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Search Ads 360 Basics Assessment Answers - Academy for Ads

Search Ads 360 Basics Assessment Answers - Academy for Ads


The old name of this certification is Doubleclick Search Basics Assessment

The language of the answers are in English.

Some Questions:

What KPI and target metric should you select to get the most clicks possible within your $5,000 budget?

Actions, Monthly spend

Clicks, Return on advertising spend (ROAS)

Actions, Cost-per-action (CPA)

Clicks, Monthly spend

Asa is ready to get started using DoubleClick Search to set up his first search campaign. What are the correct steps and order he needs to perform them in?

Create advertiser; create engine account; create campaign; create ad groups; create ads and keywords

Create ad groups; create campaign; create advertiser

Create ads; create keywords; create engine account; create campaign

Create engine account; create keywords; create ads; create campaign

Bid strategies can find the most opportunities under which condition?

A large portfolio that focuses on a single device

A very focused portfolio that is not very complex

A small portfolio with very clear goals

A large portfolio with many trade-offs and opportunities

What are the advantages of using DoubleClick Search to manage a large and complex campaign?

Exclusive access to Google search advertising

Centralized management and reporting with automated bid strategies

Reduced cost

The capability of running promotions on one engine at a time

Miranda is running a search campaign on multiple engines. The campaign includes over a thousand keywords and frequently runs seasonal promotions. What can she do to simplify her tasks while still meeting her goals?

Use a search engine management platform

Take advantage of search engine optimization

Reduce the number of keywords in the campaign

Run promotions annually, instead of seasonally

What is a benefit of using executive reporting?

Cross-advertiser metrics displayed in terms of high-level concepts and colorful charts for easy presentation

Charts and tables that show metrics for attributes like ad copy

Full reporting on performance and conversion statistics in one dashboard

Reporting tools available exclusively for executive-level users

What information can a Floodlight tag track using custom variables?

Promo codes

IP addresses

Email addresses

Customer’s full name

Sarah creates a Floodlight activity group to track the number of hits on her advertiser’s home page. If she also wanted to track customer purchases, what does she need to do?

Add another transaction tag to the activity groupv

Ensure the activity group uses a custom variable

Create a separate activity group and a transaction tag in it

Add a “Transaction – Items Purchased” tag to the group

What is search engine marketing?

When a system requires you to work with an expert in search engine optimization

When an advertiser runs ads that show up alongside natural search results on a search engine

When search engines attempt to increase their market share

When an advertiser makes improvements to their own website, so that it ranks higher in natural search results

You’re running a search campaign to promote a product for senior citizens. You choose to exclude keywords such as “teenagers” and “kids.” What type of keywords are these?





What would you do first to report on data for your “thank you page” Floodlight activity?

Add an attribution model

Create a Floodlight activity group

Create a Floodlight activity column

Enable support for Google Analytics

You’re looking to examine performance by device type to compare conversions between desktop, mobile, and tablet. How would you view this information in the performance dashboard?

Segment data by device type

Tag your site with a device specific floodlight tag

Change the date range to focus on dates that tablet users would be most active

Select the engine accounts tab and examine search engines used by mobile users

What goal does a bid strategy use to optimize your bids?

Your ad copy

Your key performance indicator

Your budget pacing metrics

Your search terms data

Fareena’s Flowers wants customers clicking their ad on mobile to call their order hotline instead of opening their website. What type of ad do you need to create?

Smartphone ad

Call-only ad

Text ad

Search ad

Your client wants to track conversions based on the number of sales. What type of Floodlight tag should you use to track this?

Custom variable




How is a search ad’s ranking determined?

The number of years the advertiser has been in business

The advertiser’s bid only

The advertiser’s bid and relevance to the search results

The advertiser’s history of advertising on the search engine

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Search Ads 360 Basics Assessment Answers - Academy for Ads

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