DoubleClick Bid Manager Fundamentals Exam Answers


DoubleClick Bid Manager Fundamentals Exam Answers

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Some Questions & Answers:

Real-time bidding makes it easier to __________.

In DoubleClick Bid Manger you can manage your advertiser’s fixed CPM reservation buys, search pay-per-click campaigns, and real-time bidding campaigns.

In order to use DoubleClick Bid Manager an advertiser must also use DoubleClick Campaign Manager (DCM) as their ad server.

In DoubleClick Bid Manager, I can serve ads through DCM as well as other third-party ad servers.

When DBM and DCM accounts are linked, __________ are synced to DBM.

Bid Manager integrates with:

What type of publisher inventory is available through a DSP?

The three main benefits of using Bid Manager include access to audience data, real-time bidding and __________.

Ad exchanges make it easy to __________.

The purchase funnel is helpful for __________.

The three main campaign strategies are:

The Inventory Availability report provides click and conversion metrics for each exchange.

It is possible to set up an alert to send an email anytime a creative is disapproved.

DCM advertisers AND non-DCM advertisers create pixels in Bid Manager.

First-party audience buying requires__________.

The following exchanges require that creatives are approved:

Custom channels are__________.

The purchase funnel is helpful for __________.

Which level of the Bid Manager hierarchy is used for managing targeting and bids?

Third-party audience buying requires __________.

Partner revenue models are important for defining ________.

A specific deal ID is required for programmatic direct/private deal line items that run through Bid Manager.

Creatives can be assigned to both insertion orders and to line items

Based on recommendations, the ________ strategy deserves the highest bid.

Which of the following is true of contextual targeting?

How can DBM users add a profile margin to campaigns?

Insertion order-level default targeting will________.

It is possible to select which pixels are used to count conversions

What do the metrics in an insertion order’s pacing view reveal about the insertion order?

Filters can be added to any performance report to refine the data returned in a report.

Which of these tools helps you discover and extend your audience?

The impression loss metric shows the number of impressions that match your targeting that weren’t won, due to:

The reporting dashboard will retain reports until_____.

Which report helps with optimizing site targeting for line items?

It is possible to group by and filter by the following dimensions in a General report:

Filters and labels can be applied to refine the metrics displayed in the list of insertion orders and line items.

Adding group-by dimensions to a General report will likely increase the number of rows and columns in the report.

Which Bid Manager feature helps improve a campaign’s CPA?

This “upper funnel” strategy allows marketers to serve ads to new users who have not previously visited their website.

What is one way to stop serving on a specific site?

Which provides more access to inventory?

Which strategy allows marketers to serve ads only to users who have previously visited the homepage of their website?

In a list of line items, I can click the “Expand” button to quickly ________.

An easy way to target high performing sites is to ________.

If you’ve lost a lot of impression due to your bid, you should consider:

By increasing the frequency for an insertion order, the IO’s line items _____.

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DoubleClick Bid Manager Fundamentals Exam Answers

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