Hootsuite Social Media Marketing Certification Exam Answers

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Hootsuite Social Media Marketing Certification Exam Answers

  • The exam contains 60 multiple-choice questions.
  • You need to score at least 80% to pass.
  • You have 60 minutes to complete the exam.

In this certification you have more possible questions that you get during the exam, 80 in total. Every time you take the exam you get 60 random questions from the all possible questions list in a random order. Our PDF file contains ALL POSSIBLE questions.


Why is it important to track relevant social metrics? (Choose Three Answers)

  • They help you keep track of your socials performance
  • They help you from having to rely on influencers to drive sales/engagement
  • They help you demonstrate your team's efforts to higher management
  • They help you develop strong strategies


What metric would you track to see how your followers are responding to your posts, including likes, shares and comments?

  • Engagement Rate
  • Conversion Rate
  • Reach
  • Impressions


Your click-through rate measures how many people click a link in your post. How do you calculate it?

  • Divide the total number of clicks on a link in a post by the total number of impressions
  • Divide the number of conversions you received against the number of clicks you received on your links
  • Divide the number of conversions you received against the total engagement rate
  • Divide the total number of clicks on a link in a post by the total reach


Regular social media reporting shows how your campaign is performing over a set period of time. What is one of the benefits of this kind of reporting?

  • It provides you with more detail on your performance compared to other reporting types
  • It provides management with simple to read/ understand reporting
  • It allows you to measure the success of a completed campaign and show what worked, what didn't, and how to improve for next time
  • It allows you to check on your performance and course-correct if things aren’t working as planned


What is the purpose of post-mortem reporting?

  • To examine what tactics or platforms performed best on the completion of a campaign
  • To break down each metric used involved your platform(s) and it’s role on objectives
  • To show how your campaign is performing over various periods of time
  • To give higher-management an easy-to-understand overview of your socials performance


What is one way to get stakeholder buy-in while sharing social reports?

  • Highlight customer testimony on why your social channel is the best
  • Don’t highlight any data or metrics
  • Contrast your vanity metrics against your actionable metrics
  • Know who you are reporting to and tailor the report


What are some best practices to make sure your data is easy to understand in your report? (Choose Three Answers)

  • Visualize your data
  • Only show data that is relevant to your report
  • Explain how the data impacted brand objectives
  • Explain in detail how the data is measured


Successful brands build an active community by consistently engaging with their audience. Which of these are examples of community engagement? (Choose Three Answers)

  • Responding to comments
  • Liking or sharing audience comments or posts
  • Promoting a sale on your socials
  • Encouraging your audience to remix your content


What are two major benefits of growing an active community?

  • Increased brand advocacy
  • It can lead to an increase in sales
  • Audiences are less likely to move to other accounts for content
  • Customers will exclusively buy from your brand


One of the advantages of building an active community is that it can humanize your brand. What is one major advantage of humanizing your brand?

  • It makes your brand relatable, and gives you an edge over traditional marketing strategies
  • It immediately places you as one of the top players in your social niche, increasing clout
  • It automatically improves your brands’s SEO, making sure your audience will see your content first
  • It makes your brand feel contemporary, which can attract a younger audience


The benefits of maintaining an active community extend beyond sales. What are three ways your engaged community can help your brand?

  • Helping you create content for your socials
  • Giving you new brand objectives to pursue
  • Providing useful feedback about your brand
  • Saving you time by monitoring your socials


One benefit of an engaged community is receiving feedback that you can use to improve your brand. What are two practical methods you might use to get broad audience feedback on your brand?

  • Ask for feedback via a poll or questionnaire
  • Use a social listening tool to find honest feedbacK
  • Ask your competitors what they think of your brand
  • Tally the positive vs. negative comments on your socials


To grow an engaged community across all of your social media channels, you’ll need a good understanding of the networks you use and your audience. What is something you should keep in mind when developing a strategy that spans platforms?

  • People use social platforms for different reasons
  • All social networks have the same requirements
  • All audiences are looking for entertaining content
  • Your audience is the same across platforms


What are two things you should consider doing when cross-posting?

