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Get insights with YouTube Analytics Answers - Youtube Creator Academy

YouTube Analytics is your channel's pulse. Learn how to uncover trends to see what’s working and what's not. Find out who’s watching, what they like to watch, and which videos could make you the most money.

The language of the answers are in English.

Some Questions:

Marcel really isn’t a numbers person. She just likes to make great videos that people love. For this reason, she really hasn’t spent too much time using YouTube Analytics. Recently, one of her friends told her that they had shared one of her videos with colleagues and now Marcel wants to know how many times her videos have been shared. Which report should she review?

Likes report.

Traffic sources report.

Audience retention report.

Shares report.

You have a channel and are elated by the number of views and growing number of subscribers you are racking up. You take your first tentative steps into YouTube Analytics, check out your Demographics report and realize that your primary audience is 15-25 year old females in Peru. How can this information help you?

You can now plan a visit to Peru and try to get into the minds of your fans.

You can start to tailor your content to this audience because this could potentially increase watch time and entice new subscribers.

You can keep doing what you have been doing because it is obviously working, no need to change anything.

You should start a Tumblr page.

How can YouTube Analytics help you turn casual viewers into subscribers and potentially loyal fans?

Use insights from data collected on views and audience retention from subscribers.

Use your comments to determine what people like and dislike.

Use your intuition to connect with new types of viewers.

Use calls to action in every video reminding the viewer to subscribe.

You are interested in learning who is watching your videos. Specifically where they are from, are they male or female, and their typical age range. Which YouTube Analytics report would you review?

Views location report.

Demographics report.

Age range report.

Traffic sources report.

Which report can show you which words are being used in YouTube search to find your videos? You may want to add these words to your tags.

Google trends report.

YouTube insights report.

Traffic sources report.

Google keyword report.

You know that mobile viewership is increasing rapidly and you aren’t sure if your videos are really optimized for a mobile viewing experience. What report will show you if viewership on mobile devices is increasing?

Playback locations report.

External website report.

Mobile viewership report.

Devices report.

How would you use the Audience Retention report?

To determine how much of your videos people watch.

To determine if your audience is older or younger.

To determine if more viewers are watching from a mobile device.

To determine how many times viewers shared your video in the first 2 days.

Misty invests a lot of time in creating the perfect video. She has started looking at her Audience Retention report and sees a flat horizontal line. How should this make Misty feel?

Sad, people aren’t engaging with her video.

Sad, people aren’t sharing her video.

Happy, people are watching her video through to the end.

Happy, people are commenting on her video.

You are chatting with another creator at a recent event. They are looking at their Audience Retention report and see a steep decline after the first 10 to 15 seconds. What might this mean?

The video metadata was misleading.

The video was too long.

The video was too short.

The video had a great thumbnail.

Cards are a great way to encourage your viewers to take an action. How can you determine if your cards are effective?

Check the Views report.

Check the Cards report.

Check the Click through report.

Check the Subscribers report.

Where would you look to determine if your playlist strategy is effective?

Views report.

Playlist report.

Engagement report.

Watchtime report.

Generally, subscribers generate more watch time on your videos. You are curious to see if the demographics of your subscribers differ than your overall audience. Where would you find this information?

Subscribers report.

Views report.

Demographics report.

Watchtime report.

Sometimes understanding which videos cause you to lose subscribers is just as important as the videos that cause you to gain subscribers. Where would you find videos that resulted in the most lost subscribers?

Demographics report.

Subscribers report.

Video views report.

Audience retention report.

You have narrowed down your lost subscribers to a few videos. What can you do to help ascertain why viewers unsubscribed?

Get out your crystal ball.

Read the video comments.

Ask your friends to watch the video.

Make an educated guess.

You notice a big difference between the demographics of your overall viewers and your subscribers. Who should you target your next video towards?

Your overall viewership.

Your subscribers.

Your friends.

Your mom.

Do you want a higher or lower impressions CTR?

That depends: Video or Channel level CTR averages should be compared with other data.

Higher is better because that means viewers watch the videos longer.

Lower is better because that means there are a lot of impressions.

Neither: It’s best to have the same CTR for all videos.

What could you look at if you see some of your videos have fewer impressions than you’d expect?

Make sure you’re comparing performance of similar videos using the same time range, for instance for the first 7 days after upload, as traffic sources and number of impressions will change after uploading.

Check if the videos differ in style from usual uploads and appeal to similar-sized audiences.

Check if your videos are align with our community guidelines.

All of the above.

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Get insights with YouTube Analytics Answers - Youtube Creator Academy

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