Hootsuite Advanced Social Advertising Certification Answers

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Hootsuite Advanced Social Advertising Certification Answers


Showcase your ability to create winning social ad campaigns with the Hootsuite Social Advertising Certification.

The exam contains 48 or 50 questions 

You need to score at least 72% or 75% to pass

You have 60 minutes to complete the exam

Some questions:

If your organization doesn’t have Customer Personas built out, and you need to create your own to guide your ad targeting efforts, begin by picturing your ideal customer and brainstorm attributes such as:

  • challenges they face in their day-to-day lives
  • all of the options in this list
  • none of the options in this list
  • authors and books they enjoy
  • similar brands they could be interested in

Pick the best set of interests that could be used to target a customer persona of a budget conscious traveller with a family.

  • Groupon, Disney World, McDonalds
  • Saks Fifth Avenue, The Beatles, Adidas
  • Oprah, Game of Thrones, Apple
  • Hilton Hotels, Universal Studios, Rolex

When calculating manual bid amounts for a social advertising campaign, one item you’ll need to identify is your max Cost per Click (CPC), which is a reasonable bid amount for a user to click your ad's CTA. Calculate your max CPC by multiplying your target Cost per Acquisition by:

  • the lifetime value of a customer to your organization
  • your annual profit margin divided by number of customers
  • your conversion rate
  • the cost of acquiring a new customer, minus costs

Customer personas are useful for understanding the mindset and interests of a target audience. The best way to add useful details to a customer persona is to:

  • post a poll on your organization’s social networks to find out your followers ages and ethnicities
  • set up meetings with similar brands to exchange persona notes and learn from each other
  • DM followers of your organization’s social accounts a questionnaire regarding their pain points
  • brainstorm interests customers might have that intersect with the problem your product or service solves
  • post customer persona documents on social channels and crowdsource feedback on interests, pain points, and buying signals that could be missing

Choosing the Impressions bid type is best for video ads where you:

  • want to achieve the highest number of likes and comments possible
  • absolutely require video views
  • are aiming for the longest possible watch time metrics
  • don’t necessarily need people to watch the video

When writing copy for a social media advertisement, the headline’s job is to (pick two)

  • be the first, attention-grabbing words your audience sees.
  • indicate the one action you want your audience to take.
  • provide a detailed description of the product or service you’re advertising.
  • draw people into your advertisement.

If you’re running a multivariate ad test, to test three variations of each ad element (Heading, Body Text, CTA Copy), how many different combinations would you need to produce?

  • 27
  • 36
  • 6
  • 9

The primary benefit of producing original visual assets for your social ads is that:

  • creating visual assets in house is often faster than searching through pre-made content
  • doing so gives you maximum creative control
  • doing so is far less expensive than other options, thus boosting ROI
  • you can optimize your assets for specific platforms and ad types
  • stock photos are penalized during the bidding auction phase

One of the most common mistakes people make when designing or acquiring visual assets for an ad is assuming that:

  • stock photos won’t work
  • monochromatic images can’t work
  • red means “anger” and green means “buy”
  • one image is enough
  • the colour orange causes a “hate” reaction

When writing copy for a social ad, the use of _____________ better enables you to showcase the urgency of your offer and demonstrate the specific value to your customer.

  • Indirect Copy
  • Aggressive Copy
  • Multivariate Copy
  • all of the options in this list
  • Passive-Aggressive Copy
  • Direct Copy

When choosing a bid type for a video ad on Facebook, bidding for Impressions means that you’ll be charged when someone:

  • sees your ad
  • clicks on the CTA
  • watches your video for at least 10 seconds
  • likes or comments on your ad
  • is impressed by your ad

When managing a brand campaign budget on Facebook, with a goal to reach as many people as possible, which of the following would be the best option to select for budget type:

  • Targeted
  • Minimum
  • Maximum
  • Average
  • Managed

One factor Facebook uses to determine winning bids is the __________________, which is based on the algorithm’s anticipated reactions to your ad, and is updated as users interact and engage with it.

  • Interest Analytics Score
  • Estimated Action Rates
  • Relevance Score
  • Audience Feedback Score
  • Effective Targeting Rate

Facebook’s Estimated Action Rate is ______________ used to determine winning bids by ________________.

  • a secret method; anonymous survey
  • a proprietary algorithm; predicting ad performance
  • the most effective method; tracking ad engagement
  • an industry standard; measuring total number of conversions

When managing a campaign budget on Facebook, the _________ option is best used when trying to maximize conversions, such as for Performance campaigns where you’re open to opportunities to gain conversions above your specified bid amount.