  • Edit your copy for each network
  • Change your brand voice for each platform
  • Create different pieces of content for each platform
  • Take advantage of platform-specific features in your posts


What are two brand benefits of maintaining an active community across platforms?

  • Makes sure your content is prioritized
  • Results in overall higher engagement
  • Increases brand visibility
  • Establishes you as a thought leader


When it comes to marketing, influencers and content creators are a powerful tool. What are three brand benefits of influencer marketing?

  • It can positively influence sales
  • It can help build audience trust
  • It can immediately turn your brand into a success
  • It allows you to access new customers


Which type of influencer often has the smallest following, but the highest engagement rate?

  • Micro influencers
  • Macro influencers
  • Nano influencers
  • Mega influencers


You’re a new brand on the scene and you’re trying to rapidly increase brand awareness and reach on social. Which type of influencers would you work with? (Choose Two Answers)

  • Micro influencers
  • Mega influencers
  • Macro influencers
  • Nano influencers


A successful influencer program should outline agreements and expectations between your brand and the influencer, including compensation. When it comes to deciding on compensation, what are the most important considerations? (Choose Three Answers)

  • The scope and length of the campaign
  • The influencer’s overall experience
  • The potential for freebies to replace payment
  • The time and resources needed to create content


All influencer marketing programs must abide by government regulations. What’s one way your influencer can stay within regulations?

  • Reinforce that they wouldn’t work with a brand unless they truly recommended them
  • Do not mention advertisements or paid partnerships, because it detracts from the power of the post
  • Do not engage influencers from geographic locations that are regulated by government bodies
  • Disclose partnerships as early as possible in every post in the caption or by using an #ad hashtag


Which of the following are effective ways of tracking the success of your influencer program? (Choose Three Answers)

  • Brand awareness metrics
  • Likes, follows, and shares metrics
  • Direct web traffic and sales
  • Community growth and engagement


You want to track sales and web traffic to better understand how your influencer campaigns are resonating with your audience. How do you do this?

  • Ensure you’re counting link clicks for each post
  • Ask influencer for engagement number on their post
  • Compare your sales against your competitors
  • Supply the influencer with UTM links to use


What are some ways you can track engagement data to see how an influencer is helping you grow your community? (Choose Three Answers)

  • Ask influencers to supply engagement data during a campaign such as retweets, shares, and replies
  • Look at engagement on each post to see what’s resonating and driving conversations
  • Compare data across campaigns, influencers, and platforms for a well-rounded view
  • Monitor your branded hashtag on social to see how often it’s being used and by which audience


A social media strategy provides a roadmap for your team to achieve its goals.

Which of the following are essential elements of a strong social media strategy? (Choose Three Answers)

  • A list of industry influencers
  • A crisis communications plan
  • A measurement and reporting plan
  • A social media audit


Your ad campaign objective is to increase product sales. Which of the following is an actionable metric that supports that objective?

  • Content reach
  • Follower count
  • Clickthrough rate
  • Post likes


When creating a crisis management plan for social media, what element should you start with?

  • A key contact list of stakeholders
  • A social media crisis drill
  • A social media monitoring strategy
  • A bank of pre-approved messages


What are some examples of commonly used social media tactics? (Choose Three Answers)

  • Interacting with your audience in the comment section
  • Distributing publishing responsibilities within your team
  • Running a contest or giveaway
  • Promoting user generated content


Paid, owned, and earned media converge to compliment and bolster each other on social media. Which of the following are examples of how to implement converged media tactics in your social media strategy? (Choose Two Answers)

  • Paying for a series of video ads on YouTube
  • Creating brand new TikToks specifically for a holiday campaign
  • Paying to promote a customer’s post of them using your product
  • Sharing a positive customer testimonial on LinkedIn


When it’s time to create a final campaign report, there are two key things your stakeholders need to know. What are they?

  • A summary of your campaign objectives
  • A target audience demographic breakdown
  • An overview of the competitive landscape
  • The actionable metrics your reported on weekly


A successful social media strategy is made up of three types of content - paid, owned and earned media. Which of the following are examples of owned media? (Choose Two Answers)

  • Any content that you have paid for an influencer to create and posted on your channel
  • User generated campaign content created and shared by brand advocates
  • Campaign images your team shot on location and published to branded accounts
  • Thought-leadership content created internally, hosted on your blog and shared on social


You’re a remote social media coordinator, and crisis strikes. Your direct manager is on leave, and you don’t know who to escalate it to. What do you need?

