Google Educator Level 2 Certification Exam Answers

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Google Educator Level 2 Certification Exam Answers

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Google Educator Level 2 Certification Exam Answers

Exam format 35 questions

The language of the answers are in English.


Use drag and drop to show the different types of media which can be easily integrated into a Google Site and which ones cannot.

  • Document
  • Image
  • Chart
  • Video
  • Flash animation
  • Game


Some of your students have asked you to help them set up a lunchtime book club. Why might you recommend they create a Book Club Community on Google Groups instead?

  • Teachers don’t have time to support such initiatives
  • The Google Groups community application can be used to manage book loans between student
  • Partially walled communities help students learn how to interact on social sites
  • if the school allows it, students can expand their club by promoting a community to other schools


Forms can be adaptable based on the answers provided by the recipients. For example, if they get a question wrong, they can be directed to review the content again, and retake the question. Describe the process of making a “Create-Your-Own-Adventure” quiz using Forms. Move the rows up and down to put the steps in the correct order.

  • Create a Form
  • In Section 1, add a “Multiple Choice” or “Dropdown” question and mark each questions with “Go to section based on answer”.
  • For each answer choice in Section 1, select the page you want users to redirect to based on each answer
  • Add a new Section with questions. Repeat this step as many times as needed


You are explaining to your colleagues how easy it is to install add-ons, including adding a Thesaurus. What should you explain to your colleagues?

  • Add-ons can be found in the Google Play Store and installed like any other Chrome app.
  • Add-ons enhance the functionality of core Google Workspace apps.
  • Add-ons for a Google App can be found and installed from within a Google Doc, Slide, Sheet or Form.
  • Add-ons can be found in the Chrome web store and installed like any other extension.


You have a class of mixed-ability students, and want to use video to teach all students at the correct pace. How can you use video instruction to achieve this goal?

  • A. Give students with a slower learning pace access to fun YouTube videos to watch when the class discussion gets too complex
  • B. Use YouTube analytics to track which students have watched which videos, and how often they paused and rewound the video
  • C. Give students instructional videos to watch in their own time, at their own pace, so they can ask questions about it during class
  • D. Give faster students fun videos to watch while they wait for slower students to catch up
  • E. Use video instruction to cover the lesson material so you can spend more time with individual students that need help


As a Google Meet meeting host or co-host, you can lock all participants’ cameras so no one can turn on their video.

  • True
  • False


Match each scenario with the most effective tool for the job by moving the rows up and down.

  • You have found videos that you find engaging and want to share them with the rest of the teachers at your school.
  • You want to set up office hours for your students to sign up to get support.
  • You have a large volume of useful documents and templates you want to share with your colleagues.
  • You want one location for all class resources, updates, and a calendar.


Using Google’s GEO tools, students and teachers can create their own maps and virtual tours, and explore areas and locations across the globe. Match the GEO tool with the correct class-based activity.

  • Identify the types of stones used to build the pyramids of Giza.
  • Trace Marco Polo’s journey through Asia.
  • Create a map of which countries you have visited and calculate the distance you’ve travelled.


You want your students to watch a long video you produced in YouTube, and then discuss specific sections in the following lesson. What is the most efficient way you can make it easier for students to find specific sections within the video, without leaving YouTube?

  • A. Provide a table of contents at the start of the video with links to each section.
  • B. Edit the video into smaller individual sections with relevant names
  • C. Provide a Doc or Sheet listing key sections and their timestamps.
  • D. List the key sections, timestamps, and links to specific times in the video in the Comments section of the video.


What features can you use in Google Sheets to analyze data efficiently?

  • A. Use charts to visually represent student progress.
  • B. Protect the sheets to keep an original copy of the data in case of errors or accidental deletion of data
  • C. Use the “Scan All function to locate specific values and student names
  • D. Use filters to display required data and hide unwanted data.


A teacher is reviewing student assignments and keeps finding incorrect facts supported by unreliable sources. What should the teacher explain to the students about finding online sources?

  • A. Verify all online information with textbooks.
  • B. Contact the author directly to understand their research.
  • C. Check that the website looks reputable and professional.
  • D. They shouldn’t trust any information found online.
  • E. Check the integrity of the author, and whether they are an expert on the topic.