  • Minimum
  • Average
  • Managed
  • Maximum
  • Targeted

The best way to demonstrate the ROI of your completed campaign is to ensure all campaign data is properly:

  • budgeted, improved, and filed
  • reviewed, gathered, and maintained
  • reviewed, improved, and organized
  • surveyed, analyzed, and shelved
  • printed, organized, and filed

Which of the following best describes the purpose of downloading a breakdown report from Facebook Ads Manager once a campaign is finished?

  • To get raw campaign data in a spreadsheet format.
  • To receive a personalized report with insights into where your campaign could be improved.
  • To see a side-by-side comparison of how your ad performed relative to others ads with the same budget.
  • To determine whether your account is eligible to run future ads.
  • To obtain the anonymous negative feedback gathered on your ad from users who reported it.
  • To gain insight into Facebook’s Relevance and Feedback scores for your campaign.

When reviewing the data from a completed campaign with a view to determining its ROI, start by reacquainting yourself with your ___________.

  • customer personas
  • ad copy
  • lowest CPC
  • CTA
  • campaign goals
  • creative brief
  • campaign budget

When calculating manual bid amounts for a social advertising campaign, use the Lifetime Value of a Customer (LTV) to your organization to determine a target Cost per Acquisition, which is defined as:

  • none of the options in this list
  • the cost to gain a given percentage of market share for a product or service
  • the estimated amount your organization spends on acquiring customers each year
  • target earnings from the product or service divided by marketing costs
  • the amount that’s reasonable to spend to gain a new customer

If you’re running a social ad campaign on behalf of a SAAS business, an accepted method for determining a target Cost Per Acquisition is to divide the Lifetime Value of a Customer for your organization by ____________.

  • 10
  • 3
  • 2
  • 14
  • 6

Visual assets for an ad should ideally target both the emotional and rational needs of your audience. An example of an emotional need might be to:

  • be close to the city centre and highway access
  • feel at home the moment they enter their room
  • earn points for a loyalty program
  • feel reassured that they are getting the best value possible
  • to get the best bang for their buck

Often, social networks have specific requirements for advertisements. It’s important to make note of these requirements when providing a designer with a request for visual assets. For example, graphics for Facebook Ads should not contain:

  • multiple images in a collage format
  • stock photography images
  • the same colour blue as the Facebook logo
  • more than 20% text within the image

If you’re working with a designer, it’s a good idea to collaborate on a resource request template that allows you to lead the direction for the visual assets you’ll need for your ad. Within your request, be sure to include _________, as well as ___________, which will enable your designer to better tailor the creative to the campaign goal.

  • the copy for your ad; your Ads Manager credentials for uploading the assets
  • your target audience; a competitor's ad for them to copy
  • the copy for your ad; an outline of your target audience
  • your color palette; a specific sketch of what the ad needs to look like
  • your ad’s daily budget; the chosen color palette

When creating performance ads, social advertisers find it useful to collect visitor data from their organization’s website to create targeted audiences for the ad. The best way to gather this data is by installing _____________ on your website landing pages as early as possible.

  • Facebook Collection Manager and Instagram Photo Tracker
  • none of the options in this list
  • UTM Parameters
  • Pixels and Google Tag Manager
  • Google Capture and Facebook Tracking
  • Facebook Ads Manager

Ad elements that you should create testable variations of include:

  • audience and call to action buttons
  • headline and body text
  • all of the options in this list
  • graphics and photography

The difference between Split Testing and A/B Testing is that Split Testing:

  • involves more than two versions
  • splits your budget between two objectives
  • is simpler to carry out
  • prioritizes induction over deduction
  • is necessarily more budget intensive

The main benefit to using multiple ad versions for a social media campaign is that:

  • it gives you the chance to continually refresh brand optics
  • your audience’s reactions help find the best converting elements
  • it lets you focus on many different objectives within one campaign
  • mixing up ad versions keeps your audience engaged
  • all of the options in this list

If you are running a campaign using ______________ be sure to monitor your costs throughout as it could cause your ad spend to be more than anticipated.

  • Intelligent Bidding
  • Manual Bidding
  • Competitive Bidding
  • Automatic Bidding
  • Intuitive Bidding

If you want to ensure that your campaign uses a set amount of funds for each day that your campaign is live, the best budgeting option is ______________.