  • A short screen break to regroup and think about next steps
  • The chain of command and key contacts list for stakeholders
  • A social media management tool to shut down branded social accounts
  • Access to the company-wide slack channel to post an update


Strategic social media policy documents are like your team’s playbook - a tool they can quickly reference for information. What information should they contain?

  • Directions to other documents
  • Content calendar
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Social media overview


What are S.M.A.R.T objectives?

  • Scaffolded, mandated, approved, rotated, and teachable
  • Specific, measureable, attainable, relevant, and timebound
  • Siloed, measured, active, real, and tenacious
  • Sound, meaningful, articulate, revenue-driving, and targeted


There are several key elements of a strong social media strategy. Which element of your strategy outlines in detail what you plan to achieve?

  • Your social media objectives
  • Your policy document
  • Your reporting plan
  • Your employee guidelines


Which of the following are best practices for responding to a social media crisis? (Choose Three Answers)

  • Review how competitors are handling the situation and follow suit
  • Listen to what your audience is saying for insight into sentiment
  • Pause all outgoing content to review it for anything obsolete or tonedeaf
  • Review and update social profiles to highlight any changes


A new social media platform is gaining popularity, and you’re considering joining it. Your audience uses it, and you know you can provide value to them… But you’re worried the time and resource investment will take away from your existing channels, and you’re not sure if it will sufficiently support your objectives. What’s the best path forward?

  • Don’t join the platform if you’re not sure it’s a good fit
  • Ask your team what they like and dislike about it
  • Dive in and join the platform, add it to your strategy
  • Join the platform and test it, to see if it works


Companies need to proactively prepare for possible issues on social media, to mitigate risk and increase the chances of a positive outcome. What is this called?

  • A campaign risk assessment
  • A centralized resource playbook
  • A crisis management plan
  • An emergency chain of command


Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are a more defined target for your team to track progress towards objectives. If your objective is to increase link clicks by 20% on LinkedIn, what should be the corresponding KPI?

  • Increase comments by 5% on LinkedIn posts weekly
  • Generate 20 additional landing page views via LinkedIn weekly
  • Pitch to leadership for a budget increase of 15% for the campaign
  • Join a new social media network to increase brand reach


Which of the following best describes social media governance?

  • An audit carried out by a third party company
  • A committee of decision makers
  • A comprehensive list of passwords
  • An internal community management plan


How will creating a calendar of key dates for your campaign planning benefit your team? (Choose Two Answers)

  • It will help them stay ahead of essential dates
  • It will help them track performance metrics
  • It will help them prevent scheduling conflicts
  • It will help them plot out posts across networks


You’ve reviewed who has access to your branded social media accounts, and decided to change the passwords. Now you need to redistribute access to people who will be directly involved with the account. What’s the most secure way to do this?

  • List them in a centralized location that your team can access
  • Private message relevant people individually with the new passwords
  • Send them out via a team email, mention it’s sensitive information
  • Use a tool to manage account access without sharing passwords


Without a social media governance plan, you’re open to legal risks, brand damage, and lost revenue. What are the 5 parts of a strong governance plan?

  • Content, culture fit, calendar, goals and objectives, penalties
  • Scope, updates, operational considerations, employee policy, education
  • Summary, measurement, reviews, approvals, reporting
  • Targets, passwords, employee access, stakeholders, training


What’s the most effective way to spread awareness of your organization’s efforts during times of crisis?

  • Redistributing budget towards an authentic influencer program
  • An ad campaign targeting your audience on every social network
  • Pausing your content strategy to focus solely on posts relating to the crisis
  • Leaning on employee advocacy to share news via their own channels


Before you start your campaign, you need to make sure that you have actionable metrics to measure and report on. How do you know what’s an actionable or vanity metric?