What is the best description and use for Google Scholar in a classroom?

  • A. A curated reading list based on a specified topic and grade level, for students to find additional information outside of the class text.
  • B. An online thesaurus that finds definitions and provides examples of how to use words in sentences, to help improve writing quality.
  • C. A useful Search tool to find academic or scholarly sources, for research purposes and citation within original work.
  • D. A chat tool that links students with other students to provide peer support and answer questions on a particular topic.


You can change the text wrapping of an image in Docs. Select the options that are available in Docs.

  • A. Break text
  • B. In front of text
  • C. Behind text
  • D. On the side of text
  • E. In line


You can create, edit, and share notes, reports, and checklists with Google Keep and Google Docs. Drag and drop features to each tool.

  • Download files as a PDF
  • Use smart canvas to @-mention people, files and meetings
  • Label, color, or pin notes
  • Save a drawing as a note
  • Archive notes & lists
  • Set up reminders for your notes
  • Use smart compose to help you write faster


Shortcuts in Google Drive are pointers to files that are stored in your computers hard drive.

  • True
  • False


You can quickly find what you’re looking for on the Internet with Chrome’s search features, including searching within a webpage. What functions can you perform?

  • A. Using the right click menu, you find the etymology of the word you highlight.
  • B. Using the Look Up feature, you can find the definition, etymology, translation, and pronunciation of the word you highlight.
  • C. Highlight and right click a word or phrase on a webpage to find more information.
  • D. Using the Find feature, you can find a specific word or phrase on a web page on your computer.


Students in a programming class have asked if you can help them arrange a robotics competition to support their autonomous robot development project. Move the rows up and down to show the best way each Google tool could be used to help facilitate the planning and execution of the competition.

  • Creating a print-friendly event schedule
  • Creating a sortable project timeline to ensure everyone knows what deadlines and responsibilities they have
  • Gathering feedback from other programming students on their preferred development tools
  • Presenting the final solution to an audience
  • Creating a flow diagram for the development process


How can you make your Google Site more accessible?

  • A. Use informative link text
  • B. Include alt text
  • C. Avoid using text
  • D. Use low-color contrast


You have decided to support the creation of a school newspaper. Move the rows up and down to match each Google tool with the way it can can be used to reimagine the traditional school newspaper online.

  • Sites
  • Google Photos
  • Docs
  • YouTube
  • Calendar


Google offers tools that expose students to faraway places, people, and things without actually leaving the school grounds. Match the tool to its description.

  • Google Arts & Culture
  • Google Meet
  • Google Earth
  • My Maps


In Classroom, you can give a numeric grade, leave comment-only feedback, or do both. You can also return assignments without grades. You can grade and return work from:

  • A. the Student work page
  • B. the People page
  • C. the Stream page
  • D. the Classroom grading tool
  • E. the Grades page


Jamboard and Google Slides are two tools that can be used to organize information to be shared in engaging and creative ways. Drag and drop the features to each tool.

  • draw in the frame using the stylus
  • use the marker, brush or eraser tools
  • edit the theme
  • publish to the web
  • share with comment rights
  • add a drop shadow to images and graphics
  • insert a sticky note in multiple colors


You have experienced issues with students losing focus and not being able to find information online that they had previously found. What can you do to help your students improve their online research productivity?

  • A. Encourage students to use the bookmark feature in Chrome.
  • B. Install a desktop monitoring application so he can see each student’s desktop in real-time and provide tips on how to improve their search activities.
  • C. Remove their device if they are found searching for irrelevant and inappropriate content.
  • D. Force users to follow the same search criteria when searching for information online.


When you’re done teaching a class in Google Classroom, you can archive it. What happens to an archived class?

  • A. Students can unenroll from an archived class.
  • B. The class is placed in a separate area to preserve the class materials, student work, and posts.
  • C. Students can no longer view the archived class or the class materials.
  • D. The class calendar is removed from your students Google Calendar and is archived.


Colleagues with edit or comment rights can leave you comments in Google Sheets. To navigate comments, you can:

  • A. Set up a Google Chat notification for when you receive comments in a Google Sheet.
  • B. Review comments and conversation threads in a sidebar.
  • C. Conduct a name or Google Workspace account search for your colleague’s comments.
  • D. Apply filters to find the most relevant comments for getting your work done when a document is highly collaborative.


