Developing a Sales Plan Answers

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Developing a Sales Plan Answers

The Developing a Sales Plan course will teach you how to put together a focused and actionable sales plan. In addition to the on-demand videos, you’ll receive resources such as templates and example plans to help you put what you learn into practice.

Some questions:

 Fill in the blanks: A _______ is the individual that you want to sell to, the ________ describes the type of company that you want to sell to.

ideal buyer profile, buyer personatarget market, target companytarget company, target marketbuyer persona, ideal buyer profile


True or false? You have a draft of your buyer persona, but you haven’t completed all the primary research you need to make it more comprehensive. You can’t start setting up your sales plan until your persona is fully complete.

True - Creating your buyer persona is a one-time activity that must be completed before starting your sales plan.False - Buyer personas are more important for marketing than sales. It’s a nice to have, not need to have.False - Buyer personas are something that you continually revise and update over time. As long as you have the basic outline complete, you can move forward.True - Buyer personas are the foundation of good inbound marketing and inbound sales. Moving forward now might mean you have to redo your sales work later on.


True or false? No matter the size of your agency, you shouldn’t have more than one person fit multiple sales roles.



Looking at the following agency priorities, what would you recommend to this agency to improve what they've already outlined?

These priorities are in-depth and to the point, you suggest that they leave it as is.To make it more comprehensive, you suggest that this agency adds in at least another 3 priorities.You identify that this is a good start, but you suggest that he go into more detail with these priorities.These are SMART goals, so you suggest they make it more general for the overall priorities.


True or false? The following agency's "Who We Sell To" section has sufficient information for them to move forward with the creation of their sales plan.



Determining Your Goals and Approach


Yes or no? Your boss wants you to set up a sales plan and his overall goal is to grow the revenue of the agency by $60,000 quarterly. You set up the sales plan to bring in $20,000 per month. Does your sales plan align with the overarching business goal?



What steps should you follow to set your sales goals?

Set your goals in the 6-month sales goal box, then set your tactics to achieve your goalsSet your goals in the 12-month sales goal box, then list your 30-90 day milestonesSet your goals in the 12-month sales goal box, then set your approach to achieve your goalsIdentify your activity metrics, then set your 12-month sales goals


Fill in the blank: When setting your sales goals, it’s important to be as _______ as possible.



What is the purpose of the “Approach Box” in the Sales Plan Template?

It’s for you to give a high-level overview of your tactics that you will use to achieve your goalsIt’s to set 3 - 5 agency priorities that you will achieve in the next financial yearIt’s where you define your agency’s target marketIt helps you agree on your agency’s goals


Fill in the blank: When completing your sales plan, focus on setting ___________ goals to make your plan actionable.



Defining Your Activity Metrics and Milestones


Fill in the blank: To close one retainer a month, you should aim to generate __________ exploratory calls a week.



Your boss asks you to go through the steps for your activity metrics, what should you do first?

List your top 3-5 agency prioritiesIdentify the activity metrics that’ll help you reach your goalsSet your approach for achieving your goalsMake a list of 30-90 day milestones and quick wins


You’re a newer, small agency and one of your colleague doesn’t see the point in breaking down your yearly goals into 30-90 day milestones. Do you agree with your colleague?

No - As a newer agency, you should only focus on your 30-90 day milestones, and not your yearly goals.Yes - Including 30-90 day milestones can distract your sales team from hitting the yearly targets.Yes - While writing down 30-90 day milestones can be beneficial, it should only be a focus once you’re a more established agency.No - Setting 30-90 day milestones help hold your team accountable for the outcomes this month and quarter, not just for this year.


Fill in the blank: The number of ___________ is a good bottom of the funnel metric.

leadsnetworking eventspresentationsexploratory calls


One of your agency’s overall priorities is to become known as a thought leader in the healthcare marketing industry. Which of the following activity metrics would be BEST aligned with this priority?

Generate 20 qualified leads in the healthcare industry per monthHire a new employee with a healthcare backgroundIdentify 5 qualified prospects in the healthcare industry per monthPresent at 3 healthcare industry conferences per year


Putting Your Sales Plan Into Action


All of the following are steps to creating your action plan, EXCEPT:

Assigning tasks to team membersSetting timelinesDefining the metrics you will be trackingAssigning deadlines to tasks


True or false? Your action plan is an agile document that is constantly updated and reviewed.



How frequently should you hold a sales plan review meeting?



How can your CAM (Channel Account Manager) help you with your sales plan?

Providing feedback on your plan and brainstorming new ideasShare what they’ve seen work well for other agency partnersHelp you execute parts of your planAll of the above


If your co-worker came to you with the following Sales Action Plan, what would be your feedback?

You'd say, "We should remove the action around speaking engagements since this doesn't relate directly to sales."You'd say, "Everything looks good. There are clear priorities, actions, and deadlines."You'd say, "It's a good start, but to help make these large actions more manageable, we should break it down into sub-tasks."You'd say, "These actions are on the right track, but they need to be made into SMART goals."

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Developing a Sales Plan Answers

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