  • Do your research. Actionable and vanity metrics vary year to year, depending on what’s trending in different industries and on social.
  • Review your post performance. Actionable metrics are found on your highest performing posts, while vanity metrics are tied to the lowest.
  • Talk to your team. It’s up to you as a brand to determine which metrics are most important to present to leadership.
  • Look to your objectives. Actionable metrics will directly support them, vanity metrics will not.


While job titles might differ from company to company, there will usually be three key roles in a social media team. What are they?

  • The Crisis Communicator - monitors for potential crisis situations, escalate issues, and liaises with internal stakeholders
  • The Social Media Manager - plans and overseas day to day execution of the social strategy
  • The Director - involved in high level planning and has final approval over campaign direction and budgets
  • The Social Media Coordinator - publishes all the content, monitors engagement and responds to messages


Every social media strategy needs a set of strong tactics to pull it off. Which of the below best defines social media tactics?

  • Tactics are what you use to define your overarching brand goals. E.g. crafting a mission statement.
  • Tactics are what you use to engage your audience and complete brand objectives. E.g. running a contest
  • Tactics are individual targets your team needs to reach to increase key metrics. E.g. gain X number of followers
  • Tactics are what you report on, to help determine campaign resources. E.g. to support budget requests


No matter who is writing content, your brand’s personality should reflect one distinct personality across all platforms. To make sure this happens, what are three steps you need to take? (Choose Three Answers)

  • Outline how your social brand voice translates to other platforms
  • Check for existing marketing documents that defines your voice
  • Develop brand attributes to highlight through your social voice
  • Use previous customer conversations to shape your voice


When formulating a social media strategy, you might spend some time searching for official and unofficial company accounts, fan accounts, outdated and fake accounts. Where should this information live?

  • In your social overview policy document
  • In your social media audit sheet
  • In your brand voice guidelines
  • In your internal stakeholder report


A successful social media strategy is made up of three types of content - paid, owned and earned media. Which of the following is an example of earned media?

  • A new product giveaway hosted on social
  • A five star review of your brand on Google
  • A paid influencer post recommending your brand
  • A campaign video shot and produced by your team


A global crisis has occurred, and you’ve paused all your outgoing content until you can review them for relevance and tone. Which of the following posts would you still publish?

  • A product post with a heartfelt caption about the crisis, linking to the product purchase landing page
  • A cheeky, fun post featuring a pun or joke, intended to lighten the online mood and spread some joy
  • A post announcing a new brand partnership along with a product promotion to celebrate the launch
  • A post that speaks to your customers concerns during the crisis, such as sharing resources that will help them adapt to the situation


Which of the following is an effective way of helping your team keep social interactions with customers consistent and on brand?

  • Imagine your brand as a person
  • Have one team member answer all messages
  • Set up a message approvals process
  • Ask for customer feedback


There are 5 key questions you should ask yourself before joining a new social media platform. Which of the following are key questions? (Choose Two Answers)

  • Does this platform integrate with my social media management software?
  • Is the platform being adopted by gen z and younger generations?
  • Is my audience on the platform?
  • Can I do things on this platform that I can’t do on my existing channels?


When planning for a new campaign, there are a number of steps that will help you prepare. What are they? (Choose Three Answers)

  • Assign team roles for campaign duration
  • Creating and populating an action plan
  • Assess timing and budget constraints
  • Set up a calendar of key brand dates


Strategic policy documents contain key information that helps your team quickly find the answers they need. One example is an overview of your brand’s socials - what should this overview include?

  • Each network’s content type, audience, and posting frequency
  • Network specific crisis management plans
  • The team’s titles, responsibilities, and contact info
  • Links to other important brand documents for reference


After analyzing the data from your social media audit, the “stop, start, continue” model can help guide your next steps. For example, if your audit determined that video content achieves high engagement across all platforms, what should you do?

  • Stop - decrease resources on Facebook and allocate to TikTok
  • Continue - maintain current roster of image and video content
  • Start - join a new social network to repost existing video content
  • Start - increase social video production budget


What are the best sources of information you can use to guide your owned media creation?

  • Employees, as they know the brand best
  • Brand mentions and hashtags
  • Social media audit and objectives
  • Conference and industry report findings


Which of the following is a S.M.A.R.T social media objective?

