Hootsuite Social Selling Certification Exam Answers

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Hootsuite Social Selling Certification Exam Answers


  • Exam contains 40 multiple choice questions.
  • You need to score at least 80% to pass.
  • You have 60 minutes to complete the exam.

Some questions:

If an Instagram user’s profile is public, you’re able to see both their followers AND who they are following. What are THREE ways a social seller could make use of that information? (pick three)

  • For importing follower and following lists into LinkedIn to better understand the relationship dynamics of your professional network
  • For uploading an important prospect’s ‘Following’ list into your CRM to find new connections
  • For finding like-minded individuals
  • For determining who your 2nd and 3rd degree connections are with an important prospect
  • For a better understand a demographic or audience you’re trying to sell to
  • For finding opportunities to engage with potential new prospects

Under the Interests Tab on LinkedIn is the ability to follow companies you’re targeting. Following companies can help you glean insights and move your sales efforts forward. Which of the following is a best practice for following companies on LinkedIn?

  • When sending a Follow Request to a company, ask that they also follow you in return.
  • Keep the list of companies you follow well-pruned to avoid missing a key update.
  • After following a company, send connection requests to all existing ‘second-degree connections’ between yourself and the company.
  • Always include the reason why you’re requesting to follow a company in the text box provided.
  • Follow as many companies as possible, to increase the chances of surfacing strategically useful information.

Social proof is a powerful way to build credibility and trustworthiness. On LinkedIn, ___________________ from clients are a great way to showcase your professional integrity.

  • likes and content re-shares
  • 'Verified Social Seller' badges
  • upvotes and Likes
  • positive recommendations and skill endorsements
  • retweets and re-posts
  • earnings reports

Why is it important to regularly schedule social selling activities into your daily and/or weekly routine?

  • Because, as a top of funnel activity, it can be easy to forget about until it’s too late.
  • As a predominantly mid-funnel strategy, social selling needs repeated daily touch points.
  • Because, as a bottom of funnel activity, it’s vital for hitting near-term sales targets.

There are many different ways you can make a strong first impression among potential clients visiting your LinkedIn page. However, the easiest and most effective way to accomplish this is with an up-to-date and professional _____________.

  • profile photo
  • extensive summary of all your qualifications section
  • collection of endorsements
  • list of awards and certifications
  • additional information section

Instagram users can save posts they find interesting into groups called _______________. Saved posts are not visible to your followers, and users will not know if you have saved their post.

  • ‘Favourites’
  • ‘Collections’
  • ‘Highlights’
  • ‘Files’
  • ‘Albums’
  • ‘Stories’

If you’re listening to other sellers, chances are they’re listening to you. For this reason, you may want to:

  • create fake accounts to interact with and throw off your competitors
  • avoid using industry-specific keywords in your conversations that competitors might be monitoring
  • limit your engagement with important leads to private messaging
  • never engage on social media with important leads unless absolutely necessary

In the summary section of your LinkedIn profile, your primary focus should be on communicating:

  • job responsibilities with your previous 2-3 employers.
  • the depth of your knowledge of your industry, and how you intend to continue growing.
  • your professional accomplishments, and where you see yourself professionally in 5 years.
  • what you've achieved for your customers, not just what you've achieved for yourself.
  • professional accolades and key people you are connected with in your industry.

What is most important to think about when choosing the social networks on which to build your presence?

  • Which networks best support the content you want to share.
  • Where your target audience is most active.
  • The networks on which you already have a good working knowledge.
  • Which networks will become popular in the coming 1-2 years.

When writing your About Section on your Facebook Business Page, keep in mind that approximately the first __________________ are visible when your page appears in search engine results, so be sure to include the most important information first.

  • 140 words
  • 140 characters
  • 20 characters
  • 350 characters
  • 250 words

In the Website field of your Twitter page, add:

  • a link to your website, a link to your your company’s website, OR a link to your LinkedIn page
  • a link to your blog (if applicable), a link to your your company’s website, AND a link to your LinkedIn page
  • your company’s Twitter handle AND your Twitter handle.
  • your company’s Twitter handle OR your Twitter handle.

