Guided Client Onboarding Answers

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Guided Client Onboarding Answers

  • There are 50 questions.
  • It should take 1 hour to complete.
  • You must answer 38 questions correctly to pass.
  • You must wait 12 hours between attempts.
  • You have 3 hours to finish the exam.

Some questions:

What is Guided Client Onboarding?

The process in which you deliver inbound services for your customer independently without any help

The process in which your partner manager will guide you through how to deliver inbound services successfully for the first few customers you acquire

The process in which you guide your customers on how to utilize

When your customer is onboarding by a onboarding specialist


What are the three main categories of Guided Client Onboarding?

Fundamentals, Implementation, Review

Setup, Campaign, Audit

Discovery, Execution, Review

Foundation, Integration, Implementation


Which of the following is NOT a step in Guided Client Onboarding?

Client Prep

Quick Wins


Hub Strategy Execution


Fill in the blank: The purpose of Smarketing is to _________.

Ensures alignment between sales and marketing team

Being smart with your marketing campaign execution

Develop common goals between you and your client

Having SMART goals for your marketing campaign


What is the name of the evaluating process customers go through in the first 90 days?

Buyer’s Remorse

Purchase Validation

Purchase Uncertainty

Software Evaluation


Fill in the blank: In the ____ stage of the Guided Client Onboard Process, you start to implement the various Hubs.

Portal Setup


Hub Strategy Execution

Portal Audit


Which of the following is NOT a GCO milestone you should aim to achieve?

Goal Setting

Technical Setup

Agency Value

Business Growth


Which of the following is NOT a recommended task in a client prep plan?

Collect information from your client

Set clear SMART goals between you and your client

Schedule and run a kickoff call with your client

Outline your client’s sales process


True or false? Implementing “quick wins” is recommended to be included in your onboarding timeline.




To launch your client’s first campaign, you’ll need:

Information about your client’s buyer personas

Details about your client’s priorities

Any available content, as this content can be repurposed for future marketing efforts

All of the above


True or false? requires that all Solutions partners have a signed retainer with their clients prior to having the client sign on for a subscription.




Proper technical setup helps you measure inbound efforts, such as:




All of the above


What social accounts can you connect to ?





All of the above


When setting up an email sending domain, if you want to send an email as, your email sending domain should be:




True or False? automatically removes duplicates as long as the email address is the same.




Which template type is not included in a first-time template setup?

Landing Page





By completing the setup of your client’s account, you’re:

Getting their website ready for your team to implement the inbound strategy

Adding contacts so you can start tracking visitor behavior

Adding users so everyone on both teams can contribute

Integrating the necessary external software so you can track visitors as they move through your client’s touch points

All of the above


Why is it important to properly set up your client’s time zone in their settings?

It creatives effective and timely emails to your client’s contacts

It creates timely social media posts to your client’s social accounts

It matches your web analytics to your company's time zone

All of the above

None of the above


Fill in the blank: If your client is hosting their forms on external non pages, it is important that you paste the form’s _____ in the HTML of your client’s external page.

Hidden field

Embed code


Form fields


Having a marketing-to-sales handoff process is crucial for partner success because it will:

Ensure your client is receiving and following up with every lead effectively

Clearly define the responsibilities for both marketing and sales

Track leads who have converted into customers

All of the above


Fill in the blank: An agreement made by two parties to uphold a certain standard of service is called ____________.

A strategic partnership

A service-level agreement

An agency-client relationship

Guided Client Onboarding


When trying to understand a client’s sales process, which of the following is NOT a suggested exploratory question?

Do you currently use a CRM?

What do you like most about ?

How is your sales team structured?

What does your prospect outreach look like?


If tracking is in place to record contacts who have become customers, what should your handoff process accomplish next?

Marketing is handing off contacts to sales

Sales is following up with contacts

Sales is collecting context for contacts

Contacts who have become customers are tracked

Sales is providing feedback on the quality of the contacts


Fill in the blank: The benefit of having a seamless sales to services handoff is that customers will ___________.

Experience a shorter time to value

Experience a longer time to value

Rely more on their customer success agent than sales rep

Save time because their customer success agent and sales rep are the same person


What can note templates do for your sales and customer success teams?

Foster clear communication between two parties while saving time

Ensure deals are getting logged in the correct way

Ensure no one is incorrectly entering information

Allow managers to know what their reps and agents are up to


The situation, behavior, impact feedback model works well with teams because it ensures that feedback is _________.

Tied to your emotions

Delivered weekly




It is important to be transparent with your sales’ and services’ goals because it _________.

Creates empathy. Each team knows what the other team prioritizes and why.

Creates healthy competition. Each team will strive to be the best they can be.

Creates equality. Sales and customer success folks will push leadership to ensure both teams are treated equally.

Transparency isn't a good idea with sales’ and customer success teams’ goals.


Developing a quick win approach allows you to:

Pacify the natural impatience that comes with the clients investment

Ensure the client does not lose sight of the big goals that the team wants to accomplish

Provide the client with immediate and tangible results that increase their confidence in their choice of a Solutions Partner

All of the above


A “quick win” strategy is when a partner:

Completes the technical setup of their client’s portals

Undertakes small tasks in their client portal that takes no more than a couple hours to implement

Helps their client close their first deal

All of the above


When should you set goals with your client?

You should not set goals with your client

You should set goals the initial conversation after the client came onboard with

You should set goals after your client launches their first campaign in

You should set goals after your client closes their first customer in


At what point should you implement quick wins in a new client relationship?

