awareness and nurturing


Liling needs to drive consideration. Select two types of content she should consider using.

  • Static images
  • Job applications
  • Webinars
  • Research reports


What can Liesel do with her Page Analytics insights? Select all that apply.

  • Understand her brand’s professional community
  • See what people are saying about her brand
  • Benchmark her competitors

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