On LinkedIn, the rule of thumb is ‘always be connecting’. However, while quantity is important, so is quality. Make sure to connect with:

  • an accompanying request for their offline contact information.
  • succinct, clear questions about key decision makers they are connected to.
  • an up-to-date product and services list.
  • a well polished pitch and/or attractive discount on your products or service.
  • a purpose and a mutually beneficial relationship in mind.

The primary goal of social selling shouldn’t be to try and close deals with prospects through social media platforms; rather your guiding purpose should be to:

  • increase brand recognition for your company.
  • set the stage for more effective outreach through traditional sales channels.
  • boost your discoverability and SEO.
  • phase out outmoded practices like phone calls and in-person meetings.
  • get information about products and services into the hands of prospects in the least expensive way possi

In the summary section of your LinkedIn profile add high quality, supporting media such as links, slideshares, and videos. In addition to bolstering your credibility as a sales professional, adding this content is important because:

  • LinkedIn serves this content up in the ‘Suggested Resources’ section of your target prospects’ News Feed.
  • LinkedIn may feature this content in the monthly emails received by your connections.
  • LinkedIn automatically sends push notifications to your connections whenever you add content like this.
  • LinkedIn’s search algorithm favors completely filled out and active profiles.

When setting up your LinkedIn profile, be sure to customize your URL for your LinkedIn page with a __________________.

  • short, memorable extension
  • re-direct link to your personal website
  • branded hashtag
  • long, descriptive extension
  • shortened, trackable link (e.g., an ow.ly link)

If you are engaging in social selling activities in the financial services industry in Canada or the U.S., you must:

  • delete any lasting record of an interaction with clients within 48 hours.
  • include a clear profile photo taken within the past 6 months, using passport photo specifications.
  • engage with any comments left on your posted content within 24 hours.
  • send a disclaimer via direct message before engaging in a private conversation (e.g., via DMs).
  • delete or hide any and all LinkedIn recommendations left by clients, colleagues, or anyone else.

__________________ refers to using the search functionality of social networks to proactively seek out new leads, insights, companies, decision makers, and influencers.

  • Advanced search
  • Social surfing
  • Social targeting
  • Active searching
  • Active listening

Regardless of the social platform you’re sending a direct message on, always _______________ early and clearly to respect your prospects’ time.

  • state the purpose of your message
  • share information about relevant sales or promotions
  • outline your company’s products and services
  • attempt to close the business
  • get your sales pitch out of the way

People prefer to do business with those they know, like and trust. Social networks give social sellers the opportunity to share their personal interests alongside professional ones. In light of this, which of the following is the most appropriate reason to engage with prospects on social media?

  • convey an idealized notion of yourself
  • humanize yourself
  • highlight the weaknesses of competing sales professionals
  • highlight your professional accomplishments
  • promote yourself

Industries like insurance, financial services and healthcare are prime examples of industries where ___________________.

  • sales activities through social channels are prohibited by federal law
  • your emphasis should be on closing business through the social channels themselves
  • adoption of social selling was far ahead of the curve
  • regulatory oversight impacts social selling activities
  • the volume of content you publish should be very high

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other networks offer the ability to send _______________ so you can connect with people directly for one-on-one interactions.

  • follow notifications
  • WhatsApp invites
  • address book Invites
  • private messages
  • connection requests

If one of your Tweets or a Facebook post is getting a lot of engagement or sparking a discussion, what should you do to keep the conversation going?

  • like or favorite the post
  • port it into a sidebar ad
  • update the post with visuals 
  • pin it to the top of your profile
  • cross share to LinkedIn

By discovering pain points and noticing buying signals you can better qualify your prospects, thereby reducing your ________________.

