Hootsuite Advanced Social Media Strategy Answers

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Hootsuite Advanced Social Media Strategy Answers


Gain the advanced academic certification you need to lead social media strategy for your organization, offered by Syracuse University’s renowned Newhouse School.


Advanced Social Media Strategy 3.0


  • The exam contains 60 multiple-choice questions.
  • Some questions may have more than one correct answer. In these cases, choose all the correct answers.
  • You need to score at least 75% to pass.
  • You have 60 minutes to complete the exam.


Some questions:


There are three key phases of research for developing a social media plan. What are they?

Select the correct answers. 

  • Refinement
  • Evaluative
  • Experimental
  • Developmental


There are three key phases of research for developing a social media plan. During which phase should strategists audit social media channels, the competitive landscape, and define their target audiences? Select the correct answer.

  • Refinement
  • Cursory
  • Developmental
  • Evaluative


The most time-consuming aspect of a social media audit is delving into the data. In the absence of social media objectives and KPIs of your own, what industry model can you use to analyze your data against? Then click Submit.

  • POEM
  • AMEC
  • PAID
  • TOFU


After analyzing the data from your social media audit, the “stop, start, continue” model can help you determine key actions based on your findings. For example, if your data determined high engagement on costly video content and a steep drop in engagement on Facebook, what might you do? Select the correct answers. 

  • Stop - reduce spend by 50% on Facebook, allocate elsewhere
  • Start - increase resources on Facebook, boost engagement
  • Start - increase resources on video production, it works!
  • Continue - stick to current strategy, collect more data before adjusting


Social media audits are a critical first step for building impactful social media programs and campaigns. The first step is to create an audit spreadsheet. What information should this contain? Select the correct answers.

  • Content types
  • Post frequency
  • Conversation sentiment
  • Social accounts


An audience persona is a profile, developed through research and analytics. What target audience information should it include? Select the correct answer.

  • Profile analytics - algorithm patterns, number of accounts, content types
  • Common traits - wants/needs, demographics, preferred channels
  • Competitive information - percentage of market, average spend
  • Personal details - birthdate, gender, mailing address


What research tools can help you -kick start the process of building a target audience persona? Select the correct answers.

  • Census and research groups for free data
  • Google Analytics for website habits
  • Claritas Nielsen service for highly predictive indicators
  • The department of city planning for detailed demographics


Aligning social media objectives with broader organizational goals and priorities is central to the success of a social strategy. Which of the following sequences best describes how social media objectives should be set? Select the correct answer.

  • Insert current organizational priorities into a flowchart, map onto these priorities existing branded social channels best positioned for success
    • Analyze engagement metrics across branded Social Channels, design a range of social campaign options that build on what’s already working
    • Brainstorm cutting edge tactical and content ideas with your team, evaluate these ideas against the most relevant organizational goals
  • Review organizational goals/priorities, derive supporting SMART objectives with corresponding strategies and tactics


Which of the following best fits the criteria of a SMART social media objective? Select the correct answer. 

  • Increase overall User Generated Content (UCG) and engagement on weekly Instagram posts by 35% in Q3
  • Secure at least 25 blog posts from the top 10 travel bloggers around the globe by next week
  • Generate 10 pieces of paid media for 3 platforms, partner with 3 influencers to help cross-promote
  • Engage travel influencers to post photos of themselves enjoying a Destination Experience at one of the Top 10 Get Away locations


Why are objectives important to a social media campaign? Select the correct answers. 

  • They provide organizational alignment and plan for positive outcomes
  • They document industry best practices and tips for campaign success
  • They provide a detailed roadmap of tactical actions the team can execute
  • They make it easy for stakeholders to review and approve campaigns


How does a social media strategy relate to objectives and campaigns? Select the correct answer.

  • The strategy is a list of tangible assets (a website, blog post, hashtag) you will use for your campaign
    • The strategy is the action behind your campaign, specific tactics outlining how you will execute your objectives
  • The strategy is the approach (the why and how) behind your campaign achieving its objectives
  • The strategy is the rationale for your campaign based on organizational KPIs approved by leadership


Which of the following best defines a social media strategy? Select the correct answer.