In the first month or two

After a year of working with them

At month six

Before completing the portal technical setup


True or False: A quick win strategy does not need to be specific and tailored to a client.




Which of the following is an example of a “quick win”?

Adding users to your client’s portal

Setting up your client’s email sending domain

Creating a topic cluster strategy

Employing a chat bot


What is the meaning of Day Zero?

The first day your customer has access to their subscription

The minimum set of tasks a user must complete before your customer is able to realize the full value of a product

The day the customer decides to cancel their subscription because they have not seen value

When your inbound retainer with you customer commences


True or False? The Guided Client Onboarding projects can be accessed in the knowledge base




What are the three foundational components of inbound marketing campaigns?

Buyer’s Journey, Campaign Planning,Campaign Audit

Buyers’ Personas, Content Audit, Campaign Setup

Buyer’s Personas, Buyer’s Journey, Content Strategy

Campaign Setup, Campaign Audit, Campaign Analysis


Which of the following is NOT a campaign type?

Topic Cluster Content Strategy

Marketing Automation Campaign

Lead Generation With Content Offer

Event and Webinar Optimization


What three areas do you need to ensure your customer is familiar with when it comes to CRM enablement?

Contacts, Companies, Deals

Templates, Sequences, Meetings

Contact List, Contact Profile, Deals

Deals, Quotes, Workflows


Which sales enablement tool helps sales reps automate their follow up process?






Which of the following is NOT a core Service Hub feature that you should execute?

Knowledge Base


Customer Feedback



Which of the following is NOT a benefit of making reporting available to clients?

Your work and results will seem effective for clients

Each activity can be tied to a performance metric

You avoid conveying deeper insights behind your work

It’s essential for good education


When reporting results to clients, best practices suggest you report your team’s activities on what cadence?






When reporting results to clients, best practices suggest you report your campaigns’ results on what cadence?






True or false? Using your data to tell a story isn’t an effective use of time and adds confusion about results.




Fill in the blank: A _________ report displays the progress of moving contacts through your client’s funnel.

Contact lifecycle funnel

Contact by source with lifecycle stage

New marketing qualified leads

Engagement metrics


True or false? Having a well-defined buyer persona can help you build a better marketing plan in the long run.




Fill in the blank: The conversation you can expect to have with your channel consultant 6 months after your customer’s start date with is called a _________.

Quarterly Progress Review

Portal Audit

Renewal Call

None of the above


What is the purpose of a portal audit?

Identify opportunities for improvement within the tool

Produce ways to improve product usage

Increase the chances that your client will renew

All of the above


If a customer has low product usage, which tool would you NOT recommend using to gain the highest potential for results as quickly as possible?

Upload a list of contacts and launch an email campaign

Publish blog content

Share content on social media

None of the above


Encourage clients on the Growth Stack to:

Review the companies associated with their contacts

Manage their sales pipeline via deals

Sync their inbox with the CRM

All of the above


True or False? Guided Client Onboarding will be provided for all customers you bring on.




Fill in the blank: __________ is NOT a reason why Guided Client Onboarding is important for you?

Best in class inbound services delivery

Develop scalable and repeatable processes

Customer is paying you for onboarding instead of paying

Build sustained revenue for your business


True or False? You should not do a portal audit for all customers you provide onboarding/Inbound services for.




SMART goals can be defined as:

Strategic, Measurable, Attract, Relevant, Timely

Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Timely

Specific, Measurable, Attract, Recognizable, Thorough

Strategic, Measurable, Attainable, Recognizable, Targeted


Fill in the blank: It is important to install the tracking code to external content in order to __________.

Sync your with Google Analytics

Begin pulling in traffic analytics on non-content

Begin pulling in traffic analytics on -hosted content

Activate the CRM


Understanding the differentiation between MQLs and SQLs falls under what section of your handoff blueprint?

Which lifecycle stages the client uses

What triggers lifecycle stages

Which tools are used

Who’s responsible for what


Having sales reps reach out to prospects who have converted on a decision-stage offer falls under what section of the handoff blueprint?

Which lifecycle stages the client uses

What triggers lifecycle stages

Which tools are used

Who’s responsible for what


Which of the following is NOT considered an example of a “quick win”.

Technical Setup

Employing a pop-up form on your home page

Repurposing old content for blog posts

Setting up a meetings link for your client’s sales team


Which option below does NOT apply to how a partner should prepare for a portal audit?

Come prepared with the client’s SMART goals

Invite the client to join the portal audit call

Review the client’s sources report to see how the website is performing to traffic, conversions and new customers

Assess how the client is feeling about their engagement with you


What information do you need to make product recommendations?

Client’s product usage

Anything pertinent to the client’s engagement

The client’s goals

All of the above


True or False? If a customer has little to no activity in their portal, the primary objective is to resume or start activity as soon as possible.




Which of the following is NOT a part of the quick win criteria:

Is goal-oriented

Is systematic

Reduces time to value

Must be uniform for all clients

Is not included as part of the technical setup


Which client would you recommend to roll out a live chat for a quick win strategy:

Client A: Large Company with a robust set of products or services

Client B: One-person show who runs both sales and support

Client A and B

Neither Client A nor B


What should you do after a portal audit?


Focus on 3-5 specific activities over the next few months

Redo the entire portal and start over

Tell your client you can’t work with them anymore

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