DoubleClick Studio Custom Lightbox Ads Study Guide and Answers


DoubleClick Studio Custom Lightbox Ads Study Guide and Answers

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Upon which action(s) can an HTML5 Lightbox ad expand when served to touch enabled devices?

Setting the expansion mode to Lightbox ensures that the following Lightbox functionalities are implemented:

A border of contrasting color is required on all invitation states.

You can only add a video in a Lightbox creative if the Youtube Player component is used.

What should be the size of the parent <div> if your invitation state is 120×600 and your expanded state is 970×250?

The Lightbox component has to be downloaded and installed before you can start to build a Lightbox creative in HTML5.

an expansion call-to-action (CTA) phrase in an invitation state _____.

The recommended size for the expanded state of a Lightbox creative is ____ x ____.

In Studio, HTML5 Lightbox creatives upload as which format type?

How long is the hover delay before a Lightbox creative expands on desktop?

When you upload a cross-screen Lightbox creative to Studio, what format do you choose?

For coverage across all screens when building a cross-screen HTML5 Lightbox creative, at a bare minimum, you should create invitation states in sizes 320 x 50 and 300 x 250.

To set your creative as a Lightbox, which line of code should be entered after the Enabler has been initialized?

Fill in the blank with the appropriate event:

Because of how the GDN handles Lightbox expansion, you can’t track expansions using DoubleClick’s expand API. Instead, you can add a custom counter to track the expansion, but be sure to add it when the expand panel is fully loaded.

What are two of the most common reasons for QA rejection for Custom Lightbox ads?

What is the minimum amount of invitation states recommended to build a cross screen Lightbox creative?

Match the load size definition:

You don’t need to add a close button to the expanded state of a Lightbox creative because it’s automatically added to the top-right corner when the ad serves.

After how long should you stop all animation and video?

You shouldn’t add polite loading into a Lightbox as the GDN environment won’t recognize polite load.

YouTube and streaming videos have a limit of 10MB load size per interaction.

Cross-screen HTML5 Lightbox creatives use the DoubleClick Studio full screen expanding API.

What method does the creative use to request a fullscreen expansion in an HTML5 Lightbox?

The maximum size for the expanded state of any type of Lightbox creative is 1000×700.

To determine the maximum available size for expanding, if you want to expand to smaller than or up to the maximum dimensions, call the queryFullscreenDimensions() method.

If a creative will run on both mobile devices and desktop, you should set the background images for the different invitation states/CTAs directly in the CSS.

Which is an accepted invitation state and expand dimension size?

When you upload an HTML5 Lightbox creative in Studio, the z-index must be set to less than ____. Otherwise, the expanding progress bar won’t visible for the invitation state.

If your creative uses the YouTube player, you must create a test page using the GDN Expandable preview tool to check that the HTML5 Lightbox creative is working properly.

When you use the YouTube video player component, and the autoPlayType property is set to “none” or “preview”, it will increment the YouTube public view count.

You have to specify concrete expanded dimensions for cross-screen HTML5 Lightboxes.

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DoubleClick Studio Custom Lightbox Ads Study Guide and Answers

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