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Do More With Doubleclick Ad Tags Assessment Answers - Academy for Ads

Do More With Doubleclick Ad Tags Assessment Answers - Academy for Ads


Not all the answers are correct, but the number of correct answers is enough to pass the exam.

The language of the answers are in English.

Some Questions & Answers:


When adding a wrapped tag to Bid Manager you get an alert: "There were errors validating the tag".

How can you identify the right creative from a sheet of wrapped ad tags?

By pasting each tag until the alert doesn’t show

By finding the creative ID in the ad tag after “p=”

By finding the partner ID in the browser URL after “p=”

Using the placement ID found in the Campaign Manager ad tag after “p=”


How can you check that your ad’s wrapped tag was added to the correct creative in Bid Manager?

By verifying that the wrapped tags are surrounded by <p></p> tags

By checking the click macro inserted by the vendor

By matching the original Bid Manager creative ID with the wrapped tags

By matching the placement ID between the original and wrapped tags


What’s the benefit of having a cachebuster macro in your ad tag?

The page loads faster when a browser is refreshed or reloads.

A unique ad impression is served and counted each time a web page loads (or is refreshed).

The ad is loaded from their cache to reduce the cost for serving impressions.

It captures the landing page URL and parses out additional text.


What happens when you add a third-party ad tag to a Bid Manager advertiser that is linked with Campaign Manager?

This adds a placement to a DO_NOT_EDIT advertiser within the linked advertiser’s Floodlight configuration in Campaign Manager.

This breaks the advertiser association with Campaign Manager, since it doesn't recognize the tag's format.

This creates a standard placement, ad, and creative in Campaign Manager for sharing across platforms.

This appends tracking pixels to the creative in Bid Manager, in the form of a P% macro.


Bean Coffee is geo-targeting Seattle for an in-store promotion.

Which tool in Campaign Manager can they use to check that their ads are only serving in that area?

DoubleClick bid multipliers, filtered by geography

DoubleClick Verification, post-bid measurement

Interactive Media Ads (IMA) metrics

Inventory Availability reports, grouped by geography


Where can you find the Bid Manager partner ID to link an advertiser with Campaign Manager?

It’s the DCM ID found next to the creative name, in the “Basic details” section.

It’s the number after “p=” in a Bid Manager ad tag, that’s linked to a Campaign Manager advertiser.

It’s the number following “p=” in the browser’s address bar, when signed into the Bid Manager partner account.

It’s the same as the Campaign Manager account ID, found in the Admin tab under the account name.


Your advertiser uses a data management platform (DMP) that hasn't been certified on DoubleClick Ad Exchange, and requires appending pixels to ads in Campaign Manager.

What's one way to continue to serve ads on Ad Exchange as well?

Create two versions of each ad: One with the DMP pixel and one without

Target the ad with a DMP pixel to serve on Ad Exchange inventory, with Bid Manager targeting

Add the DMP pixel to a custom HTML5 creative to serve on Ad Exchange

Create an ad with the DMP pixel and then assign two rotating creatives for Ad Exchange and non-Ad Exchange inventory


Your rich media ad isn't clicking through to the right landing page on mobile devices.

What might you discover while troubleshooting?

Mobile ads must have multiple landing page URLs to accommodate different device types.

Tap/touch events weren't coded correctly into the creative (i.e., in Google Web Designer).

Mobile ads don’t support any rich media elements.

Mobile devices cannot detect http:// landing pages when clicked.


If your ad is delivered by a third-party ad server, what’s one way to capture click and conversion data in DoubleClick reporting?

Set up tracking ads in Campaign Manager

Set up custom variables in your Floodlight tags

Use vendors who pass data to a data transfer account and download the file

Use a vendor analytics company that integrates with DoubleClick


When troubleshooting issues with a Bid Manager creative, which unique ID should you provide to your Campaign Manager ad ops team?

The “p” ID found in the web browser’s address bar

The Floodlight configuration ID found in the advertiser’s “Basic details”

The DCM ID found in the creative’s “Basic details” in Bid Manager

The creative’s “p” ID found directly in the Bid Manager ad tag


Which video ad format allows for additional rich media features, while reducing the available inventory?

In-stream video ads


Interactive Media Ads (IMA) SDK



How can you use a verification vendor for your in-stream video ads without adding the VPAID wrapper?

Use in-stream video redirect

Partner with publishers using the Interactive Media Ads (IMA) SDK

Use companion creatives

Use the Video Suite Inspector


What technology allows advertisers who use DoubleClick to automatically track the viewability of their ads?

Click trackers

Active View

DoubleClick Creative Solutions

Query Tool


What steps are required to enable DoubleClick Verification (and Active View measurement) for your in-stream video ads in Campaign Manager?

There are two steps. Upload the video file, then wrap the VAST tag with a VPAID file.

You cannot edit a VAST file in Campaign Manager, so the tag cannot be wrapped for verification.

Create a shadow account in Campaign Manager to wrap your VAST file for DoubleClick Verification.

VAST and VPAID files are automatically wrapped for DoubleClick Verification.


What’s one way to make your in-stream video ads skippable and reach VAST inventory across exchanges?

Create multiple videos that are 30 seconds and longer

Change the “duration” directly in the VAST tag to 30 seconds

Check “Include skip button” in Campaign Manager’s video settings

Modify the VAST tag’s “creativeProperties”

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Do More With Doubleclick Ad Tags Assessment Answers - Academy for Ads

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