Hootsuite Social Marketing Certification Exam Answers PDF

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Hootsuite Social Marketing Certification Exam Answers PDF 


Fundamentals of social marketing for today’s leading practitioners

The Hootsuite Social Media Marketing Certification Exam Answers now is Hootsuite Social Marketing Certification Exam Answers.

In this certification you have more possible questions that you get during the exam. Every time you take the exam you get random questions from the all possible questions list in a random order. Our PDF file contains ALL POSSIBLE questions. 

Some Questions:

When it comes to tracking the ROI of your community building efforts, we recommend focusing on three types of community metrics: (pick three)

A best practice for optimizing your video content for Facebook engagement is to:

When plotting out the content mix for your upcoming social media publishing schedule, promotional content about your organization shouldn’t exceed _______________ of your overall content mix.

Which of these is NOT a best practice for increasing engagement on LinkedIn posts?

Which of these is NOT a best practice for increasing engagement on Pinterest?

If you’re running a Facebook or Instagram campaign and need sophisticated targeting and budgeting options, which would be the best tool to use.

To grow an online community, some organizations start their own LinkedIn groups, rather than joining existing public or private ones. When doing so, it’s good to have a designated community manager in place. What are two things this community manager should do, as part of their responsibilities?

To place a video ad over YouTube videos, which option would you choose?

Let’s say you’re want to create an Instagram Ad, and want a high degree of control over budget, targeting, and creative. Which is the best method/tool to use?

__________ is a community-building metric that refers to loyalty and advocacy for your a brand by its social media community. Some ways this metric can be measured include positive testimonials, the amount of user generated content being produced by your community, and/or or the number of third party blog posts about your brand.

If you’re using paid advertisements on Twitter, and want more people to see your tweets, what’s the best campaign type to use:

If your new to Twitter and want to grow your audience using paid advertisements, what campaign type would work best?

LinkedIn offers a unique type of paid advertising, where you can send targeted, customized messages to users’ LinkedIn inboxes, where it appears alongside other direct messages. This ad type is called:

Which of these is NOT a best practice for sharing content on social media?

When drafting your social media posts, always aim to end them with a clear:

If you want to run a paid advertisement that appears across a wide variety of websites, videos, and mobile apps, your best choice is:

When buying an ad for Instagram or Facebook, begin by selecting the ___________ that most closely matches your business needs.

LinkedIn offers a type of paid advertising where a post is promoted in your target audience’s HomeFeed, but is NOT published on your LinkedIn Homepage.

If you are regularly posting content to multiple social networks, an important rule of thumb is to _____________.

Research shows that most Facebook users are on mobile, and engagement declines dramatically with longer posts. A rule of thumb, you should aim to write posts that are around ________.

When running a paid ad on Facebook, which of the following is NOT a placement option.

It’s important to remember that community building is about building relationships over time. When you’re getting started with measuring the ROI of your community building efforts, we recommend you track your progress ____________ rather than weekly.

Your social content strategies should vary by network. For example, your post frequency and volume can be much larger on _________ than other networks. This makes ___________ a great place to post the same piece of content multiple times and recycle evergreen content.

When engaging with your community, it’s important to keep your ___________ in mind and let it guide your response.

Instant Experience is a paid advertising feature on Instagram, configured to show media, display a storefront, complete a form, or explore lifestyle images with tagged products. To use Instant Experience, you’ll need to create your ad in _____________.

A benefit of using Google Ads Experience is the ___________ option, which automatically manages an ad after initial set-up by determining the most relevant targeting options.

When running an employee advocacy program, eventually you’ll need to pull data to demonstrate the program’s effectiveness. Which of the following is not a common metric that program managers will look at?

Tools like Hootsuite Amplify can make running an Employee Advocacy program easier by allowing you to ______________.

One benefit to having an Employee Advocacy Program is that Social Network Algorithms generally ____________.

Brand Advocacy programs should contain 4 components: Program goals, criteria for selection, a plan for onboarding, and finally, ____________.

You should use the 3 R’s, Relevance, Reach, and Resonance, to help you evaluate advocacy candidates. Resonance refers to ________________.

