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Technical product training for web designers using HubSpot COS, templates, and website pages.

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Some questions:

What is a Flexible Column?

A module that allows a marketer to add or remove modules in the Page Editor.

A div that stretches when the visitor clicks and drags it.

A module that remains editable after a page has been published.

A form that expands when a visitor types into it.

Your new client, Top Chocolate Shop is considering using HubSpot to host their website. Which of the following would you tell them?

HubSpot has a Content Management System that's built to make web content creation and editing easy.

HubSpot contains tools for building responsive and dynamic page, email, and blog templates.

HubSpot's CMS integrates your content creation with HubSpot’s marketing analytics and sales tools.

All of the above.

True or False: Templates built in the Template Editor are automatically mobile-optimized.



Your client, Top Chocolate Shop has read that they need a responsive website, but they aren't sure what that is. How would you describe a responsive website to them?

The content changes based on what the user searches for.

The website layout changes depending on the size of the screen it is being viewed on.

Everything can be moved by the user, creating a customized experience.

The visitor's previous website interactions define the navigation.

What are the two principal design tools used for building website page, blog, and email templates in HubSpot?

The Content Editor and Code Editor

The Layout Builder and Style Workshop

The Content Builder and Template Designer

The Template Builder and Code Editor

What category of templates contains the option to build an Error Page?

Alert Templates

System Templates

Warning Templates

Notification Templates

What is the purpose of a global group or module?

A. Global groups and modules can be used from any layout within HubSpot.

B. Global groups and modules are translated on the page depending on the user’s country of origin.

C. When global groups and modules are edited in one location, those changes apply to all instances of their use.

A and B are correct.

A and C are correct.

A, B and C are correct.

In terms of the HTML, what happens when two modules are grouped?

The two modules become part of an iframe, making it easier to dynamically position.

Two divs become one div, making it CSS styling easier.

The two modules are placed in a parent div, helping to maintain responsiveness.

Two divs are assigned the same CSS class, making styling easier.

Which of the following is a common example of when a global group would be useful?

A. Creating a masthead to be used across multiple pages.

B. Creating a sidebar for your entire website.

C. Formatting a "Contact Us" page.

B and C are correct.

What option is used when making changes to a single instance of a global module?

Edit Module

Make a Local Copy

Convert Global to Local

Edit Instance

Which module type will help marketers convert visitors into leads?

Insert Offer Link

Conversion Button

Call-to-Action (CTA)

Landing Page

Your client, Top Chocolate Shop, has hired a new marketer named Ethel. Why will placeholder text help Ethel efficiently use your templates?

Placeholder text allows Ethel to add custom HTML.

Placeholder text will help Top Chocolate Shop visitors know what information to enter into a form.

Placeholder text helps Ethel understand a module's purpose.

Placeholder text automatically adds in lorem ipsum to show Ethel where to add her content.

What is the Code Editor?

The primary content editing tool in HubSpot.

A tool used to help translate important content on your site.

The portion of the design tools where CSS/HTML/Javascript code is edited and previewed.

A console tool for monitoring, pausing, and rewinding code progress in real-time.

Which of the following is NOT the correct method for determining which classes are assigned to a module?

Clicking the Help button.

Use your browser’s ‘Inspect Element’ feature or a similar browser extension.

Clone your layout to raw HTML and read through the code.

Publish your page and ‘View Source’.

What does the "Edit CSS" module option allow you to do?

It allows you to change colors by selecting an element and clicking on a color.

It allows you to assign stylesheets to individual modules.

It allows you to remove any default CSS applied to a module.

It allows you to assign CSS Classes to modules and apply local CSS styling.

In which of the following situations would body classes be most valuable?

Dropping a shadow behind your sidebar, site-wide

Styling different body elements for different types of pages, within a single stylesheet

Changing one type of font but not another

Changing the width of your layout based on screen size

What are HubL tags?

HubL (short for HubSpot Lingo) tags are a way that you can use common JavaScript snippets easily.

HubL tags are a form of server-side code, used for building templates.

HubL tags are another form of CSS, used for advanced page design and typography.

HubL tags are similar to jQuery in that they enable features like interactive, animated divs.

Where can you reference a JavaScript library?

Using the JavaScript module in their template

In the File Manager, by clicking on a .js file and selecting "Use in Template'

Within the Site Header or Footer HTML section, under Content Settings

Within the Site Maps tool, under Content Settings

What option allows you to convert a template to raw code?

"Clone to File", found under the Actions menu.

"Create Code File", found by right-clicking on a template.

"Copy to HTML", found under the Actions menu.

"Advanced Mode", found under the Actions menu.

By default, new CSS files created in the Code Editor automatically include ‘modules.css’. What does ‘modules.css’ do?

It ensures that the layout is responsive -- without it, nothing will be responsive.

It ensures that fixed-width modules, such as images or forms, become responsive.

It creates styling for modules that only applies to desktop devices.

It adds a ‘View Desktop Site’ link at the bottom of each page.

Why is it better to use an attached stylesheet instead of inline styling for page templates?

