Earn money on YouTube Answers - Youtube Creator Academy

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Earn money on YouTube Answers - Youtube Creator Academy


Get the scoop on how monetization works on YouTube and ways you can make money on your videos.

The language of the answers are in English.

Some Questions:

Why would you need an AdSense account?

To earn money from your videos and get paid.

To specify which brands you want to attract.

To preview ads before they are displayed.

To promote your video in the Trending tab.

Which monetization option lets viewers pay a monthly fee to get special perks?

YouTube Live.

Channel Memberships.

Super Chat.

YouTube Premium.

Which of these can impact your ability to monetize videos on YouTube?

YouTube Partner Program policies.

YouTube Terms of Service.

YouTube Community Guidelines.

All of the above.

Which ad format can only appear before videos?

Skippable video ads.

Non-skippable video ads.

Overlay ads.

Bumper ads.

Sponsored cards are end screens that you can design to promote your favorite brands.



If you’ve enabled a video for monetization, but don’t see ads on it, what can you do?

Delete the video and reupload it.

Change the video to unlisted.

Use the monetization troubleshooter.

Post a comment for viewers to help you fix the issue.

Once your video is uploaded, YouTube’s automated systems will review whether it’s suitable for ads.



What kind of content might some advertisers choose to exclude from their ad campaigns?



Sensitive social issues.

All of the above.

What guideline applies to custom video thumbnails?

Thumbnails should be an accurate depiction of the content of your video.

Thumbnails should not contain any words because they don’t translate.

Thumbnails should be designed to appeal mostly to existing subscribers.

Thumbnails should do whatever it takes to grab a viewer’s attention.


Who are the major players on the YouTube ecosystem that make it possible to earn money on your video content.




All of the above.

What do you need to do in order get paid for ads running on your content?

Link AdWords account to your YouTube Account.

Upload at least ten videos.

Enable all ads formats.

Link your YouTube account to an AdSense Account.

What does CPM stand for?

Cost per mille (1000 impressions).

Cost per million.

Calculated performance metric.

Calculated per million.

Julia uploaded a video and is seeing lots of traffic from mobile, but her ad revenue is less than expected. What could be the reason?

Her content is claimed as user generated content.

Most of her views are in non-monetizable countries.

Not all ad formats are available on mobile.

She didn't opt into the mobile monetization policy.

What is an impression?

When an ad successfully appears to a viewer on YouTube content.

Your estimated earnings.

Your estimated earnings divided by 1000.

When an advertiser sells their ad to YouTube.

After you have built an audience on YouTube, what's one additional way to earn money other than through ads?

AdSense monetization.



All of the above.

Which ad format should you use if you want to give viewers the ability to skip an ad before your video after they've watched for five seconds?





What is the least intrusive ad format?





When it comes to being part of the YouTube community, following which guidelines will help you gain visibility and engagement?

Create advertiser-friendly content.

Respect the community.

Report violations using the flag button.

All of the above.

When balancing your time between your channel and your life, what questions could you ask yourself?

Can you hire someone to help with certain tasks?

How much time do you want to spend on your channel?

How much time do you want to spend outside of working on your channel?

All of the above.

What type of costs represent the part of your earnings that you don’t receive?

Fixed costs.

Direct variable costs.

Hidden costs.

Cost of doing business.

After turning monetization on for his YouTube channel, Paul decided he wanted to start tracking how much he’s earning. What two reports should he review?

Revenue report and Traffic sources report.

Revenue report and Demographics report.

Revenue report and Ad rates report.

Estimated ad rates report and AdWords report.

Mike wants to compare revenue performance of different ad types in order to decide which to enable. Where should he look for this information?

Revenue report.

Views report.

Ad rates report.

Earnings report.

Suzanne wants to get an estimate of how much money she will make on her YouTube channel. Which report should she look at?

Channel report.

Ad rates report.

Devices report.

Revenue report.

What information cannot be found on the Ad rates report?

How ads perform over time.

A comparison of ad performance.

Monthly revenue.

Gross revenue.

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Earn money on YouTube Answers - Youtube Creator Academy

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