  • return on investment
  • average revenue per user
  • customer acquisition costs
  • business friction
  • customer onboarding expenditure

To send a direct message to a prospect or client on Twitter:

  • you must have a ‘Small Business’ or ‘Twitter Premium’ account.
  • You must not be over your allotted amount of weekly DMs.
  • you must be following each other.
  • You must enter their email address.

To fully populate the media gallery of your Twitter Page, thus boosting the visual impact of your profile, you should share at least ___ visually striking photos or videos that are relevant to your business.

  •   5
  •   4
  •   2-3
  •   6

_____________ is a strong network for B2B social selling and offers a variety of ways to connect with decision makers based on their professional attributes.

  • instagram 
  • Linkedin 
  • Snapchat 
  • Facebook 
  • Twitter 
  • all the above

When viewing a prospect's profile on LinkedIn, what’s one reason you would want to check out the People Also Viewed section on the right hand side?

  • To request connections with people who may be able to influence your target.
  • To monitor who has been viewing your profile.
  • To determine the types of content resonating with the prospect and their network.
  • It can be a great way to learn about key team members of a target account.

Be sure to use Twitter’s ___________________ feature to connect with contacts you may have outside the platform.

  • Analytics
  • Customer Locator
  • Find Friends
  • Small Business Search
  • Target Finder

To monitor the social activity of your customers and prospects on Twitter and keep an eye on the competition, _________________ are an essential tool.

Twitter Analytics

Twitter Subscriptions

Twitter Lists

Twitter Favorites

Twitter ‘Tweets and Replies’

Let’s say you’re a real estate agent, and a competing agent in your territory is gaining a lot of likes and engagement week over week on their Facebook Business Page. What tool on your Facebook Business Page could you use to learn more about the type of content they’re sharing with their audience to drive that attention?

  • the ‘Pages to Watch’ feature
  • The tool ‘Facebook Insights for Real Estate Agents’
  • Twitter Analytics for Facebook Integration
  • Download an Excel spreadsheet with your competitions publishing history
  • RSS Feeds

Which part of the traditional sales funnel do social selling activities best fit (e.g., publishing content, searching for conversations to engage in, responding to Direct Messages)?

  • all of the options in this list
  • outside funnel activities
  • top of funnel activities
  • middle of funnel activities
  • post-funnel activities
  • bottom of funnel activities

The three networks B2B social sellers use most are:

  • Snapchat, LinkedIn, and Twitter
  • LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook
  • Google+, Twitter, and Facebook
  • Google+, LinkedIn, and Instagram

Say you’re conducting some research for new prospects on Twitter, and would like to search keywords, language, location, and dates. Where on Twitter would you go to conduct such a search?

  • Twitter Target Finder
  • Twitter Small Business Search
  • Twitter Customer Locator
  • Twitter Analytics
  • Twitter Advanced Search

When setting up your Facebook Business page for Social Selling activities, select the ‘Business or Brand’ account type, if you want a ___________________ on your page.

  • Live Chat, Commenting functionality, and Inbox
  • Map, Check-Ins, and Ratings & Reviews
  • Comment moderation functionality, and Ratings and Reviews
  • Check-Ins, Skype integration, and Live Chat
  • Products and Services section, and E-commerce capabilities

When it comes to gathering information on social media channels and setting the stage for effective outreach to clients and prospects, the two main approaches sales professionals can use are:

  • social graph and social listening
  • paid acquisition and earned information
  • Google Analytics and social graph
  • social listening and active searching
  • owned audience analysis and paid analytics

Thought leadership doesn’t require you to create your own content. It can be as simple as re-sharing thoughtful, interesting content that you’ve curated from trusted sources in your industry. Where can you source this type of content? Select all that apply.

  • Twitter lists 
  • Industry publications
  • Customer stories
  • Company content

When creating your Twitter handle, avoid using _______________ and, if possible, keep a consistent username across all social profiles.