Inline styles only work for text elements, and not more complex content, like divs.

It isn't actually better. You should use inline styling wherever seems right.

Inline styles cannot be edited within the Layout Builder.

Stylesheets separate content and design, simplifying the development process.

How can you set the menu display orientation?

In Options on a menu module.

In Content Settings under Advanced Menu.

With a HubL token.

It varies depending on the user's screen size.

Your client, Top Chocolate Shop, is ready for a website redesign. Why might you recommend moving their website to HubSpot from their current CMS?

HubSpot can create high-quality templates without HTML or PHP, while most other CMS platforms rely on it.

HubSpot tools provide a simplified, data-rich experience for marketers and a personalized experience for visitors.

HubSpot is the only platform that can be used to develop HubSpot-compatible websites.

Answers A and B are correct.

Answers A, B and C are correct.

Your client Lucy, a marketer at Top Chocolate Shop, wants you to add a CTA to every image in the slider on the homepage so she can generate more leads. How would you respond?

You're correct, Lucy. The more CTAs we can place on the homepage, the more likely it is for a user to click on one.

I don't think that's the best approach. An extremely small percentage of users are likely to click on CTAs beyond the first CTA in an image slider.

You're right, Lucy. CTAs above the fold are more likely to be seen and so we should add as many CTAs as possible.

I'd like to add the CTAs to the image slider, but it's not possible to have a CTA and image slider in the same space.

True or False: A Primary CSS File is enabled by default on all templates.

A module that allows an end user to add or remove modules in the Page Editor.

Which of the following is a true statement about email design?

"The email will render for all email recipients in the same way."

"You can easily build streaming video into emails."

"Due to differences in email software, not all viewers will see images by default."

"Any website code can be dropped into an email to create highly-functional templates."

What’s the most important first step in designing an effective marketing email template?

Choosing filler text and images

Deciding on the purpose of the template

Styling the colors and fonts

Cloning an existing template and giving it a name

Why is making an email viewable as a webpage a helpful feature from a marketing perspective?

It makes the email easy to share on social media.

It reduces email loading time.

It enables navigation in emails.

Web pages are guaranteed to display accurately, everywhere.

Which of the following is NOT a reason to use descriptive default text in an email?

Default text gives the content creator an impression of what the finished email will look like.

Default text helps the content creator know what to write.

Default text can inform the content creator of each module's purpose.

Default text locks the content creator into the inline styling you've created.

Which module is required by the Template Builder to be in every email template that you design and why?

A CAN-SPAM module must be included to give the recipients a way to unsubscribe from marketing emails.

A view as webpage module must be included on every email template to ensure that every recipient can view the email.

A logo module must be included as a visual way to identify the email sender.

A rich text module must be included so that the email content creator has a place to insert the copy for the email.

How can you use the Template Builder to help a company brand their emails?

Include a logo module to bring in their website-wide logo automatically.

Include space for a brand-related image

Include HubL tags that will pull color and font choices from Content Settings.

A and B

A, B, and C are correct.

Why is it important to include space for an image in an email template?

All email clients will display images before text, creating the best first impression.

An image ensures that the email looks professional and stylish.

Including space for an image makes it easier for companies to include small advertisements in each email.

Studies show that the brain processes visual imagery dramatically faster than text, keeping readers engaged.

What question should you be asking yourself when testing an email template on a mobile device?

Do images load properly?

Is the text legible?

Do call-to-action modules work correctly?

All of the above

What is the most important reason to include personalization tokens for lead generation when designing email templates?

Personalization tokens will change the content of a marketing email based on lead intelligence.

Personalization tokens automatically pull recipient information from the HubSpot contacts database.

Personalization tokens can recommend products or services based on social media connections.

Personalization tokens can be used to address an email to multiple people at once.

Why would you use inline styling in an email template rather than a stylesheet?

Email stylesheets are often the cause of broken email responsiveness.

Stylesheets are rarely supported by email clients.

Inline styles help keep content 'in line' with the center of the template.

Statistically speaking, inline styles result in higher open rates.

True or False: One default module type in HubSpot is an "Email Signature" module.

True or False: The mail client Outlook has specific CSS rules for what will and will not render when displaying an email.

True or False: Adding the HTML background-color property to an image will display a color, even if images are turned off.

When designing site architecture and navigation, whose experience should be the primary consideration?

The visitor

The marketer

The salesperson

The designer

Which of the following is the most important reason to use whitespace, from a marketing perspective?

Whitespace reduces eye strain for the visitor.

Empty space drives focus to the page elements that matter most.

Empty space makes a page look more modern and makes the content more attractive to the visitor.

Whitespace makes sure that your designs are not too colorful and distracting.

If you were asked to modify a company's homepage to include content that describes the company's reputation, which of the following modules would best describe their reputation?

A module with testimonials from their current customers.

A module with a video message from with their CEO describing their company's mission.

A module sharing the number of Twitter followers that they have.

A module that lists promotional discounts.

True or False: A well-designed landing page is like an additional employee that works all hours of the day.