  • Engage an influencer to create 10 pieces of campaign content
  • Increase link clicks on Instagram by 10% in Q4
  • Generate UGC on TikTok
  • Run a social media contest to gain followers


A content strategy is a tactical plan for how you will achieve your goals with your socials. What are the three key components of a content strategy?

  • Research and analysis
  • Content-specific goals
  • Social Media Audit
  • Your plan for sharing content


Content pillars are the set topics and themes that your brand focuses on for its social media posts. Why are they a useful part of your social media strategy? (Choose Two Answers)

  • They help give your content direction and structure
  • They make sure you always maintain an evergreen library
  • They help you to define your brand voice and style
  • They give you set topics for your brand to focus on


All of the content in your socials fall into 2 categories: created and curated. Which of the following are benefits of creating your own content vs. curating it? (Choose Two Answers)

  • It gives total control of your messaging
  • It is cost effective to create
  • It’s simple to schedule and manage
  • It’s easy to find using social listening tools


What metric should you track if you want to see how many unique users are seeing your post?

  • Reach
  • Audience Growth Rate
  • Engagement Rate
  • Impressions


In addition to daily monitoring and weekly team reporting, it’s also a good idea to share high-level campaign reports with leadership. Generally speaking, how often should you share this type of report?

  • Monthly or quarterly
  • Yearly or bi-annuallly
  • Bi-annually or biennially
  • Daily or weekly


Content curation is the act of collecting existing social content to share with your audience. What is an advantage of using curated content?

  • It allows you post content immediately without much effort
  • It cements your reputation as a pro in your field
  • It allow you to diversify your content collection quickly
  • You can always be sure that it's tonally and visually consistent with your brand voice


External content can be a great way to fill up your content calendar, but you shouldn’t share everything that comes across your feed. What can you check to determine what external content is worth sharing on your socials?

  • If the content is being shared across other popular social accounts
  • If the content deviates from your created brand content or voice.
  • If the content has never been shared before and has viral potential
  • If the content aligns with your content pillars relevant key topics


While simply reposting other people's content can help you fill your content calendar - you still need to put in some work. How do you add value to external content?

  • By cross-posting external content across your platforms
  • By posting created content alongside external content
  • By dressing external content in your brands own perspective
  • By paying to have external content boosted across your platforms


Using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in your social profiles is a great way to improve your visibility and reach. What are some best practices to optimize your social profiles for SEO? (Choose Three Answers)

  • Choose a creative username, so people don’t confuse your brand with another.
  • Choose a username that includes relevant keywords, and include them in your bio.
  • Add links to your website, blog, e-commerce shop, and relevant online properties.
  • Include your address or city if location is important to your business.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a key way to get your content seen on social. What are some best practices to make your posts more SEO friendly? (Choose Three Answers)

  • Use at least 15 hashtags to hit various niches and groups
  • Encourage people to share your content in your post
  • Include keywords in post copy
  • Include brand specific hashtags in your post copy


There are three key factors that determine your posting schedule and frequency, which of the following is an example of one?

  • When your team is available
  • When your audience is online
  • When popular holidays occour
  • When your competitors post


You can have the best content in the world, but if you don’t know when to post it to get it in front of as many eyes as possible - then all your work might be for nothing. What are the three key factors that help determine your posting frequency?

  • Your platform data
  • Your strategic goals
  • Your allocated budget
  • Your audience activity


Evergreen content never becomes outdated, which means it can be reused again and again. Which of the following posts are an example of evergreen content?

  • A product update
  • A holiday feature
  • A new co-worker spotlight
  • A brand FAQ


What are some of the advantages of using video in your socials? (Choose Two Answers)

  • Video content is easier to produce than any other type
  • Audiences engage with video content more than any other type
  • Platforms favour video content over any other type
  • It’s easier to share video content across platforms


What are 2 best practices for creating videos on social?

  • Making sure your videos aligns with your larger brand objectives
  • Creating videos that follows the latest TikTok trends
  • Making sure your video highlights a product update or sale
  • Creating videos that add value to your audience


What is something you should consider before cross-posting a video on your socials?

  • That it’s formatted correctly for each platform
  • That it’s following the latest trends
  • That it isn’t similar to your competitors
  • That it was filmed with a camera and not your phone


A content calendar gives you a map of all your future content across all of your social accounts. What are the three main components of an effective content calendar?

