DoubleClick Studio YouTube Masthead Study Guide and Answers


DoubleClick Studio YouTube Masthead Study Guide and Answers

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YouTube close button is optional on every masthead.

The YouTube Video Player allows autoplay video views in mastheads to count directly toward overall YouTube brand channel video views.

Total non-user initiated load (includes initial plus subsequent/polite loads) for a masthead should NOT exceed 1.5MB.

You can set custom element attributes in the YouTube Close button.

There are two key benefits in using the YouTube Video Player:

On mouse-over, an interactive button can spin, change size, or contain overly disruptive animations in a Masthead.

The YouTube Video Player will not increase viral public views on brand channels.

Studio only accepts one HTML file per creative.

It is good practice to remove unused tracking counters and timers when using the YouTube Video Player component.

You can check the state of your YouTube video (e.g. playing, paused, buffering, completed) by listening to the ‘statechange’ event.

You can build a Masthead format similarly to how you build a DoubleClick in-page format.

The YouTube Close button can be hidden until the user interacts with the ad.

Animation must stop within 30 seconds after the interaction with it has ended.

Brand study pixels (like Nielsen) can be embedded Mastheads.

Which of the following is NOT a requirement for a Masthead?

Which custom tracking methods are not allowed in Mastheads?

Which of the following elements are allowed on a backup image?

Which of these video controls are required for user-initiated videos?

What is the main function of the YouTube Close Button Component (“Close Ad X”)?

When you use the YouTube Player, the video thumbnail shown _____

Which is of the following is false about a Layouts Masthead?

Which video formats must be uploaded when using a non-YouTube video player?

Which value for the YouTube Player attribute “autoplay” is used for the common muted auto play with limited duration?

What does changing the “videoId” attribute of the YouTube Component do?

Match the Masthead load size definition.

Match the Masthead vide controls specs-requirements.

Match the definition for the YouTube Video Player component autoplay settings.

Fill the blank to implement a YouTube remarketing pixel on a click-through with the DoubleClick PixelLoader component:

CPU usage should not exceed 40% when a Masthead loads or remains on your screen.

On close or exit, the masthead should:

Which of these is a valid YouTube masthead load requirement?

Which attribute and value do you need to use the Google Web Designer YouTube Player component to start the video as “Click to Play”?

Which of the following is not true about using the YouTube Player method loadVideoById?

You can use Google Web Designer’s built-in compression to reduce your masthead file size.

Which Google Web Designer YouTube Player component event is dispatched when autoplay has completed?

Private videos can show in the YT video player in Mastheads creatives.

It is good practice to use CASE SWITCH statements to control when YouTube Player tracking events get triggered.

You can hide the YouTube Player logo by resizing or cropping the height or width of the YouTube player.

150 KB maximum is recommended for the fastest initial load time.

When you’re using the YouTube Video Player component, which statement is true?

Which event listener is triggered when the YouTube component is available to receive API calls?

Which of the following is not true about YouTube specs on collapse or exit?

Which of the following is NOT true for animation in mastheads?

Which value for the YouTube Player component ‘controls’ attribute displays the regular player controls?

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DoubleClick Studio YouTube Masthead Study Guide and Answers

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