Campaign Manager Basics Assessment Answers - Academy for Ads

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Campaign Manager Basics Assessment Answers - Academy for Ads

The old name of the course is  DoubleClick Campaign Manager Basics Assessment.

The language of the answers are in English.

Some Questions:

Which report shows conversion-specific information about your campaign?

Floodlight report

Reach Basic report

Standard Dynamic report

Reach True View report

Tom just finished creating both the ad and the placement, and has uploaded the creatives for his campaign. What does Tom need to do next?

Assign campaign

Download placement tags

Create ads

Select advertiser

How is a display ad served through an ad server?

An ad tag calls the ad server when a site wants to show one of the ads

An ad trafficker manually selects the best match for the ad on a website

An ad trafficker uploads search banners to the ad server

Targeting criteria gets assigned to the ad tag

Which system integrates with Campaign Manager?

Bid Manager

Google Play

DoubleClick Studio

All of the above

How does Campaign Manager benefit traffickers?

Traffickers manually send ads to publishers

Traffickers place ads on a small number of publisher sites

Traffickers manage creative assets in one centralized system

Traffickers get separate performance reports from each website

What does a placement specify?

The look and feel of the advertisement

The creative type

The dimensions and run dates of the ad slot

The click-through URL

Laura is planning a campaign for KidApparel to re-engage customers who added items to their shopping cart, but have not yet checked out.

Which type of targeting would allow her to do this?

Audience list


Custom variable

Unique counter

How does a Unique Floodlight Counter tag count conversion activities?

A user is only counted once per lookback window

A user is only counted once per day

A user is only counted once per 48 hours

A user is only counted once per session

What metric does a Reach report provide?


Total impressions served by your campaign over time

Conversion rate

Number of unique users your campaigns reached over a period of time

You just launched a campaign last week and want to check on performance stats.

What metric should you look for in Insights?

Click rate by time of day


Unique users reached

Impression reach

Sports Gear has an upcoming campaign that is targeted to Brazil.

What should the trafficker do to see how many conversions occurred from users in Brazil?

Create a Cross-Dimension Reach report to view the overlap metrics

Visit the “Floodlight Activities” page and check out the number of Floodlight impressions in the last 24 hours

Create a Standard or Floodlight report with location dimensions and Floodlight conversion metrics

View location data under the “Verification” tab

How are default ads created?

Automatically, as soon as the creative batch uploader matches the .gif or .jpg with the HTML5 creative at any level

Automatically, as soon as a trafficker adds a creative to the advertiser

Automatically, as soon as a trafficker adds an image creative at the campaign level

Manually, as soon as a trafficker matches the .gif or .jpg with the HTML5 creative at the campaign level

Shauna is considering using Campaign Manager for her company’s digital marketing efforts. She wants to gain insights to improve their advertising strategy.

Which benefit best matches her need?

Campaign Manager lets you manage all of your campaigns in one place

Campaign Manager allows you to reach millions of publisher sites

Campaign Manager enables sophisticated targeting to reach specific customers

Campaign Manager’s reporting and optimization abilities allow you to track and improve campaign performance

How does Campaign Manager track conversion activities on an advertiser’s site?

Ad tags

1x1 impression trackers

Floodlight tags

Remarketing tags

Which of the following groups of statements about placements, ads, and creatives are true?

Placements determine what will show to your audience. Ads hold your ad slot on the publisher’s site. Creatives can only be one specific size.

The placement enables various targeting options. There can be only one creative per campaign. The two types of ads are mobile and desktop ads.

Within the placement, you determine when your creatives will be shown. The creative hosts the image. The ad can be selected from pre-set templates.

Creatives are visible to potential customers. Placements hold the ad slot on a publisher’s site. Ads connect the creative with the intended placement.

Why do advertisers choose to use ad servers?

Standardized reporting

Targeting and optimization

Centralized management

All of the above

Tom is setting up Campaign Manager for a new client, Surf-N-Board. Their business is divided into two businesses: West coast and East coast but conversions are on the same website.

How should Tom configure their account?

Create all campaigns within a parent Surf-N-Board advertiser

Create two separate accounts for Surf-N-Board East and Surf-N-Board West

Create campaigns within two separate advertisers for Surf-N-Board East and Surf-N-Board West

Create a parent advertiser for Surf-N-Board with two child advertisers for Surf-N-Board West and Surf-N-Board East 

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