  • An Evergreen library
  • A monthly calendar
  • A weekly Calendar
  • A team vacation calendar


What are two things you might consider doing with your content calendar when you have learned about a serious global event?

  • Delete older posts that may be insensitive to this situation
  • Comb through your content library to make sure your future posts are not insensitive to the situation
  • Continue with your original posting schedule, but mention the event in your copy
  • Pause your publishing schedule until you can regroup with your team to plan on how to proceed


Which of these are examples of implementing accessibility into your socials? (Choose Three Answers)

  • Including only two or three hashtags in your posts
  • Having content descriptions for images
  • Using common language vs. jargon in your copy
  • Contrasting text against backgrounds


DEI stands for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. What does it mean for social marketing? (Choose Three Answers)

  • Making content that is tailored for a specific audience
  • Representing a diverse range of voices on your socials
  • Creating a social space that be used and enjoyed by anyone
  • Creating content that engages with a broad spectrum of identities


What are three examples of implementing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) in your socials?

  • Outlining your stance on social issues on your platform
  • Celebrating holidays that feature diverse people and voices
  • Making sure you are promoting popular social issues
  • Using inclusive language and images


Inclusivity means making sure everyone feels welcome, especially those that have been historically marginalized. Which of these are examples of using inclusivity in your socials? (Choose Three Answers)

  • Using correct terminology (visually impaired)
  • Using neutral language (salesperson vs. salesman)
  • Considering many identities in your copy (Gender, Cultue,etc)
  • Making sure you are represented (Share what you know)


What does accessibility mean in social media?

  • Socials that are available to everyone, regardless of disability
  • Socials that display correctly on every device
  • Socials that can be understood in most common languages
  • Socials that are available on all networks




Chapter 1


One of your roles as a social media marketer is to mitigate any chance of getting blindsided by a crisis. How do you do that?

Choose only ONE best answer.

  • A A proactive social listening strategy
  • B Follow social channels that cover global events
  • C Look at historical data to see when crises usually occur
  • D Have copy prepared in response to any possible crisis


It’s now safe to post, but the crisis is still lingering in online conversations. What steps should you take to make sure that your content is not insensitive?

Choose only ONE best answer.

  • A Comb through your socials for any copy that may be viewed as problematic and remove them.
  • B Retroactively go into your socials and rewrite copy you have already posted.
  • C Do nothing. Audiences will understand that your copy does not reflect your brand's thoughts on current events.
  • D Delete your content before the crisis and start anew with content that is sensitive to the new reality.


You have been tasked to create a crisis management plan for your brand. What is one important piece of information that should be included in it?

Choose only ONE best answer.

  • A Salary information on each employee and contractor
  • B Contact information of decision-makers for each platform
  • C Information on your competition that you can leverage
  • D Important information on your engagement metrics


You are responsible for running all the socials for your brand. Your team has been notified of a serious internal crisis. What should you do?

Choose only ONE best answer.

  • A Change your socials profile image to a black image
  • B Immediately respond to the crisis on your social accounts
  • C Pause all content, review your social profiles, and create a response
  • D Delete all the content on your socials until the crisis is over


Chapter 2


You are a small team, but you want to increase your output of high-quality created content on your socials. What advantage could you highlight to upper management to get more budget?

Choose only ONE best answer.

  • A Created content always outperforms curated content.
  • B Created content means you can completely control the message.
  • C Created content is less resource intensive than content curation
  • D Created content lets you take part in trends faster than curated


You want to get a stronger presence for your social brand without spending a dime. What are some steps you can take before posting?

Choose ALL answers that apply.

  • A Make your social profile more attractive to SEO
  • B Add relevant keywords to your posts
  • C Add relevant hashtags to your posts
  • D Share your content with key influencers  


You’re the only person running the socials for your brand, and you’re short on time and resources. To keep your content calendar full, what type of content should you lean on? 

Choose only ONE best answer.

  • A Curated Content
  • B Created Content
  • C Paid Media
  • D Earned Media


You have put together a great set of curated content, but don’t post it immediately! What steps should you take before posting?

