DoubleClick Studio Dynamic Creatives Study Guide and Answers


DoubleClick Studio Dynamic Creatives Study Guide and Answers

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A Dynamic Creative in the Studio Web UI has two workflows called “Dynamic Content” and “Creative” to preview your ads.

Which line of code shows the proper syntax for accessing the profile for the field “Headline” in your Dynamic Creative?

Use drag-and-drop to indicate the order in which the following must occur in your creative code.

When you paste the code from Step 4 “Generate Code” into your HTML5 files, the Dynamic Creative is automatically linked to the dynamic profile.

If you add or remove dynamic fields from a published profile, you must update the code in your HTML5 files.

You can select up to _____ reporting dimension(s) per creative.

What three data types are available in the profile field values for a Basic Dynamic creative?

When you preview a Dynamic Creative in the “Creatives” Web UI workflow, the ad will display the default values from which source?

To make changes to a published profile, which do you create first?

The first time you create a Dynamic Creative for an advertiser, what must you do first?

A reporting dimension _____.

You need to add code in your creative to display the dynamic data.

If no reporting dimensions are selected, you receive reporting on the performance for every field in your profile.

When you publish your Dynamic profile the Studio Web UI “Dynamic” Tab, it will notify QA that your creative is ready for review.

By default, you receive reporting on performance for the first three fields in your profile.

After you publish a Dynamic profile for the first time, you should return the “Creative” Web UI workflow to publish your creative to QA.

Before publishing your Dynamic profile, which step in the Studio Web UI “Creative” tab should you avoid?

If one of the dynamic items in your creative has an image URL, which data type should you use for the profile field?

You can upload images directly into the “Profile Fields” section of the Dynamic workflow.

Studio uses the profile ID to associate a dynamic profile with creatives.

There is a maximum number of 25 fields per dynamic profile.

Dynamic Basic profile values are limited to 255 characters.

If you want to edit values in a Dynamic profile, which workflow menu should you choose in Studio Web UI?

If you don’t see your Advertiser in the “Dynamic Content” tab, what should you do?

If the value for your profile field is 1.2, which data type should you use?

What values does a Dynamic Creative use when you test it locally?

Every Dynamic Creative profile is identified by a unique ID.

Every Dynamic Creative profile is identified by a unique ID.

If you create or save a “Draft” in a Dynamic profile, it will update the content in trafficked creatives.

In a Dynamic Creative feed, when a row is designated as the default content (Default column = TRUE), any values populated in the other targeting columns are completely disregarded.

In a Dynamic Creative feed, if there is no match for the existing targeting rules in the feed, the default row is eligible to serve on every impression.

In a Dynamic Creative feed, HTML tags can be used to change font colors, line break, etc. in dynamic text.

In a Dynamic Creative feed, what column in the feed should always have a unique value in each row?

In a Dynamic Creative feed, what conditions must be met when a campaign is set up to use the following filters: start/end date, creative ID filtering, and/or geo targeting?

Geo-targeting by postal code is only available in US.

Which of the user’s geo attributes can be used to target Dynamic Creative ads?

Geo-targeted strategy enables the advertisers to dynamically update creative based on the location of the user viewing the ad.

Which of the following geo attributes is available only in the US?

What is the best practice for previewing geo-targeted Dynamic Creative?

For geo-targeted campaigns, does the creative code need to test for user’s location?

A user can target multiple DCM IDs with the same content.

Which elements can be dynamically selected based on a DCM Attribute?

A campaign using DCM ID Filtering strategy can not have a “default” row.

What does the ad serving domain look like when you generate ad Dynamic Creative tags from DCM?

Dynamic Creative campaigns are compatible with 3rd party billing and planning tools.

All accounts must be enabled for Dynamic Creative in DCM.

Advertiser’s DCM Network does not need to be enabled for Dynamic Creative prior to enabling Campaign for Dynamic Creative.

All of the following are feature limitations of Dynamic Creatives, EXCEPT:

YYMMDD is an approved DateTime format.

Dynamic Creative supports whole numbers only.

Which is NOT a supported data type for Dynamic Creative?

With which strategy can DateTime data type be used?

In the dynamic feed, there is an element called “CTA” containing a column “landingPage”, of data type “exit url”. What is wrong with the following code?

var url:String = dynamicContent.Cta[0].landingPage

To debug a dynamic creative that is not displaying expected values, a basic first step is to look at the dynamic data being passed into the ad, to determine whether the problem exists in the feed, or in the creative.

You want a dynamic headline to always display at the largest possible font size within the boundaries of the div in the creative which contains it. To accomplish this, you will need to add <font size => tag to every headline in the feed.

Occasionally, depending on the dynamic strategy used, you may need to reference multiple instances of a dynamic element; for example:

dynamicContent.Flight[0], dynamicContent.Flight[1], etc.

At runtime, if you were to use a debugging tool to check the url sent into the ad from a column in the feed that has a data type of “image url,” you should see the same url as you see in the feed.

If you add the Dynamic Creative code from Step 4 into your creative so that it runs before the Enabler is initialized, your Dynamic Creative will still work as expected.

In a Dynamic Creative feed, what should one do to set a default row in Dynamic Creative?

How can several rows from one feed be sent to the creative at runtime? For example, a “Products” feed where each row is a product, and you want to send 3 products into the creatives as part of the dynamic data.

In a Dynamic Creative feed, what is the best practice for targeting users in different DMAs with the same content?

You have a column of dynamic clickthrough url’s in the feed. The column name is “clickthrough.” What is the correct code to add your creative?

After pasting the dynamic code from the Studio workflow into your HTML5 files, will you ever want to modify it as you continue to develop the creative?

You can call the Dynamic Content feed before the Studio Enabler is initialized.

You can call the Dynamic Content feed before the Studio Enabler is initialized.

You are previewing your creative in Step 5 “Preview” and it is not displaying the expected dynamic values. The problem could be:

Which of the DCM Attributes can be used to target Dynamic Creative ads?

Which Dynamic Creative features are supported for mastheads?

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DoubleClick Studio Dynamic Creatives Study Guide and Answers

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