Once you’ve onboarded a participant into the brand advocacy program, focus on keeping and growing their commitment and cultivating enthusiasm. At the start, check in periodically to make sure your new advocate is engaged and committed. ______________ check ins are a good rhythm.

When announcing an Employee Advocacy Program, it’s important to reinforce why sharing content on behalf of an employer is in the employee’s self-interest. Employee advocates can showcase their engagement by sharing content that portrays the organization in a positive light, thereby ________________________.

When running a Employee Advocacy program, eventually you’ll need to pull data to demonstrate the program’s effectiveness. Which of the following is not a common metric that program managers will look at?

Since a business cannot follow their Facebook followers directly, it’s important to build a community and demonstrate customer care by _______________.

Which of the following is an examples of social media objective that could support the goal to increase awareness of a new hotel location on social channels? (PICK TWO)

The best method for determining future social media targets is to establish benchmarks. You can do this by __________________.

Which of the following IS a component of a social media strategy?

When pitching your budget to decision makers, focus on conveying two things: First, demonstrate ROI from the current year, and second:

Scope, Process for Creating and Updating Documentation, Approvals + Operational Considerations, Social Media Policy, and Education and Training are the 5 constituent parts of what?

Why should Social media managers should begin the budgeting process for their social marketing program well before final budget numbers are settled?

Identify the order of the elements below that most accurately reflects their relationship to each other.

Which of these is NOT a part of a Social Media Strategy?

Which of the following best describes the element of a Crisis Management Plan that specifies all the terms, hashtags, keywords that should be continually listened for on social channels with a view to identifying external issues before they spiral into crises?

The key question you want to keep in mind while undertaking a social media audit is: “What value is your organization adding to your customers through social media now vs. _______________?”

What element of a Crisis Management Plan defines the process that should unfold once an issue or crisis is identified? Hint: it also includes information about team members who should be engaged, when to pause publishing activities, and who decides when a crisis is over and normal social media operations can resume?

_______________would involve serving messages and content organically through your organization’s official social channels.

________________ increase the efficiency and effectiveness of social marketing tactics. Examples include Upcontent, Right Relevance, BuzzSumo and Hootsuite.

_______________ have become increasingly important because of the decline of organic views AND because of the overall increase in the volume of content being published on social channels.

An example of an “earned” social media tactic:

Social media tactics tend to fall into 3 categories:

Social media objectives should:

Using social platforms, businesses can target niche markets and reach specific demographics.

Tumblr's user-friendly platform and visual nature makes it easy for brands to tell their story through ___________

A company's marketing team can promote new products and services as well as create brand awareness by sharing valuable content on LinkedIn ___________

Pinterest has a larger percentage of ___________ compared to other social networks. The average Pinterest user also has a high household income.

To take full advantage of your Twitter Media Gallery, ensure that you've uploaded a minimum of:

Under Facebook's Page settings, you can control whether the public can:

Under the Insights Tab on Facebook, you'll find:

_______________ let you segment your company offerings by target market and are a great way to focus on different products separately so you can modify positioning and messaging.

"Using your LinkedIn Company Page, you should post in LinkedIn Groups:"

Within an Instagram post, the Location Field:

In your Instagram profile, you should select a clear and memorable profile photo, one that:

"A company's social media strategy document should be ___________ a company's larger business strategy."

A strategic plan for how a company will incorporate social media into its business is:

It's important to develop key messages for your businesses to share so that:

Social media goals are unnecessary if your company is smaller than:

To ensure the social media goals you're setting in your social media strategy are attainable and realistic:

"Social media objectives should:"

An organization's overall social media strategy should be reviewed and revised:

____________refer to branded properties you control and can leverage strategically such as your website, blog and social channels.

An example of an "earned" strategy within a social media strategy document could be:

"A social media policy is intended to:"

Qualitative and quantitative data should be _______________ on a consistent basis.

Four days into launching your content strategy, it is not hitting its performance goals. You should:

The following types of measurement should be used to assess the progress of your social media strategies:

Content marketing success depends on consistently producing a large quantity of content, and not letting concerns about quality grind your progress to a halt.

