Grow your community Answers - Youtube Creator Academy

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Grow your community Answers - Youtube Creator Academy

Find long-term success by building a loyal fanbase. Socially engage with your audience on and off YouTube to see results.

The language of the answers are in English.

Some Questions:

What happens when a subscriber taps the bell?

They are unsubscribed from your channel.

They will receive notifications whenever there is new channel activity.

They will receive notifications when you’ve hearted someone else’s comment.

Nothing - it’s the same as subscribing to a channel.

Who can give out a heart to a comment?

Channel subscribers.

Comment moderators and the channel creator.

Channel managers.

Viewers who have commented.

What should you try to not include in your online passwords?

Your pet’s name.

Your birthday.

Your telephone number.

All of the above.

What’s a good way to respond to a heated debate within your community?

Ignore trolls who use offensive slurs and bully other followers.

Encourage loyal viewers to attack each other.

Moderate comments to remove offensive language using platform tools.

Fuel the fire by taking a position on the subject.

Using keywords or lingo specific to your channel can make your audience feel like insiders.



Defining a creed is:

Allowing viewers to create a special language, in order to feel like insiders.

Showing viewers what you're all here to accomplish or enjoy together.

Telling viewers your history before joining YouTube.

Asking viewers to interact with your content.

What is a great extension to any social media strategy?

The latest social media platform.

An email campaign sent to all of your subscribers.

Google Alerts that identify when your brand is mentioned.

Monetization and paid promotion.

What is an essential technique to strengthen the bond with your top fans?

Post all of your videos to social media.

Be conversational in every video.

Respond to their comments in a meaningful way.

Make videos that compel them to share on social media.

You notice a fan has re-posted your video to their Twitter account. How can you show appreciation and encourage continued interaction?

Follow her Twitter account back and “like” the post.

Thank her and give her a shout-out in a future video.

Add a comment to the video thanking her for sharing it.

All of the above.

What actionable step can you take if someone has written an inappropriate comment?

You can remove it, flag it or hide the user from your channel.

You can wait for your community to reply and defend you.

You can email YouTube with a screenshot.

You can report it as impersonation.

Julio just launched a new channel. Where can he go to find out who his audience is, what else they watch and how they discover his videos?

Create a call-out to anyone who has watched his videos and ask them to post 30 second videos briefly answering the above questions.

He can check out YouTube Analytics in addition to reading and responding to viewers’ comments.

He could individually compare all the data from your Playback locations, Demographics, Traffic Sources and Devices reports.

He could follow as many fans as he can and devote one day per week to learning about them from their social media platforms.

What key guiding principles can help you build a strong community?

Meaningful conversations and highly-produced uploads.

Bluntness, honesty, anonymity.

Sharing across social media, collaborations, and asking followers to repost your videos.

Rituals, your creation story, and setting the tone of the conversation.

Which is a useful strategy to use when trying to catch the attention of blogs?

Include personal life details in all of your social media posts that relate to your video so readers feel like they’re getting the inside scoop.

Comment on related posts on as many blogs as you can, with a link back to a video on your YouTube channel.

Use a blog roll to highlight videos with topical or trending themes that target their audiences.

Quote or spotlight an intriguing moment from a video in your social media posts to pique interest, whether or not it directly relates - getting your work out there is most important.

To protect your personal information, it’s smart to avoid shooting videos:

In front of your house.

On vacation.

In a public transit parking lot.

At a park.

On the Community tab, you can share videos from:

Your channel.

Your favorite YouTube channels.

Any YouTube channel.

All of the above.

Stories is a great way for you to have private conversations with only your most engaged fans.



What method can you use to remind your audience to watch your Stories?


Community post.

Live stream.

All of the above.

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Grow your community Answers - Youtube Creator Academy

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