Doubleclick Bid Manager Basics Assessment Answers - Academy for Ads

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Doubleclick Bid Manager Basics Assessment Answers - Academy for Ads

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Some Questions:

How is content targeting different from audience targeting options?

Content targeting only works with video ads

Content targeting can be used with additional audience targeting

Content targeting requires an additional CPM fee

Content targeting is only available on DoubleClick Ad Exchange

Which type of optimization is useful for refining your content targeting?

Frequency optimization

Day and time optimization

Geo optimization

Site optimization

Which ad format is recommended to serve across all display campaigns?





How does Bid Manager access creative assets that are stored on a third-party ad server?

When an impression becomes available, Bid Manager searches multiple ad servers for the right creative.

A creative is assigned to a line item in Bid Manager, which automatically adds the creative to the ad server.

When the auction is taking place on the exchange, the creative is called to determine its quality score.

An ad tag becomes a creative in Bid Manager, and when the creative loads, it calls the appropriate ad server.

Which strategy allows marketers to serve ads only to users who have previously visited the homepage of their website?

Keyword targeting


Lookalike targeting


In which section of Bid Manager can you set alerts?


User Settings



In which section of Bid Manager can you assign creatives?

Line Items

Insertion Orders



When does the creative approval process occur?

When the line item starts generating impressions

When the ad is served on a publisher’s site

When a creative is added to Bid Manager

When the line item is created in Bid Manager

How do budgets behave within a Bid Manager insertion order (IO)?

Budget caps are used for reporting purposes only. The system will spend based on bids and performance.

One budget is set across all IOs and line items to control the advertiser’s overall spend.

Budgets can be set up to spend across multiple flight windows within a single IO.

Line items can spend more than the IO budget if they’re over-performing.

What are two ways to target an audience online?

URL and category

Demographics and geography

Device and IP address

Keyword and time of day

Which section in Bid Manager allows you to view all of your creatives and create new ones?

Insertion Orders




Which level of the Bid Manager hierarchy is used for targeting and bids?

Insertion Orders



Line Items

What are three main campaign strategies?

Prospecting, audience targeting, and remarketing

Brand blasts, geotargeting and remarketing

Audience targeting, brand blasts, and dayparting

Prospecting, category targeting, and keyword targeting

In which section of Bid Manager can you enable a new ad exchange?

Insertion order



Line Items

What makes Bid Manager a unique solution for advertisers using a demand side platform?

Real-time bidding capabilities

Integration with DoubleClick products

Bidding, targeting, and serving ads to users in real-time

Integration with ad exchanges and third-party data providers

Which option would allow Bid Manager to spend your budget at the same rate for the duration of the campaign?





How long is a typical in-stream video ad?

25 – 40 seconds

5 – 10 seconds

15 - 30 seconds

30 – 60 seconds

Which tool helps you discover and extend your audience?

Audience Composition report

Impression share metric

Inventory Availability report

Third-Party Data Provider report

What is Bid Manager’s main source of inventory?


Google Search


Ad exchanges

What is an example of a data cost?

The costs for creative approval process

An additional CPM for audience targeting

A fee that accrues based on data integrity

A % markup from a partner revenue models

What can cause a delay for a campaign’s launch in Bid Manager?

Creatives are disapproved due to ad policy issues

The advertiser has multiple creatives assigned to a single line items

A line item has automated bidding strategy

There isn’t sufficient targeting set for the line item

What information does the Inventory Availability Report provide?

Potential impressions and unique users for your targeting settings

Performance metrics for each campaign and creative

Trending spend and performance metrics across all active campaigns

Click and conversion metrics for each ad exchange

What is one demand side platform offering that allows advertisers to reach their customers in the moment that matters?

Offline conversion tracking

Sophisticated audience targeting

Pre-negotiated CPA buys

Keyword-based search bidding

How can agencies benefit from using a demand side platform?

They can advertise on search for Google, Yahoo!, and Bing.

They’re guaranteed to serve on YouTube mastheads.

They can optimize an advertiser’s campaign through advanced targeting.

They get access to email marketing packages.

How can Bid Manager users add a profit margin to their revenue calculation?

Use automated bidding

Add a % markup to their revenue models

Remove all partner costs

Add a flat CPM partner revenue model

What does the partner revenue model define?

the relationship between third-party data providers and exchanges

the purchase pathway for first-party audience targeting

the “revenue” metric, which is used in reporting

data costs recorded for third-party data segments

Which report helps to optimize which sites the advertiser targets?

Inline metrics

A General report, grouped by site

An Inventory Availability Report

A Page Category report

This “broadest reach” strategy allows marketers to serve ads to new users who have not previously visited their website.



Keyword and category targeting

Mobile app

What benefit does a demand side platform provide to an advertiser?

The ability to buy programmatic inventory between a buyer and seller

A guaranteed minimum number and costs of ad impressions

A creative API that lets an advertiser build Rich Media ads

Templatized forms, such as “terms and conditions” agreements

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Doubleclick Bid Manager Basics Assessment Answers - Academy for Ads

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