As a best practice, store your content calendar and content bank:

A content strategy should be in support of the __________ laid out in your social media strategy.

Once developed, how often should your content strategy be revised?

The exact best ratio of curated to created content is:

Apps like TrendSpottr, Content Gems, Feedly, and Flipboard are powerful tools for:

"___________________can have powerful, time-saving benefits when used as part of a content marketing program."

Content curation methodology includes:

As a rule of thumb, content about your company products and services should make up the following percentage of all content you share:

Branded hashtags work best on the following platforms:

Consider participating in popular instagram trends such as ______________ to give users a glimpse into the history of your business.

Where appropriate, always aim to end your posts with a clear:

When tracking the ________ of a content marketing program, it's important to keep track of hard costs such as labour, stock images, photography, freelance writer and designer fees.

The spirit of an online community is to bring people together around________________, rather than just your specific company products.

"Brand advocates are:"

"When thinking about influencers you'd like to attract to your brand's community, what is the most important criteria to think about?"

When you've been successful in building a community that is well-acquainted with your brand and products it can become self-monitoring. This means when a question arises:

A good first step to connecting with influencers is to:

____________are often your best advocates and the best at amplifying your content on LinkedIn.

In order to cement positive relationships with your brand advocates on Twitter, you should:

"Credit content from other people by mentioning their username in the caption or by tagging it in the photo". On which social network is this advice most relevant?

On Facebook, which of the following is the best way to learn about community members' interests and habits?

Tracking qualified leads from your community that result in sales is one way to prove the ________ of your social media program.

"When creating an ad based on a previous piece of content you've shared, it's usually best to use a post with ___________."

Before deciding to advertise in a specific platform, get a sense for the size of the audience your ad could reach by doing some ____________.

Which of the following is a best practice for buying social advertisements?

The value of social advertising lies in the large audience size your company has the potential to reach and the ______________ social ad platforms offer.

"The posts you choose to Boost on Facebook should:"

The goal of this type of Facebook ads campaign is to expand the reach of a post that had organic success.

With ___________ bidding, you pay each time your Facebook ad is shown to a member of your targeted audience. _________ is a good option when the focus of your Facebook Ad campaign is exposure. (one answer)

Facebook bidding types include:

Which of the following is not a type of Twitter Advertising Campaign

Twitter's ____________ provide an opportunity to use customer data such as emails and Twitter handles to target specific users when using Ads

Which of the following is a feature within LinkedIn Ads Manager?

For deeper insights into the ROI of your social ads spend, you should analyze data by _________ .

As Twitter is ____, businesses are able to follow and monitor their customers for insights into their ideas, habits, and opinions about different products and services

"Businesses can use YouTube annotations to:"

Which of the following statements describes a best practice regarding your Facebook page profile picture?

One of the best ways to ensure your target audience sees your LinkedIn updates is to:

Instagram allows you to include clickable links in the following area(s):

A social media audit would typically not include:

If you're an online retailer and your social media goal is to increase newsletter sign ups from social channels, a related KPI could be:

Identifying and defining ____ for the calendar year is essential when planning your social media activity

"The key elements of content strategy are:"

"A competitive analysis should be performed:"

The purpose of a ____ is to ensure you have set clear goals, know your target market, have identified the best channels to distribute and share your content, and have established a set of topics that will interest your audience.

____ with an interested audience over long periods of time can lead to you being seen as a trusted advisor.

If you're taking the time to develop a blog, boost the discoverability of each post by making them ____-friendly

An optimal content marketing program will incorporate ____ content

Due to the 140 character limit of Instagram captions, it's important to be concise with every post.

When it comes to building community, which of the following is not a form of engagement?

If you encounter a question on social media channels to which you don't have an answer, what is the best way to respond?

To foster a dicussion on a question in LinkedIn groups, you should:

When creating paid social advertisements, it's a best practice to lead visitors to a website or landing page that's optimized for:

You can target your Facebook ad set at ____ sourced from a list of customer emails or IDs, a list of visitors to your website or users of your app.

With ____ bidding on Facebook, you're charged each time someone takes an action on your ad, such as clicking through to visit your website.