In Google Sheets, cells, rows, or columns can be formatted to change text or background color if they meet certain conditions. Teachers can use this feature to highlight standout or failing grades, specific form entries that were completed on a certain date or mention you by name, and so much more. Select all the rules available for conditional formatting.

  • A. Is not empty
  • B. text contains
  • C. date is
  • D. is empty
  • E. custom formula is
  • F. custom formatting is


You are teaching your students about nutrition and eating habits in other countries. What can you do to give your students first-hand information on this subject without spending any money?

  • A. Take your students on an international road trip to try out different foods
  • B. Invite an overseas student or teacher to come into the class to speak when they are available.
  • C. Arrange a Google Meet with parents to get permission for students to travel to other countries.
  • D. Host a Google Meet with willing schools around the world to discuss the topic and make it available to watch at a later date.
  • E. Arrange a Google Meet with a class in a different country for a question and answer discussion session.


Move the rows up and down to match the productivity gains to the Google Workspace features for Gmail.

  • View the number of unread messages in your inbox with a quick glance
  • Quickly accessing additional functionality without using a mouse
  • Responding to multiple emails quickly with the same reply
  • View the next conversation instead of your inbox after you delete, archive, snooze, or mute a conversation


You are trying to explain to the department head of English why your school should look into using Google Lit Trips to improve enthusiasm for reading. What should you mention in this discussion?

  • A. Lit Trips are library tours run by the Google for Education team, showcasing how public libraries have adopted Google Workspace to enhance reading.
  • B. Lit Trips are Google-designed field trips that incorporate Google tools and apps to enhance the learning experience.
  • C. Teachers can buy Lit Trip audio books for students who struggle to read at the same pace as the rest of their class.
  • D. Teachers can download ready-made Lit Trips or create their own using Google Earth.
  • E. Lit Trips are interactive journeys using Google Earth to plot geographical elements from a story or text so readers can see the landscapes they are reading about.


You want to create a classroom full of independent learners. Why should you first teach your class how to search, browse and explore effectively online?

  • A. So students can find answers to their questions quickly
  • B. So students will understand how to get assistance beyond their teacher
  • C. So students never have to carry paper books again
  • D. Because YouTube is full of disruptive content
  • E. Because it’s too easy for students to get distracted by online games


Guardians play an important role in students’ learning. How can a teacher leverage Google Classroom to open communication pathways with guardians?

  • A. A teacher can use Gmail to send an email to all guardians to see if they’d like to receive weekly updates.
  • B. A teacher can invite a guardian to a Google Group or Chat.
  • C. A teacher can use a Google Forms to collect feedback on what information guardians would like to receive.
  • D. A teacher can use a Google Forms to collect feedback on what information guardians would like to receive.


As well as being a place to type in URLs from websites, Google Chrome’s omnibox (search box) can also:

  • A. Give definitions of words
  • B. Act as a timer for tasks
  • C. Correct my students’ work for me
  • D. Work as a calculator


You can use spaces in Google Chat to communicate with one or more people. What options do Chat spaces offer for collaborating and communicating with team members?

  • A. Add people to a Google Classroom
  • B. Assign tasks
  • C. Share a file
  • D. Schedule a Calendar event


When a school has a faculty with varying levels of technology adoption and knowledge, what can they do within the school to help support others with using online classroom tools?

  • A. ldentify coaches and mentors to work with those less comfortable with online technology
  • B. Run workshops led by teachers to increase the level of technology proficiency for less-skilled teachers
  • C. Remove less-skilled teachers from teaching roles until they have achieved a desired level of technology proficiency
  • D. Enforce an in-school teacher training curriculum with an exam to ensure all teaching staff have reached a desired level of technology proficiency
  • E. Send less-skilled teachers to basic computer training sessions provided by the local education authority


You have given your class an assignment to research a current event of their choice. What value can the Google Docs Explore button and Google Translate feature bring to this assignment?

  • A. Convert document text into a spoken audio file in any language.
  • B. The power of search is tightly integrated within the application.
  • C. The entire presentation can be translated in a few clickS.
  • D. Exclusive access to educational resources online.
  • E. The entire text of a Google Doc can be converted from one language to another language.

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