DoubleClick Studio Core HTML5 Study Guide and Answers

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DoubleClick Studio Core HTML5 Study Guide and Answers

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Some answers:

The __________ is required in every HTML5 Studio creative.

The requestCollapse() method makes an expanding HTML5 Studio creative no longer visible on the page.

Calling the close() method within a HTML5 Studio floating creative will do the following.

If using a custom close button for a HTML5 creative, which function could be used to track a “close” metric?

In a HTML5 creative, using Enabler.exit(“ExitName”,””) will trigger which of the following to happen?

Which of the following API is an incorrect use of Enabler.exitQueryString() in a HTML5 creative?

In an HTML5 creative, you can use the counter() to track and launch a web page.

With an HTML5 creative, you can add more than 400 custom counters, timers, and Exits.

Can you track multiple videos in an HTML5 creative using DoubleClick Studio?

Which method should you use to manually close a Floating creative in HTML5?

Calling Enabler.startTimer(“Timer ABC”) starts a custom timer called “Timer ABC” in an HTML5 creative.

Which of the following is the correct way to stop a custom timer called “Timer ABC” in an HTML5 creative?

The EXIT event in a HTML5 creative dispatched when a user closes an ad.

in an HTML5 creative, which event is dispatched when the page has finished loading?

What format are available for HTML Desktop and Mobile Web Rich Media?

Select the best answer to fill in the blank.

_____ creatives hover over the publisher’s page and can be closed with a close button.

Which two options can be used to configure a Floating creative to close automatically?

You can set up dimensions for HTML5 Floating creatives…

You can setup the XY position for HTML5 Floating creatives…

You need two different HTML5 files to manage the collapsed and expanded panels of an Expanding creative.

How many HTML5 creatives should be added to build an Expanding creative?

Display properties include an option to offset a pixel for an HTML5 Desktop Expanding creative.

In a mobile web creative, which of the following is not available?

Select the best answer to fill in the blank below:

A ____ creative is sandboxes in an iframe that’s the size of the ad slot. This can expand and contract using the Enabler’s expand and collapse methods.

Which of the following issues with a backup image would result in a QA rejection?

You can target different browsers and device operating systems during the trafficking stage in DCM, but not in

In-App creatives differ from Mobile Web creatives in that they are…

Which formats are supported for Mobile In-App?

Do you need to include a close button in the creative when developing an In-App Interstitial creative?

When developing an In-App Interstitial for Studio, which statement is true?

When building an In-App Interstitial that needs to conform to all device screen sizes (full-screen), the creatives requires which of the following?

To build a full-screen Interstitial that conforms to the device’s size, use the Flex Size (Interstitial, Smart Banner) creative size in Studio. This sets the size at 0x0 but causes the creative to resize on initial load to the full available area.

If an In-App Expanding creative’s expanded panel needs to be full-screen on all device sizes, which of the following is required?

For an In-App expanding format, although there’s no need to add a close button because the SDK automatically adds it, you can still add a custom close button or close the expanded panel on exit click.

There’s no need to add a close button to Interstitial and Expanding formats, as the SDK automatically adds one to the upper right corner when the ad goes live.

What is the best way to preview and test mobile creatives with the Google Mobile Ads SDK?

Studio doesn’t limit the number of HTML files used in a creative.

Which of the following are supported video formats in HTML5 creatives?

In the HTML5 Preview tab, you can set up:

You can test your creative orientation for an HTML5-compatible device in …

When submitting HTML5 creatives to QA…

Studio mobile Rich Media ads will run in mobile apps, because it is MRAID compliant with any publisher using an MRAID compliant SDK.

An In-App creative must be trafficked in order to test on a mobile device application.

What is the best way to preview the graphical layout of an In-App creative and verify it displays properly on different mobile screen sizes?

When creating an Interstitial In-App creative in Studio, which format should be selected?

When creating an Expanding In-App creative in Studio, which format should be selected?

The isInitialized() method returns true if the Studio Enabler has been initialized.

The INIT event is dispatched when the enabler component is initialized.

Which Studio Event API is dispatched when the parent page has finished loading?

When the isPageLoaded() method returns a boolean value of “true”, what does it mean?

You can add the same reporting identifier to multiple videos within the same creative.

Which Studio Event API is dispatched when an ad is visually shown to a user?

what does the isServingInLiveEnvironment() method return if you are testing locally

The StudioEvent.ORIENTATION event is dispatched when a user rotates their device.

The isVisible() method returns the CSS style property of an elemtn.

The ORIENTATION event is dispatched when a user rotates their device?

Enabler.getOrientation() returns which of the following?

Calling reportManualClose() triggers what event type?

What does the Enabler.close() API do in a floating creative?

Calling Enabler.requestExpand(true) will trigger your Desktop or Mobile Web Creative to expand panel as well as track an expansion counter metric.

Calling Enabler.finishCollapse() within a Desktop or Mobile Web Expanding HTML5 creative will do the following.

What parameters are needed for a 728×90 ad to expand up to 728×270?

Using the setFloatingPixelDimensions() method will allow you to set the dimensions of a floating ad before uploading to the Studio UI.

Fill in the the loadModule() call below in order to load the Video module.

Enabler.getOrientation().getDegrees() returns a value of 0. This means that the device is in portrait mode.

Using the class enables you to play video in an HTML5 creative.

Complete the following sequence to successfully add video metrics to a HTML5 video.

When building an In-App creative, it’s a best practice to wait for the Enabler to initialize before calling tracking methods.

What event name is dispatched when an Expanding In-App creative collapses?

Which Studio API method will attach our Studio video metrics to a video element?

An Interstitial In-App creative requires the use of Enabler.requestExpand() to be full screen.

When building an In-App Expanding creative, what API is used to enable the creative to expand to full-screen?

What tracking metrics are supported in an In-App creative?

Nothing in the ad should auto-execute until the Enabler has initialized. This ensures that everything is properly loaded and Enabler methods can be accessed before a user interacts with the ad.

Drag and Drop the answers below in the correct order of operations to execute polite loading of an image.

You must use getUrl() to sucessfully load an asset, such as an image, using javascript.

The following API method will detach and stop a video in your creative:“Video Trailer”)

How many creative sizes do you need to build for an In-App Expanding creative that is MRAID compliant?

The In-App Preview available is both for testing screen size and emulating device hardware. If you test in Studio Preview, you can be assured that all features work exactly the same as if viewing on hardware.

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