It is currently not possible to target Twitter Ads at:

Targeting LinkedIn ads by __________ is a good way to reach key decision makers who make purchasing decisions.

Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) can be measured in two ways:

Tracking your 'share of voice' involves measuring:

At the core of community is the principle of __________, the more value you provide to your audience, the more likely they are to contribute meaningfully to the community as well.

"Twitter cards are:"

"The Facebook page moderation feature:"

You should keep the information on your LinkedIn profile fairly sparse so people are compelled to navigate to your website for more information about your company.

Adding your Instagram profile link to your email signature and to your website:

The following is not a component of a social media marketing strategy:

Social media strategies tend to fall into 3 categories:

"An example of individual goals for a blog post is:"

Using curated content as a tool for discovering your audience interests can help guide your ____________.

"When posting on your social networks, it's important to _____________."

Partnerships with complementary business whose audience shares values with yours are:

"to grow your community on Twitter, it is suggested that you should:"

Before launching a paid social advertising campaign it's best to have:

When targeting Twitter ads at specific usernames, it's best to include between _______ separate Twitter handles to build a large enough audience.

When optimizing your YouTube page, use ____ for grouping together relevant videos so viewers progress naturally from video to video, thus generating more views through their session.

The following social networks must be a part of every business' social strategy, regardless of industry:

Identifying and defining ____ for the calendar year is essential when planning your social media activity.

Brand/voice persona should be developed after your social strategy has been implemented for 6 months to see what kind of voice/persona develops naturally

On Instagram, a great way to track key influencers and brand advocates to ensure you're engaging with their content is to:

"Credit content from other people by mentioning their username in the caption or by tagging it in the photo". On which social network is this advice most relevant?

When dealing with negative sentiment, you should:

A content calendar should include the following:

When planning out your YouTube publishing schedule, stick to ____, as well as a predictable publishing schedule to your subscribers know when to look forward to your next video and what to expect.

For Facebook Campaigns budget, scheduling, targeting, bidding, and ad placement are defined at the:

"Facebook Audience Insights allows you to:"

When creating content for YouTube, keep your videos shareable, accessible, and discoverable by using:

To ensure your social media goals are measurable, you should ask yourself the following question:

When measuring the impact of your content marketing efforts, two key areas on which it's useful to track your progress are:

An advantage of running a single advertisement on both _____________ and ____________ simultaneously, is that your ad will be optimized to show on the platform that meets your campaign objective at the lowest cost.

"If you have a Facebook Business page, you can also create and manage ______________ ads through the Facebook advertising platform."

A critical response plan should contain the following elements:

"Public lists are best used to follow:"

On your Facebook Business page, which feature would you use to provide your followers with the ability to Shop Now, Sign Up, or Contact Us.

Which of the following statements describes a best practice regarding your Facebook page profile picture?

Cover photos have a prominent location in your social media profiles, so you should use this space strategically – for example, it’s a great place to ____________________.

To ensure your brand is being represented in the best light on Instagram, and to discover content from your customers, you should keep an eye on _____________.

As a rule of thumb, content about your company products and services should make up the following percentage of all content you share:

Your profile picture should be easily recognizable, even at ________ size. Your _________ is usually the best choice.

Why is it important for social media managers to share insights into the performance of content shared on social media channels with individuals or teams within the organization responsible for creating branded content?

When buying an ad for Instagram, begin by selecting an ___________ that most closely matches your business needs. For example, Clicks to Website, Website Conversions, Video Views, or Page Post Engagement.

When creating a paid advertisement for Instagram, you can add a ______________ that best represents the action you want your audience to take. For example, if you’re promoting a product, select “Shop Now”; if you’re promoting an event, “Learn More” would be a better choice.

A key tool to achieving your social marketing goals is a strong ___________ which acts as a game plan for coordinating, creating, and distributing your organization’s _________.

Private Twitter Lists are a great way to _________.

Your Twitter Likes Tab allows you to:

On Pinterest, utilize _______ to provide a high value, informative experience to your followers.

Brand voice/persona should be developed after your social strategy has been implemented for 6 months to see what kind of voice/persona occurs naturally.

