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Get discovered Answers - Youtube Creator Academy

Enhance your channel’s search and discovery potential on YouTube using metadata, collaborations, captions and promotions.

The language of the answers are in English.

Some Questions:

What do you call the combination of title, description, tags, and thumbnail?

Search data.


Video data.

Channel data.

You’ve created a new video about how to make the perfect tiara. What characteristics should you consider when finalizing your title?

Create the longest title possible--more characters are always better.

Include popular search terms even if they aren’t related to your video because this will improve search results.

Your title really doesn’t matter if you have a fantastic thumbnail.

Keep your title short and relevant.

True or False. Creating misleading titles, thumbnails and/or descriptions is a great way to get your videos discovered.



Larry can’t create a new video each week, however he wants his subscribers to see activity on his channel. What are some actions that Larry can take to keep his “What to Watch” and “My Subscriptions” sections active?

Like or comment on videos.

Tweet out with a relevant hashtag.

Upload daily, even if it isn’t the best quality.

Regularly change thumbnails.

Daria the Diva has just uploaded a new video masterpiece. To attract viewers, she wants to create the perfect thumbnail. What advice would you give Daria?

Be sure to include people in her thumbnail because that always results in more clicks.

Be sure to use the thumbnail YouTube suggests because that one is always best.

Be sure to use a custom thumbnail that is clear and compelling in both large and small sizes.

Be sure to include some text in the thumbnail because that will make it more click friendly.

When crafting your title, where should you include relevant and descriptive keywords?

At the beginning.

In the middle.

At the end.

Placement doesn’t matter.

Series playlists:

help inform the YouTube algorithm about the order in which to display content to a viewer.

can't be posted outside of YouTube.

can include videos from other channels.

can be downloaded by the most active subscribers.

Which feature would you add to your video when speaking a call to action on screen?

A card.




What’s a benefit of creating playlists?

Playlists help to organize your YouTube Analytics.

Playlists allow you to organize your channel and give your audience a personalized experience.

Playlists allow you to create personalized videos for your audience.

Playlists help you connect your AdSense account.

Where can you go to see which keywords viewers are using to find your video?

Traffic Sources in YouTube Analytics.

YouTube metadata.

Creator Studio.

The library.

YouTube may remove videos that violate our Community Guidelines.



What is a benefit of organizing videos into sections?

Allows you to change the contents of video after uploaded.

Increases total watch time for content on the channel.

Makes it easier for people to choose videos to watch.

Results in more subscribe to your channel.

Which of the following tactics would you NOT use to design an image that encourages viewers to click on your thumbnail?

Adjust the contrast, brightness, and saturation levels to create pale images.

Consider adding your branding and/or some descriptive text to the image.

Upload high-resolution files so images display clearly at all sizes and on all screens.

Use the “rule of thirds” to compose interesting and dynamic images.

Why would you want to avoid clickbait in your thumbnails and titles?

This can turn away some viewers who find it unappealing.

This impacts how your video is recommended to new viewers.

This sets the wrong expectations about what’s in the content.

All of the above.

How do advertiser-friendly thumbnails and titles affect monetization?

Only advertisers of specific products can run ads on mature content.

Advertisers pay higher rates if you mention them in your video title.

Advertisers can opt out of keywords that don’t align to their brand.

No advertiser would ever want to be associated with a controversial topic.

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Get discovered Answers - Youtube Creator Academy

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