Choose ALL answers that apply.

  • A Make sure you aren’t releasing misinformation
  • B Make sure you aren’t violating copyright
  • C Double-check to make sure the content is on brand
  • D Make sure the content hasn’t been used by competitors


You’re setting up your content calendar for the year ahead. What dates should you consider?

Choose ALL answers that apply.

  • A Dates important to your brand (for example, a product launch)
  • B Dates important to your audience (for example, Pride)
  • C National and international holidays (for example, Remembrance Day)
  • D Dates important to your team or employees (for example, vacation days)


Chapter 3


What's one way to make your image-based content more accessible?

Choose only ONE best answer.

  • A Descriptive text
  • B Subtitles
  • C Visual text
  • D Illustrated text


Why is it important to take advantage of social listening when it comes to accessibility and inclusion?

Choose only ONE best answer.

  • A It gives you an idea of who your audience is and what their unique needs are
  • B It gives you an idea on how to improve your socials for SEO to reach as many people as possible
  • C It guides you to find customers that have the most spending power
  • D It helps you find progressive content that you then can flip to sell your product to your customers


Which of the following features should you add to videos to make sure everyone can enjoy it?

Choose ALL answers that apply.

  • A Subtitles
  • B Color Contrast
  • C An on-screen graphic telling your audience to turn on audio
  • D Music with no lyrics


How would you make this hashtag compliant with accessibility standards? #athenehotelresort

Choose only ONE best answer.

  • A #AtheneHotelResort
  • B #atheneHotelresort
  • C #atheneHotelResort
  • D #atheneHotelResort


You are about to post an image on your socials that contain text against a colored background. What should you double-check before posting it?

Choose only ONE best answer.

  • A Make sure that the text and background have a strong contrast
  • B Make sure that the text and the background are the same color
  • C Make sure that the text and the background have a slightly varied color contrast
  • D Make sure that you always use black text against a colored background


Chapter 4


What are three reasons why strategic influencer partnerships are often a good idea for brands?

Choose ALL answers that apply.

  • A They are typically trusted over brands.
  • B They can bring in new customers.
  • C They can increase brand awareness
  • D They will often work for free


What’s one way to track the success of an influencer partnership in driving sales?

Choose only ONE best answer.

  • A Track engagement
  • B Track direct sales
  • C Track brand awareness
  • D Track impressions


You’re a small brand, and higher management is set on getting a mega influencer to drive sales for your brand, but you know a micro or nano is better suited to your needs. What 3 reasons might you give to persuade them?

Choose ALL answers that apply.

  • A Mega influencers don’t typically drive sales conversions
  • B Mega influencers are the most expensive
  • C Micro, or nano could provide better results for your niche audience
  • D Mega influencers only cater to a very specific audience


What is the downside of using a micro or nano influencer?

Choose only ONE best answer.

  • A They may need more direction or resources to deliver content
  • B They are the most expensive influencer type
  • C They have a broad audience that doesn't typically engage with their content.
  • D They typically have no filter and are likely to post offensive content


What two things should you consider when deciding which influencer to work with?

Choose ALL answers that apply.

  • A Your social objectives
  • B Your budget and resources
  • C If the influencer is famous
  • D Influencers follower amount


Chapter 5


What metric would you track to see how many unique people are seeing your content?

Choose only ONE best answer.

  • A Reach
  • B Impressions
  • C Views
  • D Engagement Rate


What metric would you track to see how many times a single person may have seen your content?

Choose only ONE best answer.

  • A Engagement Rate
  • B Impressions
  • C Reach
  • D Views


What metric would you track if you wanted to see if your content is leading people to click your links?  

Choose only ONE best answer.

  • A Click-through rate
  • B Views
  • C Engagement Rate
  • D View completion Rate


What metric would you track to measure how many likes, reactions and comments your content is getting from your audience?

Choose only ONE best answer.

  • A Reach
  • B Engagement Rate
  • C Impressions
  • D Click-Through Rate


What calculation method would you use to check the dollar value of your social ads?

Choose only ONE best answer.

  • A Cost Per Click
  • B Engagement Rate
  • C Percentage Growth
  • D Virality Rate

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