  • lifetime
  • weekly
  • none of the options in this list
  • fund management
  • automatic
  • manual

If you want a high degree of control over your ad campaigns and the ability to adjust your ad campaign’s budget on the fly you should use:

  • Manual Bidding
  • Fund Management
  • Power Editor
  • Campaign Budgeting
  • Daily Budgeting

Of the most common bid types for a social media ad campaign, _______________ is ideal for campaigns that focus on website visits, sign ups, and purchases.

  • optimized cost per mil
  • none of the options in this list
  • lead click
  • cost per mil
  • cost per click
  • cost per view

Looking for patterns in the reception of ad campaigns can be a great way to improve in the future. An area in which you might look to identify such patterns is ___________.

  • demographics
  • interests
  • audiences
  • all of the options in this list
  • regions
  • placements

Let’s say that a campaign has performed poorly, and you are taking steps to improve future performance. You take a larger audience and split it in two based on unique needs that you may have identified from each group (e.g., location, gender, interests). This “splitting” tactic is referred to as ____________.

  • segmenting an audience
  • dividing and conquering
  • audience cleaving
  • campaign optimization
  • audience analysis

Which of the following has the highest likelihood of improving your cost per click in future campaigns?

  • Increasing targeting of expensive, highly sought after audiences.
  • Mimicking the targeting practices of established brands.
  • Removing the most expensive audiences to reach.
  • Completely redesigning your ad targeting strategy.
  • Reducing your bid amount manually during the next campaign.

When designing visual assets for a social media ad, a good way of grabbing people’s attention is to use __________ colours that ___________________________.

  • dark; engage your audience by making them look carefully
  • muted; engage your audience by making them look carefully
  • muted; match the palette of the network you’re advertising on
  • bright; match the palette of the network you’re advertising on
  • bright; contrast with the palette of the network you’re advertising on

For advertising campaigns focused on performance, generally you’ll be measuring a tangible, specific action, referred to as a(n) ________.

  • impression
  • top of funnel metric
  • middle funnel metric
  • link click
  • conversion

When beginning a Social Media Advertising campaign, it’s important to set target numbers for your chosen campaign metrics because they

  • help the platform’s algorithm determine an accurate optimized cost per click
  • act as a goal to work toward during the course of your campaign.
  • help the platforms better optimize the deployment of your budget
  • are a required field when setting up a new campaign using Facebook Ads Manager

Which of the following are the two main benefits of using Lookalike Audiences? (pick two)

  • Uses top performing audiences from similar competitors’ campaigns.
  • Optimizes your ad campaign for different languages and regions.
  • Ability to reach new people beyond your fan base.
  • Enables automatic bidding success based on past performance.
  • Shows your ad to people who are more likely to engage.

LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram all allow the creation of audiences based on demographic information and other targeting parameters. On Facebook, these are referred to as:

  • Custom Audiences
  • Target Audiences
  • Customer Personas
  • Audience Collections
  • Customer Lists

Even though social advertising campaigns are built around one goal, you should have a unique audience targeting strategy for every network you advertise on because:

  • targeting options vary considerably by network
  • each network has a different purpose
  • people have different motivations for using each network
  • all of the options in this list

When targeting your social ads, keep in mind the unique characteristics of each social network. For example, when targeting a budget conscious family on ________ you might home in on hashtags such as #NeedAVacation.

  • Snapchat
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter

If you’re running a brand awareness campaign showcasing a new hotel location, you might consider targeting the ads towards ___________, since research shows it’s the primary type of device used for researching brands.

  • Feature Phones
  • Mobile Devices
  • Laptop Computers
  • Desktop Computers
  • none of the options in this list

Which of the following best describes how to optimize a campaign for high ROI once it is launched?

  • Daily budget and call to action adjustments.
  • Continual analysis and iteration.
  • Careful maintenance and campaign unification.
  • Campaign support using organic posts.

One method for improving the ROI of your ad campaign is to:

  • all of these options
  • none of the options in this list
  • pause poorly performing ads
  • redistribute ad budget to better performing variations
  • identify and remove the highest-priced demographics

A good method for identifying the best performing ads is to look at a variety of factors, including age range, gender, regions, and _____________ that are delivering the best results.

