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All Google Waze Assessment Exams Answers (2 Exams) - Membership

All Google Waze Assessment Exams Answers (2 Exams) - Membership

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Google Waze Local Fundamentals Exams Answers


Some questions:

1 In what year did Google acquire Waze?





2 Which Waze offering is a data exchange program in an effort to form partnerships with local governments around the world?

Waze Carpool

Connected Citizens Program

Waze Ads

Waze for Brands

3 What additional features are in the Plus dashboard?

Ad Downloads Inbox Impressions Inbox Action Clicks All of these

4 Waze is a movement company, with the power to move people to you.

Car Traffic GPS


5 Passing the "Toothbrush Test" means that drivers use Waze times per day.





6 In the U.S., on which of the following popular branding platforms do people spend the most in-app time per month, on average?

Waze Pinterest Snapchat Twitter

7 What type of additional support do Preferred Partners receive?

Client acquisition support Training materials Dedicated Account Manager All of these

8 Pricing for Plus starts at $ /day?





9 Which solution is meant for businesses with 1 to 10 locations?

Brands Starter Plus

None of these

10 In 2017, ads on Waze generated how many navigations to local businesses around the world?

4 million

10 million

14 million

24 million

11 Is there a minimum investment to become Certified?


No, but Fundamentals Certification is required No, but Advanced Certification is required None of these

12 How do you calculate an Ad’s Click-Through Rate (CTR)?

Ad Unit Clicks/Impressions Impressions/Ad Unit Clicks Navigations/Ad Unit Clicks None of these

13 In the U.S., on average, what navigational increase do businesses experience when they advertise on Waze?





14 Pricing for Waze Ads is based upon what type of model?


Flat rate

Yearly subscription Monthly budget

15 What does Promoted Search offer?

Priority in drivers’ search results Business name, logo, and address All of these

None of these

16 In the U.S., Wazers with how many people in their household make up 65% of overall users?



2 to 4

5 to 10

17 More than what percentage of drivers using Waze are between 25 and 54 years old?





18 Zero-Speed Takeover displays ads when drivers ?

Check their phone

Come to a complete stop for more than 4 seconds

Search for a business Begin driving

19 What business information does a Branded Pin provide when a user clicks on the info button?

Business locations and store hours Phone number and special deals Store hours and phone number

Business location, store hours, phone numbers, and special deals.

20 What do all three ad formats help businesses achieve?

Differentiation from similar businesses in their area Improved location awareness

Increased navigations to their locations and in-store traffic

All of these

21 What can advertising on Waze Local help businesses of all sizes achieve?

Raise their profile

Increase location awareness

Drive in-store traffic by turning their location into a destination

All of these

22 How does the Waze Dashboard define the Navigations performance metric?

The number of Wazers who search for your business

The number of Waze users who click “Drive There” from an ad unit and then “Go” from the Location Preview screen

The number of Wazers who see your ad

The number of Wazers who click on your phone number

23 Which Waze Partner Program service level requires Waze Ads Advanced Certification and a minimum quarterly investment?

Waze Certified Preferred Partner Both


24 In the U.S., nearly half (46%) of all Waze users have a yearly household income of what amount (USD)?

$50K or less



$100K or more

25 How many hours per month do Wazers average on the app?





26 What do Waze Ads include that traditional OOH, billboards, and other ad platforms lack?

Business name and logo Business address

Critical targeting and measurement capabilities to interact directly with drivers in motion and turn your location into a destination

Business phone number

27 Which ad formats does the Plus solution offer?

Branded Pins and Promoted Search Zero-Speed Takeover

All of these

None of these

28 If you plan to spend less than $169/day, which solution is most suitable for your business?

Starter Plus Brands

None of these

29 Waze uses insights to effectively target drivers ?

When they are at work When they are at home

When they are near your business or visiting your competitors

When they are not using Waze

30 What is the most recent Waze offering?

Connected Citizens Program Waze Ads

Waze Carpool

None of these

31 In the U.S., almost ⅓ of the Wazers you reach on Waze live within how many miles / km of your business?

6 / 10

10 / 16

12 / 19

15 / 24

32 How many people use Waze around the world each month?

20 million

50 million

75 million

> 110 million

33 How many crowdsourced reports on routes and road conditions does Waze receive each month?

10 million

13 million

27 million

53 million

34 What does the Waze Dashboard allow you to do?

Manage your account settings

Track the performance of your campaign View your Creatives

All of these

35 How are Waze routes developed to be as efficient as possible?

Crowd-sourcing Collective GPS tracking Both of these


36 Name the level(s) of the Waze Partner Program.

Certified Partner

Certified and Preferred Partner

Waze Local Partner

Google Waze Waze Local Advanced Exams Answers


Some questions:

1 What are some of the customizable CTAs offered for the Zero-Speed Takeover feature?

Drive There All of these Save for Later Save Offer

2 Which file type(s) can you use for your Waze ad Creative?

Jpg Png Both Neither

3 What types of aggregated performance reports can you receive in the Plus Dashboard?

Impressions Engagement Both of these Neither of these

4 Waze turns business locations into destinations by encouraging Wazers’ drives to be:

Spontaneous Influenced Assisted

All of these

5 When designing Waze ads, all brand messaging and creative assets should be ?

Short and sweet Simple Contextual

All of these

6 What types of account management capabilities does the Starter Dashboard offer?

Add Locations

Switch between accounts Change Budget

All of these

7 What additional performance tracking metrics does the Plus Dashboard include?

Action Clicks Ad Downloads

Inbox Impressions

All of these

8 Depending on the advertiser and their needs, if a client wanted to reach drivers during the afternoon only, could they do this?

Yes, with day part targeting

No, not on a specific day of the week No, not at a specific time

No, Waze ads are random

9 In the U.S., on average, what navigational increase do businesses experience when they advertise on Waze?





10 What are some of the top advertiser categories on Waze?


Auto Service Fuel

All of these

11 In designing your Waze Ads Creative, you’re encouraged to think of your Waze ads as which of the following?

Newspaper classified or magazine campaigns Repurposed digital ads cut from the Internet Billboards and signs

Television commercials

12 Which of the following is NOT considered a user Action in the Waze Dashboards?

Ad Unit Clicks

Views (Impressions) URL Visits Navigations

13 What do the Waze Dashboards allow you to do?

Manage your Starter or Plus account settings Track the performance of your campaign View your Creatives

All of these

14 What account management capabilities does the Plus Dashboard offer?

Export performance reports

Edit Credit Card Information (only if paid by credit card) Enable / Disable Account

All of these

15 Waze Ads campaigns should follow a recommended limit of _______

characters or less.

25 characters or less 60 characters or less 100 characters or less 200 characters or less

16 What should you consider to write a high-impact, aligned CTA for your Waze Ads ad?

Your campaign’s end goal Waze Ads' CTA

Your campaign’s end goal and Waze’s CTA

A CTA repurposed from your digital campaigns

17 Waze Ads interact directly with drivers in motion, reaching them where?

At their point of departure or destination At a static point along the roadside

On their way from point A to point B, staying with them as they go

None of these

18 Waze users spend how many minutes per day, two to three times per day on the app?

2 to 3

5 to 10

5 to 20

20 to 40

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All Google Waze Assessment Exams Answers (2 Exams) - Membership

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