Get your music channel started on YouTube Answers - Youtube Creator Academy

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Get your music channel started on YouTube Answers - Youtube Creator Academy

Learn to set up a channel, promote your music, encourage fans to tune in, and take your channel to the top of the charts.

The language of the answers are in English.

Some Questions:

How often should you update your channel banner?

Never, it’s better to stay consistent.

Before a tour or new release-your channel banner can be used as a promotional tool.

Every few months--just to keep it fresh.

Only for holidays--so that your channel can reflect the spirit of the day.

What’s the advantage of releasing a lyric video before you release an official music video?

Lyric videos show up more in YouTube search.

Lyric videos always drive more new subscribers to your channel.

Lyric videos give fans an opportunity to listen to your music as soon as it is available -- making your music and channel more immediately discoverable.

Blogs feature lyric videos more.

Interacting with your audience can be a great way to build your community. What’s a tried and true way to make your audience feel like they’re an important part of your channel?

Add personal statistics in your channel About section.

Start a vlogging channel so they can get to know you.

Ask them questions that they can respond to in the comments.

Share with them key metrics from YouTube Analytics.

Try to avoid using thumbnail images that contain:


Small text.

Giant text.

High contrast.

How can you organize your videos into collections, like an album?

Use channel sections and cards.

Use channel sections and subtitles.

Use playlists and channel sections.

Use playlists and subtitles.

Why might you update your channel banner?

To announce your next album or tour.

To link to your ticket sales website.

To see how it affects YouTube Analytics.

To guide viewers to the next track.

You’d like to interact better with your existing fans on YouTube. You should try:

Collaborating with other channels.

Going on tour more.

Highlighting fan uploads on your channel page.

Never reading the comments.

Which branding elements always appear on your channel page?

Channel sections, featured videos, and playlists.

Lyric videos, channel name, and playlists.

Banner, YouTube Analytics, and playlists.

Channel icon, name, and banner art.

What could you do to encourage your audience to make your channel page a regular destination?

Post behind-the-scenes tour footage.

Create vlogs describing how your videos came together.

Post studio sessions during the recording of an album.

All of the above.

Which is NOT an effective way to engage with your existing fans?

Collaborate with another artist.

Start a vlog or Q&A session to deepen your fans’ connection to you.

Use Creator Studio to help you track and reply to comments.

Include calls-to-action: for example, ask fans to help decide your next video.

What’s an easy way to take viewers to your next video?


Linking to the next video in the video description.


All of the above.

Which of these types of videos can you create to keep audiences coming back to your channel?


Tour videos.


All of the above.

How can Music Insights help you?

Music Insights tells you how many subscribers you have.

Music Insights tells you how long viewers are watching each of your videos for.

Music Insights shows you how many views you’re getting on each song.

Music Insights orders your uploads from first to last.

True or false. The Billboard Hot 100 base their ranking in part on YouTube views.



Collaborations are great! What’s a best practice once you’ve teamed up with another creator and recorded a video?

Cross-promote on both channels.

Forget to list the other channel in your video's description.

Promote only on your channel.

Reply to each comment and ask viewers from the other channel to subscribe to yours.

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Get your music channel started on YouTube Answers - Youtube Creator Academy

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