Hootsuite Social Media and You Certification Course Answers

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Hootsuite Social Media and You Certification Course Answers


Social media is increasingly the go-to way of connecting in our digitally-driven world. There are 4.4 billion active social media users today, and platforms are rapidly evolving to keep up with demand


  • Exam contains 24 or 25 multiple choice questions.

  • You need to score at least 80% to pass.

  • You have 30 minutes to complete the exam.

Some questions:

What will most organizations provide to help employees avoid thorny or embarrassing situations on personal social media networks? 

  • Corporate Goals and Strategies

  • Social Media Guidelines/Policy

  • Corporate Values Statements

  • Social Media Objectives and Tactics

What is the best way to handle a comment from a troll on your post?

  • Reply with a question to learn more

  • Delete it and block the account

  • Report the comment to the network

  • Ignore the comment

When you’re starting a new social account, which of the following elements is the most important to make a good first impression with your audience?

  • Workplace 

  • Highlights 

  • Profile Photo

  • Bio

Your bio is an opportunity to let people know who you are and what you’re about. What kind of information might you include in your bio? Pick three. 

  • Your interests and hobbies

  • The company you work for 

  • Your contact information 

  • The city you live or work in

What can you do to show potential followers that you’re active and engaged on the network

  • State that you’re a power user in your bio 

  • Post self-promoting content daily

  • Buy followers to grow your following 

  • Regularly share valuable content 

Pick two ways you can show respect to your fellow social media users, in a way they will appreciate.

  • Saying thanks when someone reshares your content 

  • Responding to comments quickly 

  • Removing followers who have a different point of view

  • Resharing content from a private account so more people see it

What can you do to generate respect and build your reputation over time? 

  • Allocate a budget to promote posts weekly 

  • Reshare content that you’ve seen perform well elsewhere 

  • Be consistent in your actions and content 

  • Post the same content across all your networks

While social media can be a powerful platform to share your personal interests or amplify your company’s presence, you should also participate in meaningful conversations that may not directly benefit or revolve around you. What is a consequence of constantly pushing one-way content? 

  • You could be flagged as a spam account and deleted

  • Your business will develop a bad reputation

  • You may attract trolls through the algorithm 

  • Your self-focus will cause followers to lose interest

Sharing public posts or brand content is generally considered fair game, but if it’s from a personal or private account, ask for permission first. Either way, what step is non-negotiable when it comes to resharing content? 

  • Alternating it with your own content 

  • Crediting the original creator

  • Writing a new caption stating your view

  • Deleting from your profile after one month

Misunderstandings on social media can come with the territory. If it happens, what’s the best course of action to take?

  • Tell your side of the story by going live to your network

  • Start an authentic conversation, or apologize

  • Block them from commenting on anything else

  • Get people on your side in the comments section 

Where is the best place on your Instagram profile to showcase content related to a side hustle or hobby you want to surface to potential followers? 

  • Bio

  • Highlights

  • Archives 

  • Stories 

If your goal is to grow your Instagram followers quickly, what setting should your profile be on? 

  • Public

  • Private 

What are the best features to use to boost your public account’s discoverability on Instagram? Pick three. 

  • Hashtags 

  • Tags

  • Sponsorship

  • Geotags 

What’s one way to strengthen relationships with your existing and potential followers, and build engagement on your content? 

  • Sharing all your posts on your story

  • Asking friends to reshare your content

  • Sponsoring 1 post every week 

  • Responding to comments and replies

LinkedIn is a great tool for showcasing your career and achievements. How else can this network help you succeed in your field? 

  • Crowdsourcing solutions to professional challenge

  • Sharing short, engaging videos related to your hobbies

  • Connecting you with highschool friends you’ve lost touch with

  • Suggesting competitive companies you may want to follow

How can you use linked in to support your friends and colleagues in their careers, and deepen your professional connections? Choose three.

  • By reaching out about professional milestones

  • By reciprocating recommendations and endorsements

  • By connecting with colleagues you haven’t met yet

  • By resharing content or accomplishments they’ve posted

Changing which of the following Facebook settings will help you control your image by requiring your approval before your image is shared?

  • Location alerts

  • Changes in relationship status

  • Tags from your friends

  • Public vs. Private account

Which of the following is a best practice when sharing articles on Facebook? 

  • Share your interpretation in a thoughtful caption

  • Always ask for permission before resharing a news article

  • Be consistent and share at least one timely article a day

  • Tag 4 friends you think would be interested in reading your post

Sometimes you may want to highlight one of your Twitter tweets for a longer period, for example, a piece of work or shout out that you’re particularly proud of. What can you do to maximize the tweet’s visibility?

  • Retweet your tweet

  • Set Tweet as Cover Photo

  • Pin it to the top of your profile 

  • Set to Hourly Auto-Publish for 24 hours 

What is one Twitter feature that helps you highlight your personal brand or niche to your following?

  • Creating your own hashtag to grow grassroots followers

  • Retweeting from accounts you love every hour

  • Tagging your followers in your tweets

  • Creating tailored lists for followers to check out

What can you add to your text tweets to reinforce the tone and help tell your story? Pick two. 

  • Your location

  • Emojis

  • Animated gifs

  • Tags

If you want to position yourself as a thought leader, what kind of content should you be intentionally sharing? Select all that apply.

  • Sparks conversation 

  • Solves a problem 

  • Tells a story 

  • Innovative

Which social marketing tactic can you use to uncover opportunities to add your voice and demonstrate thought leadership in online communities? 

  • Trial and error 

  • Social listening

  • Analytic data

  • Targeted posts 

What method should you use to segment your content into a variety of groups to keep your audience engaged?  

  • Content Index

  • Rule of Thirds

  • Highlights

  • POEM

More certification answers: https://www.certificationanswers.com/en/exams-answers/

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