True or False: Effective landing pages include a menu navigation.

True or False: A logo should link to the homepage in a landing page template design.

What is the best way to ensure a customized site footer is consistent across all pages?

Add a custom HTML module to each page template that is used in the website.

Use the default site footer module and lock it to prevent any changes.

Convert a footer to a global group to be reused throughout the page templates.

Use the same style on each page’s footer module, to keep colors and fonts the same.

What specific element does HubSpot recommend having on every single page, for lead-generation purposes?

A call-to-action

The site logo

A ‘Contact Us’ link

An embedded social media feed

Fill in the blank: calls-to-action should be included in blog posts and ________?

In a header banner

In the blog footer

In the blog sidebar.

In blog entry titles

True or False: Since blogs will consistently have new content on the blog listing page, "above-the-fold" content is less important.

True or False: Design consistency from the homepage to the rest of the website is important for promoting a good user experience.

Your client, Top Chocolate Shop, wants to use their blog as a way to establish their company as a thought leader in the chocolate industry. How can you help them promote thought leadership through your template design?

Create a "blogs we read" module so the company can generate external links.

Format the blog author's name to be larger than other text on the page so the authors start to get recognized.

Include an "about the author" page or module so readers can see the author's background and level of expertise on the topic.

Provide a "topics" module so the company can showcase how often they write about different chocolate topics.

Fill in the blank: While most pages should be optimized for user interaction, responsive blogs should be first optimized for _________.


Simple Commenting


Image rendering

Where can you modify options such as date format and comments?

Content Settings > Page Publishing Options

Blog Module Options button

Cloning the page to HTML, and editing the associated code

Content Settings > Blog Settings

True or False: You can only create one blog per domain.

In addition to the content, a blog should feature a _________________ in order to keep readers engaged with the blog.

Most recent blog posts listing

Image slider

Blog subscription module

Picture of the author

Where do you change the layout of individual blog posts?

This is changed in the Blogging tool, when editing a post.

This is changed in Content Settings under Blog Layout.

This cannot be changed.

This is changed by clicking on the ‘Edit Post Template’ button.

How is the layout of a Blog Post Template constructed?

Similar to the Template Builder, using the Blog Post Layout Editor.

Using HTML to build the structure, with HubL tags to bring in information and specify fields.

Using a mixture of PHP and CSS code.

Using Blog Content modules for each section.

How can you provide the best blog writing experience for your client, Top Chocolate Shop?

Guiding the author with helpful module labels

Creating modules that automatically fill in content based on keywords

Enabling rich text options in every new module

Automatically creating blog drafts from the author's tweets, using HubL.

True or False: A custom font should not be used on a blog in order to maximize readability.

Which of the following questions does not guide you in creating your website's user personas?

What is their level of expertise?

Who would use this content?

How many times have they visited your site?

What devices do they use to browse the Internet?

True or False: When designing for your users, your initial site prototype should be written in code.

"Affordances" can also be described as:

visual cues




Which of the following best describes how to use the "feedback principle" when designing the user experience?

It serves as a way to let users know that their action was completed successfully.

You should design a way for users to provide real-time feedback on the website.

User feedback provides direction for website design changes.

The website should only be designed after receiving feedback on the mockup.

Of the following choices, which would be the best way to create a consistent website experience?

Keeping the navigation in the same location.

Creating only one template for your pages.

Adding a border to the sidebar.

Using the same CTA button.

True or False: Responsive design relies on predefined screen sizes.

True or False: Nearly half of all emails are opened on a mobile device.

Select the correct line of HTML that would activate the phone app of a mobile device.

< a href="tel:+16178675309" target="_blank">

< a href="call:+1-617-867-5309" target="_blank">

< a href="tel:+1-617-867-5309" target="_blank">

< a href="call:+16178675309" target="_blank">

True or False: A menu module stacks vertically on smaller screens by default.

Which element is most important when writing a CSS media query?

Device type

Mobile operating system

Screen size

Image load time

Which of the following is true about the HubSpot email tool?

HubSpot guarantees deliverability to all email addresses.

HubSpot's email tool can promote engagement by bypassing SPAM filters.

HubSpot's email tool can use JavaScript and other languages to compute logic in emails.

HubSpot's email tool collects analytics information which integrates with the contact record in HubSpot.

Your new client, Top Chocolate Shop is considering using the HubSpot COS for their marketing efforts. Which of the following would you tell them about the COS?

The HubSpot COS is a Content Management System, built to make web content creation and editing easy.

The HubSpot COS contains tools for building responsive and dynamic page, email, and blog templates.

The HubSpot COS is a system that integrates your content creation with HubSpot's marketing analytics tools.

All of the above.

True or False: Templates built in the Template Editor are automatically mobile-optmized.

When your CSS style is ready to be previewed, how do you make it available as a choice in the Style Menu?

Click ‘Save’ and it will automatically become available.

Copy all of the associated CSS styling and paste it into each module.

Click ‘Publish' in the Code Editor to make it selectable.

Import the Style and insert the code at the top of your stylesheet.

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