  • campaign types
  • pixel data
  • bid amounts
  • feedback score
  • ad placements

When creating live action video content for a social advertisement, it’s a good idea to:

  • shoot from different angles and cut together the footage to keep things dynamic
  • shoot the video using a smartphone, so that the end result looks realistic and approachable
  • use only one impactful close up shot to get the message across clearly
  • use tons of different props and backgrounds so the audience never gets bored
  • avoid scripts since these result in stilted performances

One advanced feature of Facebook’s Ad Manager that can be especially valuable to larger organizations is the ____________ feature, which can save a considerable amount of time when creating large ad campaigns.

  • Bulk Upload
  • Adsheet Upload
  • Automatic Bidding
  • Facebook Spreadsheet
  • Automated Optimization
  • Excel Integration

Ads Manager gives you the option of selecting between two workflows, Quick Creation and Guided Creation. Guided Creation ____________________.

  • supports you with periodic emails containing suggestions for edits you can make during the first week of your campaign
  • supports you through a series of steps that advertisers most commonly perform when setting up a campaign
  • provides an AI bot to advise you in each stage of campaign set up and answer your questions
  • applies pre-set campaign options that are aligned to industry best practices

Be sure to keep the social network you’re advertising on in mind when drafting copy. For example, on _________ and __________, hashtags are generally useless.

  • Instagram; LinkedIn
  • Facebook; Instagram
  • Facebook; LinkedIn
  • Facebook; Twitter
  • Twitter; Instagram

Remarketing and Lookalike audiences both rely on using data gathered to:

  • guide an email campaign in Marketo
  • exclude market segments
  • send targeted DMs to key prospects
  • none of the options in this list
  • target an engaged audience

Remarketing Audiences on Facebook can be created in many different ways, but one thing they all have in common is the use of ___________ to refine an audience.

  • website cookies
  • UTM parameters
  • none of the options in this list
  • proprietary data
  • Ads Manager

While each campaign will be unique, in general, reach, views, and engagements are metrics most commonly associated with measuring the success of a ___________ Campaign.

  • Brand
  • Performance
  • Middle of Funnel (MOFU)
  • Vanity
  • Sales
  • Revenue

If you’re looking for insight into the bid amounts necessary to reach your audience, and want the network to select a bid for you, try using this type of bidding.

  • Intuitive
  • Algorithmic
  • Intelligent
  • Automatic
  • Competitive
  • Manual

When writing copy for a social ad, using _______________ is a great way to engage the curiosity of viewers who might not be looking to make a specific purchase.

  • Multivariate Copy
  • Aggressive Copy
  • Indirect Copy
  • Passive-Aggressive Copy
  • Direct Copy
  • all of the options in this list

Even the most successful ad campaigns can suffer from _____________, caused by not updating visual assets frequently enough.

  • elevated bounce rate
  • ad fatigue
  • conversion burnout
  • audience saturation
  • an irrelevancy score

Assume you have a custom audience that is performing well, and you want to build on that success by using its data to pull another group of similar users. This tactic is best described as a:

  • Custom Interests Audience
  • Mirror Audience
  • Lookalike Audience
  • Remarketing Audience
  • Targeted Audience

On Facebook, when choosing a bid type for a video ad, bidding for Video Views means that you’ll be charged when someone:

  • hits the play button on your video
  • likes or comments on your ad
  • sees your ad
  • watches your video for at least 10 seconds
  • clicks on the CTA

________ allows you to target your social ads based on upcoming events. For example, you can target people who have friends with birthdays coming up, or people with anniversaries in the near future.

  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat
  • Facebook

Visual assets for an ad should ideally target both the emotional and rational needs of your audience. An example of a rational need for a hotel guest might be to

  • experience a sense of community or belonging
  • feel at home during their stay
  • be greeted by warm, welcoming staff
  • immediately relax upon entering the room
  • get the best bang for your buck

To keep your campaigns organized, we recommend creating a ____________ for all the social ads you create with details like the year, ad name, ad set name, audience, coupon code, and the date the ad expires.

  • none of the options in this list
  • collapsable mindmap
  • separate Ads Manager Account
  • naming convention
  • folder system

A best practice for getting fair and unbiased results from your ad tests is to run ad variations:

  • at the same time of day and with a variety of budgets
  • on a weekly rotation and with the same budget
  • at opposite times of day and with a variety of budgets
  • at the same time and with the same budget

A/B testing is a great way to get fast feedback on your social ads, but the downside is that:

  • all of the options in this list
  • none of these options – there is no downside to regular A/B Testing
  • it can disrupt brand voice if overused
  • drastically different ads may confuse your customers
  • it’s hard to pinpoint which elements are succeeding

When looking to analyze the performance of a campaign, it’s essential that you wait at least ________ before gathering data, so that enough results have accumulated.