  • company specific identifiers
  • your real name
  • all of the items in this list
  • numbers and underscores

A ______________ is a custom feed of Twitter user profiles that lets you easily monitor the activity of list members in a single view.

  • Twitter moment
  • Twitter subscription
  • Twitter notification
  • Twitter favorite
  • Twitter list

Prime examples of industries where regulatory oversight impacts social selling activities include:

  • media, tech, and insurance.
  • healthcare, law, and media.
  • government, tech, and military.
  • insurance, financial services, and healthcare.

On LinkedIn, when someone new follows you or connects with you, make a habit of _______________.

  • endorsing them for at least 5 Skills in the Skills Endorsement section
  • messaging them to say thanks for connecting
  • verifying you have mutual connections before accepting
  • blocking them if you haven’t met in person
  • verifying they are already a contact within your CRM before accepting

Which of the following is NOT an example of engaging with a prospect on social media?

  • Commenting on their blog or social media posts, which could generate a fruitful conversation that showcases your expertise.
  • Creating a Twitter List dedicated to a prospect to monitor their social activity.
  • Retweeting a relevant tweet from a prospect, or sending a thoughtful reply.
  • Liking or sharing their LinkedIn posts, giving the prospect a shout out when sharing their post.
  • Directly tweeting a piece of content at a prospect that connects with one of their pain points.

To make it even easier to drive action from your Facebook Business page, Sales Professionals can add a _______________ button underneath their cover photo. Choose only ONE best answer

  Send Direct Message

  Like This Page

  Post to Wall

  Share This Page


A key tactic for finding prospects and customers on social channels, and then discovering patterns and trends in their behaviour, is to use existing data from your ____________.

  • Graph Search
  • CRM
  • Suggested Connections module
  • Google Analytics account
  • Consultancy reports

Liking or sharing a customer or prospect’s LinkedIn post, and giving the prospect a shout out in the process is an example of:

  • monitoring
  • supporting
  • publishing
  • engaging
  • listening

On Instagram, you can save content you find interesting into groups called Collections. Which of the following is NOT a good reason use an Instagram Collection?

  • To create a repository of important posts published by your competitors
  • To showcase your favorite posts and interests to your audience.
  • To keep track of posts you want to engage with later.
  • To curate user-generated content you’d like to repost
  • To save content that inspires you.

Depending on your market segment, you might also find your prospects are active on Instagram or Snapchat. If that’s the case:

  • you should purchase an Instagram and/or Snapchat Business Plan so you’re better able to connect with these customers.
  • all the options in this list
  • you should avoid these platforms, as they are not geared toward social selling activities.
  • you should focus exclusively on these platforms, as they offer the highest ROI on social selling activities.
  • it’s important to meet them there with engaging content suited to those platforms.

To stay on top of relevant conversations in your industry, especially those taking place among groups of people you might not be aware of, it’s helpful to regularly do research on Twitter for ____________ that are in use.

  • URL parameters
  • geo-codes
  • emojis
  • hashtags
  • metatags

‘Social listening’ and ‘active searching’ are information gathering approaches that social sellers can use to:

  • set the stage for well targeted and effective outreach to clients and prospects.
  • produce better targeted Google Analytics reports.
  • build a high ROI paid audience.
  • demonstrate ROI to senior leadership within their firms.
  • build out a social media policy and guidelines document.

When updating your Instagram bio to better reflect your personal brand, you’ll notice the bio field doesn’t offer any options for formatting. What is a workaround you can use to add formatting?

  • Render your bio as a JPG or PNG then upload into the bio field.
  • Turn your Instagram Business account back into a personal account, which has more formatting options.
  • In your settings, turn on ‘Enable Bio Formatting’.
  • Draft your bio in the Notes app on your device, then copy and paste it into the bio field.
  • Sign up for Instagram for Business Premium Account for additional formatting functionality. You can switch back to a regular account after.

Under the Additional Information section of your LinkedIn profile, you can add _______________, which is an effortless way to be top of mind in your network at least once a year and create an opportunity to re-engage with dormant contacts.