  • A strategic KPI outlined by leadership for execution by the social team
    • A SMART goal that ladders up to your organization’s top priorities
    • A tactic that will allow you to execute on your objective
  • A statement that describes how an objective will be achieved


Which of the following is an example of a social media tactic that could be used to boost campaign visibility? Select the correct answer. 

  • Create a hashtag associated with a new contest
  • Audit your social channels to track engagement
  • Craft a SMART objective tied to your organization's goals
  • Revisit your campaign objectives and adjust as needed


The POEM model is made up of three media types that converge to compliment and bolster each other on social media. What are the three media types? Select the correct answers.

  • Earned
  • Made
  • Paid
  • Owned


How can you ensure explicit alignment between your paid social media campaign and overall objectives to maximize ROI? Select the correct answer. 

  • A dedicated paid social team to focus on campaign outcomes
    • A review of your broader organizational objectives
  • A paid social advertising brief outlining campaign details
  • A meeting with your leadership team to discuss budget


Boosted content, PPC, and Bidding are examples of which media element of the POEM model? Select the correct answer.

  • Erned
    • Owned
  • Paid
  • Converged


Social media strategists should pull customers toward brand offerings through multiple channels of engagement. Which of the following are examples of a brand’s owned media? Select the correct answers. 

  • Webinars
  • Targeted ads
  • In-person events
  • Blogs


Owned media gives brands control over content and messaging so it’s always on target. What strategy can help you maximize the impact of your owned media? Select the correct answer. 

  • Create an annual content map to plan paid, owned and earned media
  • Hire an agency to share the latest media trends with you
  • Pay influencers to produce evergreen content for your brand
  • Repost valuable content from leading industry experts


Which of the following media elements of the POEM model is the most effective way to authentically boost your brand’s credibility on social media? Select the correct answer. 

  • Converged -  strategic planning
  • Earned - fan reviews, tags and shares
  • Paid - targeted advertisements
  • Owned - brand-generated evergreen content


How can you implement earned media into your social media strategy for maximum return on your efforts? Select the correct answer. 

  • By reviewing competitor products on your website
  • With an extensive social listening and engagement plan
  • By targeting followers with paid brand content
  • By creating a customer account to audit your brand experience


Which of the following are examples of how to implement converged media tactics in your social media strategy? Select the correct answers. 

  • Paying for a banner advertisement on YouTube
  • Sharing a positive facebook review as an instagram story
  • Creating brand content tied to local holidays
  • Paying to promote user-generated content


Audience persona data can help you make informed, strategic decisions and target specific demographics. Which of the following are examples of audience persona data that could help you target Gen Z vs. Gen X? Select the correct answers. 

  • Wants and needs
  • Demographic and psychographic information
  • Brands and media consumed
  • Goals and frustrations


Which of the following represent key behaviors identified by Google’s ranking system that can help you develop robust, personalized messages that lead to user-centric strategies? Select the correct answers.

  • Know
  • Buy
  • Do
  • Go


What actions can help you uncover data to develop a content creation strategy that ladders up to your objectives?  Select the correct answers. 

  • Develop an algorithm to optimize content flow
  • Create a strategy based on an ideal customer archetype
  • Leverage social listening tools to determine hashtags, likes, etc.
  • Use google to develop a searchable list of keywords


A content cluster strategy uses topic modeling and internal linking to improve the user experience of your content and boost your search performance. What two search guidelines are used by Google and recommended as best practice? Select the correct answers.

  • EAT (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness)
  • YMYL (Your Money or Your Life)
  • SNAP (Speedy, Numerical, Automatic, Practical)
  • GSK (Great Search Knowledge)


What 3 steps can help you capitalize on customers and advocates who are already creating and sharing content relevant to your brand on social media in an appropriate way? Select the correct answers. 

  • Pick your platforms strategically - Instagram, Twitter, Facebook
  • Meet with leadership - determine spend for paid content
  • Choose a UGC strategy - leverage hashtags, videos and reviews
  • Establish a brand tribe - identify and engage with them


User-generated content (UGC) has become an important part of a social media strategist's content creation strategy. Which of the following are examples of UGC? Select the correct answer.