  • 3 - 5 business days
  • 2 weeks
  • 24 - 48 hours
  • 5 - 10 hours
  • until the campaign has ended

When optimizing an ad campaign, what is the main reason why it’s better to create a new campaign with new testing variants, rather than alter the existing one?

  • all of the options in this list
  • It provides you with another opportunity to win a bidding auction.
  • It allows you to change up the budget and targeting data.
  • It enables you to better organize your campaign data.
  • It ensures future tests are on an even playing field.

Choosing the Video Views bid type is best for video ads where you:

  • need to optimize your video for sound on viewing
  • need your audience to carefully read the body text
  • want to achieve the highest number of likes and comments possible
  • have important information contained within the video

Of Facebook’s 3 factors used to determine the winner of a bidding auction, the one which looks at the maximum amount of money you’re willing to pay per desired action is called:

  • Bid Amount
  • Relevance Score
  • CTA Cost
  • Maximum Budget
  • Manual Bidding
  • Target Bid
  • Competitor Metrics

Facebook uses 3 factors to determine the winner of a bidding auction: Bid Amount, ________________, and Estimated Reaction Rates.

  • Relevance Score
  • Competitor Metrics
  • Text to Image Ratio
  • Number of Followers
  • Maximum Budget

When calculating a manual bid amount, you need to estimate an expected conversion rate. The conversion rate is best determined by looking at the

  • conversion rate for email campaigns divided by 4
  • average campaign conversion rate of your competitors, of similar size
  • number of email subscribers you have divided by your annual profit
  • percentage of customers who have purchased your product in the past quarter
  • standard benchmarking tool for your industry
  • percentage of customers who have converted in past campaigns with a similar call to action

When writing copy for a social media advertisement, the CTA should:

  • none of the options in this list
  • provide a detailed description of the product or service you’re advertising
  • all of the options in this list
  • be the first, attention-grabbing words your audience sees
  • be less than 140 characters for maximum impact
  • indicate the one action you want your audience to take

Which of the following is a reason why you should share your campaign insights with colleagues?

  • In general, it’s a best practice to provide colleagues with visibility to campaign results.
  • It can help support future cases for budget increases for social ads.
  • It can help inform tactics for other types of campaigns, like email or web.
  • all of the options in this list
  • They could provide you with unique, additional insights into your campaigns.
  • It will allow your creative team and copywriters to constructively discuss results.

When looking to make ad targeting even more specific, detail can be added by using the ______ option instead of ______ when choosing targeting criteria.

  • or; and
  • if; then
  • with or; without you
  • and; or
  • without; with
  • with; without

The best data source for creating a remarketing audience is:

  • customer data from your company's CRM
  • newsletter sign up lists
  • platform data such as users who like and engage with your posts
  • website pixels
  • all of the options in this list
  • none of the options in this list

Which of the following are types of testing that can be done with ad copy variations? (pick two)

  • Long vs Short
  • Pyramid vs Remarketing
  • Passive vs Active Voice
  • Melancholic vs Ecstatic
  • Direct vs Indirect

The best way to get an accurate picture of your campaign results during analysis and iteration is to review:

  • the first 24 hours post-launch versus the last consecutive 24 hour period
  • results from individual days as well as the whole campaign to date
  • the results from the campaign’s whole performance to date
  • hourly campaign results which provide a granular view of success
  • none of the options in this list

Manual Bidding provides more control over how aggressive you can be with your spend which is especially valuable if you want to:

  • keep your ad spend within a specific range
  • manually choose which competitors you will bid against
  • outbid competitors on an important audience
  • none of the options in this list
  • manually select each person who is served your ad

When crafting a hypothesis about why a campaign performed the way it did, be sure to account for contextual factors like ______________.

  • time of year
  • all of the options in this list
  • audience choice
  • global trends
  • competing campaigns
  • current events

When measuring the success of an ad campaign that involved a video ad supporting a campaign goal to achieve online hotel bookings, the most relevant data to pull is __________.