  • annual milestone reminders
  • an “anniversary notification” for important connections
  • an “Alumni Alert”
  • your birthday
  • a paid “anniversary notification” for your VIP connections

When sourcing content about your own organization to share on your social networks, connect with the marketing department. They may have content that’s:

  • mapped to the sales funnel and target prospects 
  • tracked via CTAs and UTM parameters
  • preferred by the network’s algorithm
  • developed specifically for lead gen

Which of the following can social media help sales professionals with?

gather market insights

generate better leads

create better buying experience

convert leads to sales

all of the above

If you’re constantly reaching out to people with the same canned pitch on Twitter, you could look like a spammer and won’t be taken seriously. This is because everything you post on Twitter ends up in your____________ list.

  • 'My Interests’
  • ‘Public Notifications’
  • ‘Favorites’
  • 'Tweets & Replies'
  • ‘Your Updates’

Different features are available for different Facebook Business Page types. For Sales Professionals, the ___________________ option provides the largest range of functionality including a Map, Check-Ins, and Ratings & Reviews.

  • Business Person
  • Brand or Product
  • Premium Individual
  • Business or Brand
  • Community or Public Figure

When initiating contact with a prospect via direct message on a social network, ensure your message: Choose only ONE best answer

  •   is informal and not too specific.
  •   clearly specifies the range services you're able to offer.
  •   contains a presumptive close.
  •   is relevant and personalized to their pain points.
  •   always concludes with a firm ask for the business.

Poorly maintained social media profiles reflect badly on your reputation as an active, engaged Sales Professional. You should therefore:

  • strategically delete undeveloped or neglected accounts (or include a redirect to a more active account).
  • focus on Twitter and Facebook, as these networks always produce the highest ROI for Sales Professionals.
  • pick the one social account you enjoy being on the most, and delete all the others.
  • find the time to fully update all your profiles and make them appear active, even if it means cutting into time spent prospecting and other selling-related activities.

If you are engaging in social selling activities in the financial services industry in Canada or the U.S., you may not:

  •   solicit or accept Recommendations on your personal LinkedIn profile.
  •   Retweet or Share content posted by competitors.
  •   engage in any private conversations via Direct Messaging functionality.
  •   include photos or any other self-identifying visuals.
  •   engage with comments left by clients or prospects on your posted content.

Let’s say you want to do some social selling research using the Instagram app. What are the THREE parameters you can search by in Instagram? (pick three)

  • hashtag
  • job title
  • user
  • 2nd degree connections
  • most popular
  • interests
  • location

Twitter’s ‘Advanced Search’ functionality is useful if you need to search for target prospects’ accounts using any of the following parameters:

  • hashtags, job type, words, dates, employer
  • employer, hashtags, income level, people, places
  • 1st or 2nd degree connections, job type, location, hashtags
  • words, people, places, and dates

Sharing the right kind of content on social can position you as a thought leader and trusted advisor. To achieve this, what is the content type and ratio you should aim for?

  • two times as much product or company information as educational content
  • four times as much educational content as product or company information
  • 50% personal updates and 50% company updates
  • 80% LinkedIn status updates and 20% Tweets

If you’d like to track clickthroughs on the web address you include in the website field on your Twitter page, you can use a _____________ like Hootsuite’s ow.ly.

  • browser cookie
  • bitmap
  • link shortener
  • email gating tool

Facebook’s __________________ will help you identify demographics, location, common interests and the purchasing behaviours of your followers so you can make intelligent decisions about your sales strategy.

  • Audience Insights
  • ‘Pages to Watch’ feature
  • Analytics
  • Content Performance Analysis
  • Comparative Content Analysis Tool

The goal of social selling is to _______________ and set the stage for more effective outreach through traditional sales channels.

  •   warm up cold calls
  •   increase brand recognition for your company
  •   boost your discoverability and SEO
  •   lower the cost of doing business by closing deals online
  •   Always Be Closing

LinkedIn provides sales professionals with the ability to follow companies. Why would this be useful for social selling activities?