Which two of the following are not key components of a Social Media Content Strategy (Pick 2):

When drafting the bio section of a social profile, keep in mind that only the first ____________ will appear to customers in search engine results, so be sure to convey the most important information first.

What is a unique feature of an Instagram Business account versus a Personal Account?

Instagram doesn’t offer many options for formatting your bio within the app, but there is a workaround for adding line breaks to your bio description to make it easier to read. Which of the following best describes this workaround?

A social media content calendar should be broken down into 2 major sections: Your __________ which could contain items such as campaign starts, influencer takeovers, and new blog posts, and a more fine-grained ______________ which could be a detailed schedule of every post for each of your social networks.

Which of the following is NOT a reason an organization would use the Instagram Stories feature?

A Social Media Manager for Athene Suites Hotels has gathered hundreds of vacation photos submitted by followers of the organization’s Instagram account. The best of these photos will be posted on the channel in an upcoming campaign that celebrates customers. Which term best describes these photos:

In order to track conversions for your content performance accurately, you’ll want to measure downloads attributable to visitors coming from social media channels. You can do this by configuring custom ____________ in Google Analytics. These will track the source of the visitors who complete an action, giving you a clear picture of the impact your social media activity is having on lead generation.

Let’s say you’re looking to increase the visibility of your company blog. What, in addition to SEO tactics, could you do to make it easy for people to organically find your previously published posts?

When broadcasting live on social, keep in mind that the best broadcasts are ones that feel like a conversation between brand and viewer. Unlike other forms of social video, you’ll get more views and engagement if your video ________________.

Let’s say you’re a Social Marketer, and you’re about to start curating content for your organization. You’re looking for tools that will help make this job more efficient and effective. Which of the following is NOT a feature you would generally look for in such a tool?

A practical benefit of ________________is that it requires little in the way of resources which can be helpful for organizations that don’t have a dedicated content team, but that still want to position themselves as trusted advisors in their industry.

Why is it important to take sentiment into account when looking at the Conversation Rate of a social media post?

The goal of this type of Facebook ads campaign is to expand the reach of a post that had organic success.

On Snapchat, a great way to generate buzz and encourage your followers to amplify your brand, is by creating image overlays referred to as __________.

When it comes to content marketing on social media, Research is the key to understanding what content will resonate with your audience. Begin by looking at your Social Media Audit, and then use network-specific tools such as_______________ and ________________to identify your audience demographics by network.

Operating without a ______________ could result in posts that exhibit unbalanced tone, subject matter, or purpose. Moreover, without this plan in place, most organizations would find it difficult to maintain an effective cadence and regularity to their posting schedule.

When it comes to creating video for your social channels, which of the following is NOT a best practice?

A key part of running a business blog is ensuring it, and by extension the organization’s website are easily discoverable. Make sure all your posts are ________________ by incorporating keywords into the title, subheadings, and body of your post, as well as the URL.

The __________________ feature on Twitter is a great way to surface trending content, because it lets you save multiple searches using relevant keywords, hashtags, applicable sentiment.

Shared content can be categorised into two main categories: Curated, which is content gathered from trusted sources relevant to your industry, and ________________, which is content produced within your organization including items like blog articles, white papers, infographics, guides, and visuals.

With respect to content calendar for social media, why is it a best practice to keep a larger monthly calendar with general information about upcoming launches and big events that impact your content strategy, as well as a detailed weekly calendar with specific copy and assets?

Your Social Media Content Strategy should flow naturally from your _________________________.

When optimizing your social media profiles, be sure to provide a consistent business description across all channels. Brainstorm a handful of essential and _____________ keywords that describe your company, and incorporate them into the copy of your About sections.

Content curation involves gathering and evaluating pieces of media from respected sources, and then sharing the most valuable gems with your audience. But modern social media professionals in larger organizations also need to gather, evaluate and share relevant content produced ___________.

What is a key tactic to use when measuring the reach of content, particularly content with a longer shelf life, such a blog posts, to ensure that you’re comparing apples to apples?

Public Twitter lists are best used to follow:

______________________ are a YouTube feature that show up at the end of your video and can be used to lead visitors to a landing page once they have finished watching it.

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