  • video views
  • likes and comments
  • impressions
  • website visits
  • video watch time

If you’re running lots of different ads and need to add new UTM-enabled links to all of them, the fastest and simplest way to update them is to use Ad Manager’s:

  • instant paste feature to replace all the links in your chosen ad list directly
  • filtered lists to find the running ads and copy/paste the new UTM links
  • rules option to create conditions that target your ads, and adjust the links automatically
  • bulk edit feature to replace the UTM links in an Excel file, then upload

One way to create highly targeted audiences that are more likely to convert is by leveraging data on existing customers and prospects (e.g., email addresses and names). This data can be collated into spreadsheets and used to help guide the creation of custom audiences and targeting. An example of a good data source could be:

  • newsletter sign ups
  • demo requests
  • whitepaper downloads
  • salesforce leads
  • contest entries
  • all of the options in this list

If you’re running a split ad test involving two types of visual assets, two types of copy, and two different CTA’s, how many individual ads would you need to produce?

  • 16
  • 8
  • 4
  • 2

To keep your ad campaign ROI positive, you can ______________ to prevent serving your ad to people you know will not convert (e.g., existing employees, people who have already converted).

  • use manual bidding
  • use branching logic
  • implement Boolean logic
  • exclude audiences
  • use automatic bidding
  • target friends of employees

If you’re running a performance campaign aiming to drive hotel bookings among people aged 40-60, you might consider targeting your ads toward ___________, since research shows it’s the device this group feels most comfortable on.

  • Desktop Computers
  • none of the options in this list
  • Laptop Computers
  • Feature Phones
  • Mobile Devices

Optimizing the targeting for your campaign is critical to the success of social ads. That’s why it’s so important to understand your target audience inside and out. This is where ______________ come(s) in, an important tool for gaining knowledge about the attributes of the people to whom you’ll be advertising.

  • remarketing audiences
  • your campaign strategy
  • pixel data
  • a social media audit
  • customer personas
  • industry benchmarks

You may want to target your ad campaign to a specific type of device, such as desktop computers or mobile devices. To do this effectively, consider which devices your audience is more likely to convert on. For example, an ad targeting middle aged customers to make a hotel booking may be more effective on __________ because _________________.

  • mobile devices; iPhones can store credit card details for fast access
  • desktop computers; they’re more comfortable entering credit card details there
  • desktop computers; research has shown that middle aged customers generally don't have mobile data plans
  • none of the options in this list
  • mobile devices; middle aged customers tend to not use desktop computers during the week

Which of the following is the best course of action to take if there is a specific audience that you absolutely must reach, but are not connecting with?

  • Petition your product department to add more compelling features.
  • Switch to automatic bidding from manual bidding.
  • Redesign visual assets and copy.
  • Re-examine your campaign goals.
  • Further refine your audience to find a better fit.

When choosing a Bid Amount for a Facebook Ad Campaign, the actual amount you end up paying could be less depending on the:

  • type of ad format used and your target audience
  • length of your ad and your maximum budget
  • none of the options in this list
  • quality of your ad and your target audience
  • success of your previous campaigns and your maximum budget

When budgeting your ad campaign, ______________ will allow you to select an amount and have it automatically divided up over the course of your campaign.

Choose only ONE best answer.

  • Fund Management
  • Daily Budgeting
  • Weekly Budgeting
  • Campaign Budgeting
  • Lifetime Budgeting

Ads Manager gives you the option of selecting between two workflows, Quick Creation and Guided Creation. Quick Creation allows you to save time by

  • automatically using the data from your last ad campaign
  • bypassing all the step-by-step instructions to enter only essential ad and audience data
  • using generic pre-set options that have resulted in the highest number of conversions
  • using an algorithm to look at your content and determine the best settings for your campaign

If your campaign strategy involves creating a Facebook carousel ad that highlights the main benefits of your product alongside a CTA button to sign up for a free trial, you are likely running a(n) ___________ Campaign.

  • none of the options in this list
  • Performance
  • Brand
  • Engagement
  • Call to Action
  • Multi-pronged

When using a Lookalike Audience to build brand awareness, you can narrow down your audience by excluding people you know won’t be interested, or who have already converted by using ______________ to prevent people who have already visited your website from being served your ad.

  • Ads Manager
  • branching logic
  • Boolean logic
  • none of the options in this list
  • if/then commands
  • pixel data

When it comes to designing an ad for social media, the most important quality of your ad’s visual assets is that they

  • use the most popular stock photography available
  • work with your ad copy
  • feature bright colours like neon blue
  • use colours that match the platform on which you’re advertising
  • show happy customers with engaging smiles

Once a campaign is completed, and you’ve gathered and reviewed the relevant data, why is it important to maintain that data going forward?