  • Following a company provides you the option of declaring what the type of relationship you have with the company (e.g., Consumer, B2B Vendor, Competitor, Fan) which limits the types of communications you’ll receive from that organization to those relevant to your business goals.
  • If the target company accepts your follow request, your second-degree connections with them will transfer into first degree connections. This allows you to send direct messages to those connections.
  • You’ll receive access to the company’s recent updates section, which contains valuable information.
  • The company will receive a follow notification, which will prompt them to review your profile - and therefore the products and services you offer.
  • By regularly monitoring the feeds of these companies, you may glean insights that can move your sales efforts forward.

Consider the question: “Who am I and what’s important to me”. What sort of social selling-related activity would you be engaged in when asking yourself this question?

  • Prioritizing your weekly prospecting activities
  • Philosophizing about the meaning of social media in modern society
  • Customer needs analysis
  • Preparing to close a new sales lead
  • Articulating your brand voice
  • Defining your personal brand

When you’re thinking about how to approach, and schedule, your ongoing social selling efforts, it’s helpful to break it into three distinct activities: (pick three)

  • Researching Leads
  • Comments with Flattery
  • Sharing Content
  • Direct Messaging a prospect every day
  • Paid ads targeted as customers
  • Engaging Prospects

___________________ refers to the ongoing monitoring of social media channels for relevant mentions, including product and competitor conversations, mentions of key industry terminology, etc.

  • Social engagement
  • Network intelligence
  • Social prospecting
  • Social listening
  • Lead combing

If you have several potential LinkedIn profile photos to choose from, reach out to trusted colleagues and mentors to get their opinion; however, you should ultimately choose a photo that:

  • doesn’t make you look too young, as that will be interpreted as inexperienced.
  • represents how you would ideally like clients to perceive you.
  • depicts you with your most “trustworthy” smile.
  • reflects a professional period when you were most on top of your game.
  • represents how you usually look when interacting with customers.

When building and projecting your personal brand as a sales professional, expressing personal interests and passions through your social media channels _________________:

  • looks unprofessional and so is generally not advisable, unless otherwise stated by your organization.
  • will distract your audience and take their attention off the business goals you’re moving forward.
  • makes you appear well-rounded and helps build more authentic business relationships.
  • is appropriate on some platforms, but not on others.

Which of the following is a reason why you’d want to use Instagram’s Highlights feature?

  • Pin your favourite images to the top of your profile.
  • To keep your favourite Instagram stories visible on your profile.
  • Cross-post your images to your Facebook account.
  • Quickly review your top performing posts of the week.
  • Give a top-performing post a paid boost, to reach a wider audience.

Which of the following is an example of a social selling activity?

  • A recruiter purchases a LinkedIn sidebar Ad targeting alumni from the local university.
  • A real estate agent does keyword research in Google Analytics to determine search terms that need to be targeted by her organization’s blog posts.
  • A SaaS software Sales Professional creates a social media strategy, outlining roles and responsibilities and advertising budget.
  • A financial advisor spots a job change on LinkedIn and reaches out to assist with a pension transfer.
  • A mortgage broker creates an A/B test to determine which email copy gives the biggest boost to brand awareness for his organization.

On LinkedIn, it’s essential to ________________ - the more connections you have, the more likely you’ll be able to get introduced to an important prospect or decision maker.

  • ensure your account is set to “Public and Discoverable”
  • always be closing
  • send invitations to every person the LinkedIn algorithm suggests to you
  • always be connecting
  • ask for the business in every interaction

LinkedIn also offers_____________, a paid premium feature, which provides a way to get in touch with prospects when you don’t have their email address and are not already connected on LinkedIn.

  • InMail
  • Hootsuite integration
  • the WhatsApp integration
  • Premium DM
  • Prospect Finder

LinkedIn is a strong network for ________ Social Selling and offers a variety of ways to connect with decision makers based on their professional attributes.

