Integrating I: Foundations Answers

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Integrating I: Foundations Answers

is a powerful development platform that offers APIs and other tools to help you integrate with and extend CRM and its different Hubs. Creating quality integrations with requires some familiarity with CRM, its different Hubs, and its API endpoints. In this certification course, we’ll establish a foundation to help you begin integrating with and extending .

  • There are 60 questions.
  • The exam takes about 1 hour to complete.
  • You must answer 45 questions correctly to pass.
  • You must wait 12 hours between attempts.
  • You have 3 hours to complete the exam.

Practicum is no included.


What is the key difference between a one-to-one integration and a one-to-many integration?

What is a commonality of one-to-one and one-to-many integrations?

Which of the following statements about private apps is NOT true?

A customer wants to help their sales team generate new deals through email, which is their primary form of communication with potential customers. They’re evaluating whether they should build a custom solution. What’s the first question you should answer to help them determine next steps?

What does the acronym CRUD stand for?

Select all that apply. What are the different account types that developers can use?

Which of the following is NOT a feature of a test account?

True or false? Most API endpoints are public and can be accessed using client-side JavaScript.

Which of the following is a good use case for using the Webhooks API?

Fill in the blank: CREATE is to POST as UPDATE is to ____.

When starting a new development project, what’s the biggest benefit to visiting the Marketplace as your first step?

True or false? Developers can add associations to custom objects and standard CRM objects.

A customer wants to update a custom object’s associations to be associated with the company object. How should they go about it doing this from the UI, without making a call to the API?

Why are the standard CRM objects closely aligned?

What is the importance of an entity relationship diagram?

What is the importance of an object type’s unique ID?

How many company records can an individual engagement object, such as an email, be associated with?

When making an API call to a standard object, what query parameter must you append to get connected contact records?

True or false? You would have to make another call to the contacts endpoint to get more information on the contacts associated with a company.

Which of the following is a drawback to how API calls return associated contacts object data?

True or false? In most situations, you’ll want to create a one-way bridge to dictate the flow of information between your integrations.

What does delegated authorization mean?

Which of the following is an example of how you interact with OAuth on a daily basis?

True or false? The OAuth endpoint expects the form/urlencoded format instead of JSON.

What is the purpose of an .env file?

What must you first obtain and then add to your OAuth flow (once the authorization expires)?

When working with a private app, you receive the error 403. How would you go about rectifying this error?

When expiring your private app access tokens, how much of a time buffer can you set before the private app token is rotated?

Select all that apply. Which of the following are the different ways you can filter the private app API call logs?

You want to build a private app that can create new custom objects. What scope would you need to give this private app access to?

What are the two things you need to pass along to the axios .get method?

How can you find the API version number for the call you’re using?

True or false? Most APIs require you to use either OAuth or private app for authentication.

What is the main purpose of an API rate limit?

What is the main benefit of the developer changelog?

Fill in the blank: Apps using OAuth are subject to a limit of ____ requests every 10 seconds.

Which API has a special limit of four requests per second per authentication token?

What is the maximum number of private apps you can create in one account?

Which of the following is NOT a benefit of using a Batch API endpoint?

A customer wants a ticket’s data called on a certain web page to also be available in other parts of the integration. What could you do to ensure you’re not making too many of the same calls to the API?

How does a webhook differ from a traditional API call?

True or false? You can list an integration that receives error responses 7% of the time.

What is the best strategy to avoid receiving 400-level errors?

Which of the following resources would be best to use if you wanted to crowdsource a development question you have?

Why is it best practice to add a delay between automatic, repeated API calls?

What is the key difference between 400- and 500-level errors?

True or false? You can use the dev docs to make test calls to the API.

When would you likely receive a 477 error?

Where would you submit a question regarding a JavaScript error you received within the developer Slack?

Fill in the blank: For an integration, the single required parameter is _____.

Why is it recommended to use Axios when making HTTP requests?

True or false? Using a try/catch is recommended in case the API call fails.

What is the difference between a 200 response and a 201 response?

Select all that apply. What are some of the query parameters for standard CRM objects.

What is the purpose of a pug template?

A bike repair shop customer wants to make it easier for their repair technicians to alert customers when a job has been completed. Their repair technicians are busy and don’t have time to send individual messages to their customers. Which of the following is the fastest, easiest potential solution you could offer?

True or false? You must build a Node app to test API calls.

Fill in the blank: const headers = { Authorization: `Bearer ${private_app_token} ‘Content-Type: ______ }

Which of the following is the correct API endpoint for calling the Companies API?

Which of the following is a key reason you should use node packages when building a basic Node app?

What is the purpose of using OAuth in a one-to-many integration?

What is NOT a key benefit of the APIs being RESTful APIs?

What HTTP method would you use if you wanted to read the tickets data from a account?

Select all that apply. Which of the following is a difference in the way developers and users interact with the CRM?

Select all that apply. What is the purpose of having a pipeline view for deals and tickets?

True or false? A timeline event can be associated with zero contacts.

Where can you find pre-built Postman collections to view and test API calls?

Fill in the blank: There can be many timeline events associated with a contact, but a timeline event cannot be associated with ____ contacts.

Which of the following is NOT a benefit of using OAuth as your authentication flow?

What must the user do to authenticate with OAuth?

Fill in the blank: API rate limits vary by authentication method and _____.

What is the key benefit of using a webhook call in a workflow?

What type of HTTP method is a batch API call?

Which of the following is NOT a benefit of using the dev docs?

Fill in the blank: API errors are structured to be ______, but it’ll also be helpful for you to recognize some common error response codes when troubleshooting.

A customer has a lot of inbox conversations coming in each day for their service reps. Their reps can sometimes miss questions because of how full it gets. They mainly work in Slack and would prefer if they could answer their customers’ questions without leaving that app. What part of the dev docs could help you create this connection point?

What is NOT one of the benefits of the developer community?

How can you set up the idProperty to use a unique parameter, such as an email address, other than the contact record’s ID number?

Which of the following is needed to call a custom property in your integration?

What is the main purpose of a developer account?

A customer wants to create an internal integration that’ll assign a contact directly to a chosen workflow. What type of integration would this be and what type of authentication method would you use?

True or false? You must have a Professional or higher account to purchase the API Add-on.

Select all that apply. What are the benefits of having an app monitoring tool in your account?

What is the most common cause of a 404 error?

Select all that apply. Which of the following topics can be found on the API-side of the dev docs?

When creating a new object record, how is the new data sent along?

Select all that apply. Which of the following is a benefit of using a promise when working with APIs in a Node App?

In the UI, where can you find the other objects associated to an individual contact record?

What account permission level is required to create private apps?

What is the main difference between the dev docs and the knowledge base (KB)?

Which of the following is NOT a way to keep your access token safe?

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