  • Branded content that drives conversions and sales
  • Comments, reviews, social media takeovers
  • Reposted informative content from accounts in your industry
  • Paid, owned, earned and converged media


Why is it important to integrate storytelling into your social media content? Select the correct answer. 

  • To control the brand narrative and experience
    • To respond to your negative reviews in a favourable light
  • To elicit an emotional response that inspires action
  • To tell your side of the story in a PR crisis


Your content strategy should center on your audience seeing the right content at the right time - with the ultimate goal of achieving your social media objectives. Top of funnel (TOFU), middle of funnel (MOFU), bottom of funnel (BOFU) represent different content types that should be used to engage your audience based on where they are in the content funnel. What customer behaviours are defined by MOFU? Select the correct answer. 

  • Brand discovery
    • Decision making and articulation
    • Problem solving
  • Evaluation and consideration


Social media channel algorithms evolve rapidly, but there are tried and true tactics that you can incorporate into your strategy to help your brand gain visibility. Which of the following will boost your content in the algorithm? Select the correct answers.

  • Leverage paid media
  • Like posts related to your own content
  • Post during your audience’s peak activity times
  • Post consistently at 6am each day


Your content strategy should center on your audience seeing the right content at the right time - with the ultimate goal of achieving your social media objectives. What type of content should be served to your audience in the bottom of funnel (BOFU) stage of the content funnel? Select the correct answer. 

  • Polls and other engaging questions
    • Contests to grab attention
  • Testimonials and emotive stories with strong CTAs
  • Broad interests relevant to your audience persona


The Edelman Trust Barometer’s special report In Brands we Trust statesd that nearly two out of every three consumers say that they trust influencer messages from a brand more than a company’s advertising about their own brand. Which of the following are key factors that contribute to the success of influencer campaigns? Select the correct answers.

  • Volume of big brand partnerships
  • Personal level of persuasiveness
  • Overall communication frequency
  • Size of social network


There are 4 types of influencers that can be leveraged to support your campaign: Mega, Macro, Micro and Nano. Leveraging the appropriate one to support your objectives is critical. Which type of influencer has the highest engagement rates and is the most trusted by their followers? Select the correct answer.

  • Mega
    • Micro
  • Nano
  • Macro


There are 4 types of influencers that can be leveraged to support your campaign: Mega, Macro, Micro and Nano. Which statement best describes a Macro influencer? Select the correct answer. 

  • 1K - 10K followers, real people with a strong online presence
  • 10K - 999K followers, personalities with a passion for a niche topic
  • 1K-10K followers, advocates who are already engaged with your brand
  • 1M+ followers, often celebrities, athletes, social media stars or actors


When it comes to influencer campaigns, The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is concerned about influencers misleading their followers, on purpose or accidentally. How does the FTC protect consumers from some types of influencer marketing? Select the correct answer. 

  • Consumers must request disclosure statements from influencers
    • Consumers must learn their rights by visiting the FTC website
    • Influencers must register with the FTC and agree to their guidelines
  • Influencers must publicly disclose relationships they have with brands


Many marketers are not aware of Federal Trade Commission (FTC) disclosure guidelines, and some actively choose to disregard them. Why are influencer marketing regulations needed on social media? Select the correct answers.

  • To prevent unfair and deceptive business practices
  • To enable transparent, informed consumer choices
  • To prevent brands from capitalizing on influencer marketing
  • To ensure influencers are informed of consumer habits


When working with influencers, social media strategists need to understand the industry standard guidelines that apply. Which of the following influencer actions are considered brand endorsements? Select the correct answers.

  • Pins
  • Likes
  • Tags
  • Posts


An organization's employees are some of the greatest influencers and advocates a brand can have. Which of the following represent the benefits of a robust employee advocacy program? Select the correct answers.