  •   B2B
  •   B2C
  •   B2D
  •   B2M

Social selling is best thought of as a top of funnel activity, in that it is most effective at helping you find and qualify leads, and get sales conversations started. Which of the following is the optimal approach for incorporating social selling into your broader sales routine?

  • at the end of each quarter for 1 week
  • 2-3 hours every month
  • when bottom of funnel activities, like closing in-person, have been exhausted
  • as a scheduled part of your weekly routine, for example, 30 minutes 3 times a week
  • at the start of each quarter for 2 days
  • when you see a buying signal or come across inspiring content to share

Where on LinkedIn would you search for potential prospects by industry, location, degrees of separation, keywords, and more?

  "People You May Know' section, under My Network

  "Add Contacts' section

  "Advanced People Search'

  "Prospect Finder', under Interests tab

  "Connections', under My Network

When you’re just getting started with visualizing and articulating your personal brand as a sales professional, a helpful initial exercise is to _____________ .

  • build out a several social media profiles to see which resonates best with you
  • stare at yourself in a mirror while listening to your favorite music album
  • brainstorm terms you associate with yourself in a word cloud formation
  • Google yourself for insights into the type of person you are
  • identify sales professionals you consider role models and emulate what they’re doing

When it comes to social selling, the most important use of CRM data is for:

  • uploads into google analytics.
  • purchasing facebook advertisements.
  • locating key customers and prospects on social channels.
  • generating lists of lookalike audiences within LinkedIn Advertisements.

With Instagram you can choose between using a personal or business account. What are two reasons you might switch your personal Instagram account into an Instagram Business account? (pick two)

  • So you can add more details in your contact information.
  • To do hashtag searches
  • To be able to Comment on your Followers’ posts
  • To gain the ability to make your account Private
  • To search topics relevant to your industry by keyword
  • To get access to analytics data about your reach, impressions, and demographics.

As with all your social profiles, ensure all sections of your Twitter profile are filled out completely. Use ______________ as the username and add a company-specific identifier if needed.

  •   your nickname
  •   a striking, memorable word or phrase
  •   your real name
  •   your industry's name
  •   your employee ID number

The Instagram Stories feature is a great engagement tool for social selling. What are two situations where it makes more sense to publish content with Instagram Stories rather than a traditional Instagram post? (pick two)

  • Your objective is to maximize likes and new followers.
  • You have an important post that you want visible for the coming week.
  • The content you want to share is casual and/or spontaneous.
  • You want to create a visual record of your posting history.
  • You want your audience to respond to you directly, via direct message. .
  • Your goal is to maximize engagement in the comments section.

When it comes to social selling, a well-formulated personal objective should answer the question “What am I trying to accomplish with social media”. Which of the following best describes how articulating a personal objective could be useful to you, on a day-to-day basis?

  • Repeating it several times every morning, like a mantra, will put you in a closing state of mind.
  • Sharing it regularly with your audience will build trust and demonstrate transparency.
  • It will make you feel visible, centered, valuable, and connected.
  • It can be used in Bio and About sections of your profile.
  • It will keep you focused you on prioritizing social media activities that best support your goals.

Which statement best characterizes social selling’s relationship with traditional selling activities?

it replaces traditional selling activities

it usurps traditional selling activities

it encompasses traditional selling activities and leverages them as a tool

it complements traditional selling activities

it is a completely separate sphere of activity

The following three things are part of a strong, descriptive Twitter bio for a sales professional:

  • at least 2 testimonials, your personal twitter handle, and at least 5 industry relevant hashtags
  • a list of previous employers and dates of employment, work references, and at least 1 testimonial
  • your company’s Twitter handle, a relevant industry hashtag, and personal interests or passions
  • a complete description of your company’s background, your professional experience, and how that experience will benefit future clients

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Hootsuite Social Selling Certification Exam Answers

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