  • Certain industries mandate that this data is retained for auditing purposes.
  • To share with your industry’s official benchmarking service.
  • It provides important insights into ad performance which can be built on in the future.
  • Finance departments require the data for year end accounting.
  • This data can be imported into other ads platforms for future campaigns.

A great strategy for writing copy for performance campaigns is to showcase social proof by:

  • none of the options in this list
  • listing a physical address and telephone number to demonstrate legitimacy
  • using direct copy written by your top sales employee
  • using impressive facts like the number of people who have purchased your product
  • listing features and how they compare to competitors' products

When designing a landing page for your ad campaign, make sure that the headline, call-to-action, and creative closely match the ad that your visitors clicked to get there. As with the associated ad, the landing page should be designed

  • with a single purpose in mind
  • all of the options in this list
  • none of the options in this list
  • with multiple calls to action
  • so that it works for future campaigns
  • with numerous options and offers

A risk of using stock images for your ad’s visual assets is that:

  • images might appear impersonal
  • your ad could come across as insincere
  • all of the options in this list
  • the image you chose might have already been used by a competitor
  • none of the options in this list

One method of testing social media ad content is A/B testing, which is a comparison of two ad versions. A/B Testing is best used to:

  • keep your audience engaged and interested
  • determine and validate the general direction of ad strategy
  • identify the best copy for that business year
  • to determine which ad gets the largest budget of the week

Why is it important to add subtitles and convey your message visually when creating a video for an ad campaign?

  • The majority of videos on social media are viewed without sound.
  • The visuals complement and reinforce the audio, leading to better retention.
  • Video content with subtitles performs better from an SEO perspective.
  • Videos with subtitles are prioritized by Facebook when it comes to bidding auctions.
  • People retain knowledge better when they see it, rather than hear it.

When budgeting for a social ad campaign, you’ll need to determine a bid amount, which is the:

  • minimum amount it should cost to acquire a lead
  • amount a customer is worth to your organization
  • minimum you want to pay per conversion
  • maximum you’re comfortable paying per user action
  • amount you think will outbid your competitors

On Facebook, if you choose Maximum for campaign budget management, Facebook will deliver conversions that:

  • always stay below your maximum bid amount
  • may cost more or less than your bid, but generally average out
  • have the maximum chance of conversion from your audience
  • ignore cost and focus on customer quality
  • use the industry average conversion price as a guideline

On Facebook, if you choose Average cost bidding, Facebook will deliver conversions that:

  • use the industry average conversion price as a guideline
  • always stay below your maximum bid amount
  • are midway between highest and lowest bids for a particular market segment
  • may cost more or less than your bid, but generally average out
  • none of the options in this list

When setting how you want your campaigns to be credited for conversions, you have a few options. What does the Each Campaign option mean?

  • The credits are divided evenly among the associated campaigns.
  • Only the last ad that got a click or view gets credited for a conversion.
  • You have the option to choose which campaigns are credited.
  • Every associated campaign that got a click or view gets credited for a conversion.

__________ on LinkedIn Lead Generation forms are especially useful when using 3rd party software, like a CRM, because they help to categorize your leads.

  • Conversion Trackers
  • Insight Tags
  • Hidden Fields
  • Event Specific Pixels


Facebook video ads are commonly used for which type of campaign?

  • Performance campaigns
  • Lead generation campaigns
  • Brand awareness campaigns


Users can create ads that automatically surface products to people who have expressed an interest in your brand online. For example, a customer looks at something on your website but doesn’t make a purchase, can be targeted with a _________.

  • Retargeting Group Ad
  • Responsive Search Ad
  • Dynamic Product Ad
  • Catalog Ad

It’s best practice to create several ad variations on Twitter because ______________.

  • have the maximum chance of conversion from your audience
  • This is not a best practice.
  • it lets you identify better-performing variations, so you can prioritize your ad spend
  • if you create several ad variations, targeting becomes less important
  • you can let them all run indefinitely, without having to make adjustments


On Facebook, which type of ad is best used for gathering prospect information?

  • Dynamic Prospect Ads
  • Click-to-Messenger Ads
  • Carousel Ads
  • Lead Generation ads


A key tactic on Twitter is to use plenty of relevant, strategic hashtags and @ mentions in your ad copy. This will increase your ad’s reach and click-through rate.

  • False
  • True


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