  • Increases brand awareness and positive perception
  • Increases the volume of consumer reviews and feedback
  • Improves brand reputation and issues management
  • Improves staff recruitment, retention, and engagement


Employees may already be sharing business content on their personal channels, but a formal employee advocacy program makes it official. Which of the following are elements of a robust employee advocacy program? Select the correct answer.

  • Brand guidelines, resources, and rewards
  • Pay-per-post, FTC regulations, and tactics
  • Objectives, audience data, and partnerships
  • Paid, owned, and earned media


Social media management is a key component of every social strategists’ role. Management includes two distinct methods of reviewing social media activity: monitoring and listening. Which of the following defines social media listening? Select the correct answer.

  • Discovering what your target audience are saying and doing
  • Analyzing reputation, brand outlook, and the opinion of your target
  • Formulating a scalable social media management strategy
  • Systematically understanding, analyzing, and reporting brand insights


Social media monitoring dashboards allow a company to easily engage with consumers, stakeholders, and influencers. Social media monitoring includes watching for which of the following actions? Select the correct answers.

  • Brand mentions
  • Relevant hashtags
  • Mentions of your competitors
  • General trends that apply to your industry


Social listening allows organizations to track social media platforms for mentions and conversations related to their brand. How can it be leveraged to manage a potential brand crisis?  Select the correct answer.

  • By listening to influencers to find out how fans feel about your brand
  • With competitive insights into where you’re positioned in the marketplace
  • With sentiment analysis algorithms triggered by negative mentions
  • By identifying potential customers who can be cultivated for social selling


Social listening is all about what you’re listening for to helping you identify the best ways to engage. To start, you should develop a list of keywords and topics to listen for based on which of the following items? Select the correct answers.

  • Your product name(s), including common misspellings
  • Your competitors’ brand names, product names, and handles
  • Your list of user-generated hashtags related to your industry
  • Your organizations name and handles on all platforms


There are 5 steps to creating a social listening strategy. Step 1 is to identify and define goals. What is the next step? Select the correct answer. 

  • Choose a Social Listening Tool
  • Focus on Specific Channels
  • Create Your Plan & Interact
  • Identify Keywords


Social media crises take mere minutes to spread to the masses. That means you’ve got to act fast. Which of the following are best practices to lead your organization through a social media crisis? Select the correct answers. 

  • Evaluate the impact
  • Isolate the origin
  • Prepare in advance
  • Learn from the crisis


Organizations most commonly use predictive analytics to identify the best timeframe for a promotion or campaign. However, it’s also one of the easiest ways to identify a crisis before it even begins. How can AI and data help in crisis management? Select the correct answer. 

  • Through employing the latest spyware and alerts
  • By leveraging social channel technology to monitor bias
  • By uncovering and flagging unexpected patterns
  • Through algorithmic crisis predictors and tags


Mitigating security risks is vital when dealing with a crisis situation. Most organizations will benefit from developing three sets of policies. Who should these policies target? Select the correct answers.

  • External participants
  • Employees
  • Third parties
  • Youth under 18


A social media playbook is part strategy, part brand guidelines, and part implementation document for employees and marketing teams to consult for guidance. Which of the following should your playbook incorporate? Select the correct answer.

  • Governance policies, demographic details, campaign strategies
  • Strategic information, tactical expectations, brand guidelines
  • Crisis management strategy, governance policies, common issues
  • Creative direction, social tactics, user guidelines


Threat actors can easily create imposter accounts to compromise your brand reputation. One way they can do this is by creating an account with your brand name on a social network you don’t yet use. How can you prevent this threat? Select the correct answer.

  • Block any imposter accounts you notice and campaign against them
  • Educate your followers on the potential for imposter accounts to pop up
  • Direct message imposter accounts to tell them to stop impersonating you
  • Proactively create accounts with your brand name all social networks


Cybersecurity issues have become a permanent fixture online, and the social media presence of organizations can be a conduit for these increasingly sophisticated threats. Which of the following are malicious online security concerns that pose serious reputational and business risk? Select the correct answers. 

  • Disseminating misinformation
  • Staff errors
  • Promotional comments by bots
  • Blackmail


Access and Identity Management, is a cyber security best practice concerned with who can access your organization’s social media accounts. According to this best practice, who should be granted admin access to your accounts? Select the correct answer.

  • The leadership team of your organization alone
  • A select few who need access to do their job
  • Anyone who publishes and engages through your channels
  • Everyone with access to the master password


The privacy and security settings of your social media accounts can help you address cybersecurity vulnerabilities. Which of the following are password best practices that can help keep your accounts safe from threats? Select the correct answers. 

  • Encourage your team to use the admin login only when necessary
  • Set up log-in alerts when an unrecognized user has logged in
  • Create a shared, password protected document for social passwords
  • Use a password manager to suggest new, secure passwords regularly


A campaign timeline lets you view the entire chronology of your social media campaign plan over a set timeframe, from start to finish. It can help your team stay organized and meet key campaign deadlines. How should you begin to build your campaign timeline? Select the correct answer.

  • Evaluate typical effort required to produce content assets with your team
  • Consider main deliverable due dates and build a workback schedule
  • Estimate timelines based on past social media campaign milestones
  • Work off the shortest potential time frame, you can extend as needed


Social marketers have valuable metrics to track their progress over time at each stage of their audience’s journey across paid, owned, and earned media (POEM). Which of the following are examples of key metrics used to track the influence of your owned media? Select the correct answers.

  • Sentiment
  • Audience growth rate
  • Cost per click (CPC)
  • Shares


For campaign purposes, analyzing social data in isolation will mean your insights lack the context of wider marketing activities. Which of the following is an example of an advanced analytic technique you could employ to get a complete picture of how social media contributes to broader marketing goals? Select the correct answer.

  • Analyzing all customer-related data—social media data, marketing automation data, CRM data, customer service data, etc.
  • Combining social data with CRM data from platforms like Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics
  • Measuring how social media influenced sales pipeline and revenue generation by examining where and when the prospect engaged
  • Integrating social media management platforms with marketing automation platforms and web data from platforms


The Association for Measurement and Evaluation of Communication (AMEC) developed an Integrated Evaluation Framework that is widely adopted by marketers and communicators. One area of evaluation is out-takes. Which of the following best defines an out-take? Select the correct answer. 

  • Research conducted, and any other activities. E.g., researching brand awareness to set the benchmark to measure against post-campaign
  • Impact of the communications on the target audience. E.g., did brand awareness increase or was brand sentiment affected?
  • Action taken by the target audience. E.g., did your audience respond, reshare, or react to your post?
  • Impact of the campaign. E.g., an increase in sales, policy change, or maximum achievement of donations for a specific project.


Social media is probably the most efficient way to generate top-of-funnel marketing leads. What is one common example of this? Select the correct answer. 

  • Liaising with the sales team on new website content to help prospects choose your brand
  • Connecting the dots between key lead tracking mechanisms like platforms, marketing automation, and CRM
  • Leveraging sales analytics to rebrand based on the preferences of your target audience
  • Using targeted social ads with tailored messages at a particular time in the audience buyer journey


Social media strategists have two distinct tasks at the end of a social media campaign: analyzing successes and challenges and reporting those results to stakeholders and leadership. Which of the following should be included in your report to prove the strategic value of social media across the organization? Select the correct answer.

  • The goals of the campaign mapped to wider business goals
  • Summary of the results including contextual insights
  • Rationale for your strategy going forward tied to business objectives
  • Recommendations for next steps for increased success


The best way to evaluate whether or not to join a new social network is to assess it against your organization’s social strategy. Which of the following are key strategic considerations for joining a new network? Select the correct answers.

  • You have the time and resources to develop the channel
  • You’re prepared to leverage the network’s unique attributes to add value
  • Your audience is already on the platform
  • Senior leadership is intent on having a presence on the network


Memes and gifs aren’t for every organization, but brands that want to show a more playful side of their business can benefit. Which of the following represent the benefits of leveraging memes on social media? Select the correct answers. 

  • Low-cost way to create engaging, on-trend content
  • Incorporate humour as a workaround to strict brand guidelines
  • Express your take on controversial current affairs
  • Cultivate audience belonging through relatability


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